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I am an older lady who has always LOVED teaching youngsters. When I taught K-6, I taught them Spanish, and it was amazing how quickly they learned it and how much they loved it and looked forward to my classes every single week. After only about four months, they were ready to put on an entire play in Spanish (which was NOT their native language)---with acting, singing, speaking, and answering each other's questions during the presentation for all the teachers, principal, and their parents. They did great!! My next favorite age group is college aged students, teaching them ESL classes that included speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension. I loved it, too! Most of those students are so very eager to learn our English language to the best of their ability, and it was my duty to teach that to them. But I learned that you must find ways of determining what level the students are on and then build on that. Don't bore them with facts and terminologies that they already know. They are eager to learn new ideas and ways of saying things, especially words and phrases that affect how they need to get along with their friends and others with whom they will inevitably come in contact with, such as teachers, cashiers, sales people while shopping, etc. In fact, I am always trying to find better ways to teach students who speak in non-mainstream dialects how to excel in school—and in life—by learning to communicate in mainstream English. Also, very early in a classroom setting, I will begin to teach students about being conscientious of others feelings and cultural differences. I found this to be very important in my experiences in the college classroom setting.


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I have been teaching at various times and places since 1990, which is when I first taught Spanish to K-6 graders. In all, there were about 200 students in that school, which would be referred to today as a charter school, and has always been an advanced-learning school. Each and every child was required to take my Spanish classes. It was there that I learned how much I love teaching elementary-aged students, and introducing them to a language that was totally foreign to them, watching their delight and enthusiasm as they developed their speaking and comprehension skills of a foreign language. I didn't have to ask them to practice their homework----they were more than happy and anxious to do so. It is so very important to introduce young learners to a foreign language while they are developing their own techniques of speaking, as after they reach the age of 11-12, there are certain sounds that cannot usually be acquired after that time.

My next teaching experience was at the high school level, grades 9-12, teaching them Spanish and English. I taught full time, 4 - 6 classes per semester, with each class having anywhere from 10 to 30 students in each class. I taught these subjects and at this grade level in four different schools before deciding to teach at the university level, where I only taught English as a Second Language to in-coming foreign students to the University of North Alabama. This was really where I found my "niche," so to speak. I was an adjunct instructor there for about three years. Sometimes we had as many as 500 students in the Center for English Language Learning, and all these students had to successfully pass our program of English classes----reading, writing, speaking and comprehension---before they could take mainstream classes at the university. The students were all tested and personally interviewed and conversed with one-on-one by us in order to decide which level of classes they should start at, as there were four levels of English speaking and comprehension that they were tested on. There was not usually a time limit on how long a student could stay in our program; they just stayed until they "got it right" and passed all the classes to the satisfaction of the exit committee, which was made up of the instructors with the most tenure or seniority. It was very satisfying to welcome students into my office at the end of each semester who wanted to thank me for helping them to develop their language skills so much more than when they started my class.

I have also volunteered as a translator for missionary groups going from the United States to Central Mexico in week-long trips. During these trips, I had the opportunity to truly converse with native Spanish speakers who spoke no English at all, and was also able to translate for the American workers their English into Spanish for their missionary work. I loved these trips and living and dining with and learning from those very precious native Spanish people, learning firsthand just how they live and carry on their everyday lives.



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