Maybe I could work out at home with a personal health and fitness trainer...

In fact, with the health and fitness industry booming, plenty of people have decided they wanted to become a personal trainer and get a nationally recognised personal trainer certification. They’ll come to your house and provide a fully-personalised workout schedule without you having to set foot in the gym.

While this type of personalised coaching service can sometimes be costly, there are plenty of benefits to it, too! By training at home with a personal fitness trainer, you won’t need to get all the gear!

What other advantages are there to working with a personal trainer in your home? Personal trainer Manchester, in London, and all over the UK are on Superprof.

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Do You Need Specific Equipment to Train in Your Home?

What if your home turned out to be the best gym ever? This isn’t a question we often consider as we usually think that our homes aren’t the best places to work out. However, with a bit of ingenuity, you can do some impressive things with the various rooms of your house.

Where can I buy free weights?
If you're looking to get in shape, you'll probably need some weights. (Source:

Interested? Let’s have a look for a personal trainer who will travel to your home. Firstly, a quick search in Superprof’s database will show all the personal trainers who work near you. There are plenty of them so don’t worry about finding one in your area at a rate that works for you. However, you should take care making sure they’ve got a personal training certificate.

Once you’ve got in touch with an online personal trainer, what do you need for the training sessions in your home? Do you need certain equipment in order to work out at your house?

This depends on the type of sessions you’re asking your personal trainer for. You might find it hard to do step workouts if you live in a bungalow, for example. Doing karate? You may need pads, etc. Strength training? Some weights might be useful. For everything else, by choosing to work on your fitness with a certified personal trainer in your home, you might never need to buy any equipment at all.

Wanting to lose weight? Your personal trainer can help you break a sweat without having to invest in an exercise bike or a treadmill! Building muscle? Aside from weights, your personal trainer will help you work out using makeshift weights from things found around your house.

Put simply, doing exercise in your home doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy all the expensive equipment. This is one of the main advantages of personal training in your home. Getting in shape, losing weight, or building muscle in the gym at home will be effective as long as your personal trainer is effective!

What Equipment Will Your Personal Trainer Ask You to Get?

Creativity can come in handy when it comes to personal fitness training in your house or flat. In the event your personal trainer needs you to buy some equipment, what will you need to get?

How much does a yoga mat cost?
You should get yourself a yoga mat for your workouts! (Source:

Again, this depends fully on the type of training you’re doing with them:

  • Losing weight

  • Getting in shape

  • General fitness

  • Strength training

  • Flexibility training

  • Cardio

  • Zumba

As you know, there are plenty of different specialisations and types of fitness professional. So what do I need to buy? Sports clothing, for a start. You shouldn’t be working out in those old baggy clothes that have been in your wardrobe for years. Nike, Adidas, Puma (to name a few) have a range of quality gym clothing, cycling gear, and running shoes. There are also other more affordable brands.

You’ll also need to get a gym mat which is useful for doing stretches and cardio and ab workouts. As we said before, weights are probably always going to be necessary if you’re toning or building muscle. You’ll need a step for step workouts if you don’t have one.

Finally, your personal trainer might even ask you to get a decent sound system so that you get your workout jams pumping!

How Can I Use the Things Around my House to Workout?

Now that we’ve got the necessary equipment for our training programme, we just have to work out what things in our home we can use to exercise. Make sure that you work out safely during your personal training sessions!

What things in your home could you and your personal trainer use to work out? If you’re not sure, your coach will be! The garden’s a good place to start for those lucky enough to have one. A small square in the fresh air is ideal for cardio sessions. Cardio training can help you lose weight and improve your endurance. This type of training can open up your bronchial tubes. Better to breathe in the fresh air!

For everything else, inside the house can work perfectly. Have you got any steps? If you do, your personal trainer will probably make you use them. Steps can be really useful when it comes to working out your leg muscles and your glutes when combined with squats. Step workouts may also feature in weight loss programmes.

Where can I work out at home?
You can use a sofa for your workouts. (Source:

Your sofa can also be useful for strength training and doing dips and elevated push-ups. Finally, a bit of bedding can always be used for a few sit-ups!

What Are the Advantages of Training with a Personal Trainer at Home?

We can agree that getting a personal fitness instructor to come to your home is quite a luxury. Would you like to quickly get back into shape because you’re sick of training programmes that haven’t worked? Sick of working out on your own without seeing any results? If this sounds about right, then investing in a personal trainer is probably the way to go! Let’s have a look at the advantages...

Fully-personalised Training

After your first few sessions, your personal trainer will analyse your physical abilities and work out some reasonable and achievable fitness goals for you. How are they reasonable? One of the best benefits of having a personal trainer is the fact that they can put together a personal training programme while considering a huge number of factors.

Once they’ve completed their analysis, your personal trainer will put together a training programme that’s been adapted to you taking into account various aspects of your life.

Firstly the sporting aspect of your life. They’ll probably start with a bit of running and some muscle toning, fitness exercises, and maybe a bit of self-defence (why not?) to get you to a good level in terms of overall fitness.

Your personal trainer will probably look at your lifestyle. They’ll look at ways to help you lose weight and sleep right. It’s likely that your personal trainer will give you nutritional advice. Given how important eating right is, you should always listen to the professionals.

Exercising from the Comfort of Your Own Home

This is much better than getting on public transport, isn’t it?

Some people don’t really enjoy going to gyms or health clubs. That’s understandable. Especially if you’re crammed into a tiny gym. However, even if you have a lot of space, it can’t beat having your personal trainer come to you and provide you with a personalised workout.

Where are the best places to work out?
Your personal trainer might take you to a nearby park to exercise. (Source:

Imagine being able to do your exercise immediately after work when you get home. Then imagine being able to immediately get showered and get the dinner on without even leaving your house! Doesn’t that sound much nicer than travelling for miles to end up stuck in the corner of the room?

You’re Often More Motivated to Exercise at Home

Having a personal trainer can help you save a lot of time.

When you work during the week, it can be tricky to find a free hour. Even more so if you need to spend time with your family. It’s hard finding two free hours in an evening before you have to go to bed.

That means you probably don’t want to lose any more time than you have to working out. Heading to a gym for an hour to work out can often take you two hours by the time you’ve made your way there and back!

Save time by having a personal trainer come to your house!

Organise Your Training Sessions around Your Schedule

Group fitness classes can be fun. It’s true! You can meet you people and encourage each other to push even harder. Nevertheless, they're not personalised.

Every person there needs to adapt to the class. What can you do if you find it too difficult?

The advantage of having a personal trainer is that your training programme will be tailored to you! Above all, you can adapt it to your schedule and fit it around your work and family commitments. You’ll love being able to choose exactly when you want your training sessions.

Tell your personal trainer when you’re free and they should be able to accommodate your schedule!

The Financial Advantage

While getting a personal trainer  is usually more expensive than a gym or health club membership, you will save money on transport and you’ll only pay for the actual sessions you have. How many times have you paid for a full month at the gym and only been once or not at all?


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