If you are an English student but need extra help outside of the classroom, then tutoring is the best option. However, it is not always easy to travel to your tutor and vice versa. But, with the help of Internet across the globe, you can now employ an English native tutor to help you with English. Whether you're looking to ace your ESOL course or are simply looking to learn English from scratch, you will find a tutor right for you.

Whether you're looking to ace your upcoming ESOL course or are simply looking to learn English from scratch, you will find a tutor right for you. 

Wherever you may be in the world, whether it is in Hong Kong or Israel, you will be able to find an English native tutor who you can have one-to-one conversations with.

Here are a few of the many benefits online tutoring has to offer:

  1. Flexibility: you can have an online lesson with your English tutor, anywhere at any time, wherever you are. You won't have any travel costs, such as petrol or the bus fair, all you need is an internet connection and your tablet or laptop and you're ready to go! Online tutoring can work around your busy schedule. Discover the best apps for learning English on your phone or tablet.
  2. The variety of social media: you can hold the lesson through Skype, Facetime, or shared virtual whiteboards.There are so many online tools you can use to communicate with your English tutor at ease, and all this social media is free! Whatever approach you may learn better with, your English tutor will be able to customise and personalise your learning method for each lesson.
  3. Affordable prices: the majority of the online tutoring websites available offer qualified and experienced tutors who are not that expensive. Some websites can offer great deals and discounts, for example, "buy a batch of 10 lessons and get the first one free!"

See which English learning websites could benefit your English lessons here.


Founded in 2007, WizIQ is the world's largest online tutor platform.

WizIQ is perfect if you're looking to learn English online
Subscribe to a membership with WizIQ to have access to many online language courses! (Source: www.wiziq.com)

WizIQ lets you attend an English class anywhere by using a virtual classroom. You're able to communicate with your English tutor through the virtual classroom in a live audio or video chat.

You can record live English classes, which allows you to refer back to them for future reference.

WizIQ allows students to share their ideas and views on a particular topic, for example, "The best ways of being polite in English". This feature is perfect to have an insight into what all the other English language learners across the globe think! This also gets you ready for a visit to an Anglophone country.

You're also allowed to message other English language learners in the virtual classroom. Being able to interact with your fellow English language students makes it more interactive and fun, you can make friends from across the globe! You can communicate in English with those who are in the same boat as you, you can correct yourselves and have a lot of fun.

Learn English and interact with many English students across the globe
Learn English with WizIQ and interact with others through the virtual classroom! (Source: www.wiziq.com)

If you're unsure about something, your query will be answered in no time! On the WizIQ website, you can click on the telephone icon and you will be directed to a member of staff who will help you.

However, WizIQ is not cheap, it's $83 a month but you can have access to any online language course. You also have a 24/7 support system.

It's expensive, but it's worth it if you're looking to improve your level in English or are looking to learn English from scratch!


Superprof is the perfect website to learn English from our very own English native speakers. 

Superprof was founded by Yann Leguillon and Wilfried Granier, who had noticed the growing number of adverts for private tutors in a bakery.



Online tuition is the best way to learn English from your sofa
Superprof is by far the best tutoring website out there! Subscribe today for an excellent standard of English tuition (Source: www.superprof.com)


These two engineers asked themselves two very simple questions:

  • How are you supposed to check whether an advertising tutor has the right qualifications and methodology?
  • Superprof is by far the best tutoring website out there! Subscribe today for an excellent standard of online English tuition.

Superprof is a free UK service that helps tutors and tutees find each other another via a secure and easy-to-use online tuition platform. You can either take english lessons locally, face to face, or online English courses around the UK or the world!

Superprof has tutors offering tuition in more than 1000 subjects, of course, including English (which go much further than academic support). Our dynamic startup has revolutionised one on one tutoring!

Whether you're a beginner in English or more advanced, Superprof is the right place for you as our tutors will tailor their classes to your needs and requirements!

Since it was founded in August of 2013, Superprof has become a high-quality resource in the eyes of all who wish to find a tutor or start a tutoring business.

For all of these reasons, more than 170,000 students have already decided to put their trust in us and take private lessons on Superprof.

Will you be next?


Founded in 2013, mytutor offers online lessons in many different subjects, including Shakespeare's language, English.

mytutor.com is perfect if you're looking to improve your level in English
Subscribe to mytutor to have one-to-one online English lessons (Source: www.mytutor.com)

How does it work? 

  1. You can search for your own tutor with the skills you require, such as English. You have the option to choose from a variety of intelligent and enthusiastic tutors.
  2. Mytutor can also help you find a tutor if you are finding it difficult to shortlist one. You can review every tutor's profile to find out if they are suited to your needs.
  3. Once you have chosen your English tutor, you are entitled to a free online introduction, to get to know your tutor and to make sure they are perfect for you!

Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors offers a wide range of English topics with qualified and experienced tutors who are available 24/7. You have the option of subscribing to three different plans, which you can cancel at any time, so don't worry, you won't be stuck in a 12 or 24-month contract like your phone contract! You can choose the pricing plan which suits you best. 

Online tutoring is the best way to enhance your level in English
Subscribe to Chegg Tutors today to improve your level of the English language (Source: www.cheggtutors.com)

Chegg Tutors only hire the best of the best! All their tutors are students or graduates from top universities across the globe. Each tutor must go through a test to ensure they know how to teach to an excellent standard. You can also view reviews for each tutor written by their past students, which makes it easier for you to pick a tutor who matches your requirements and your learning method.

Every English lesson is held in a "virtual hub", which has a "whiteboard feature", where you can communicate with your English tutor. This is also accompanied by an easy-to-use video feed, which is very similar to Skype.

Chegg Tutors is an extremely flexible learning space, they accommodate every type of a student, such as those with vision or hearing impairment.

Are you looking to boost your grades in English? Or are you simply looking to learn English?  Chegg Tutors is tailored to tutor you English. 


Thanks to globalisation and technological advancements, learning Shakespeare's language has never been easier.

Online tuition is the perfect way of improving your level in the English language
It's now time to find your own personal online English tutor! Photo via Visual Hunt

Students of all ages and from all four corners of the world can find an online English tutor, which is the beauty of online tutoring. There is a tutor for everyone. It is an extremely powerful tool which is slowly taking over the traditional ways of tutoring. So, watch this space!

If Listening is the way you learn best, Check out these podcasts for learning English. You can also learn which translation tools are best for learning English here.

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