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1st lesson free!

First Class Nutrition and Health Scientist offering health and well-being Nutrition classes. Your health is your wealth

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My teaching method is theory learning in conjunction with practical applications. I base my classes on scientific research and case studies. I approach each topic with enthusiasm and excitement. I also like to take suggestions from students to see how I can optimise their learning experience.


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About Blessing

I am a health enthusiast with a biological sciences honours degree majoring Nutrition and Health Science. I have always had a passion for health and wellbeing. I strongly believe that all disease starts from the gut and food is the best medicine.



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  • Nutritionist having 3 + years of expertise in Food and science practical and theoretical


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  • Master your health with Dietitian who has educated >100,000 students in nutrition



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  • Nutritionist (BSc. Nut, MPH. Nut., A.Nutr.) offers group nutrition classes and workshops



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  • Nutrition advisor with a BSc (honours) Degree in Nutrition and Health Science available to help with healthy lifestyle habits and learning to eat well long term.


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  • Healthy Living Promotor. Good Nutrition Creates Health In Every Aspect Of Our Life.



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  • Nutritional therapist with experience offering nutrition online lessons in Portuguese and English.


    My teaching method is based in provinding clear information using scientific based materials. We will cover the basic...

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  • Master's in Nutrition and Dietetics with more than 8 years of experience teaching online in an easy warm manner



    I have a warm caring approach and I believe the best learning method is being excited about what you are learning so I will...

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  • Nutrition, Biology, Chemistry, P.E, Health and wellbeing Tutor up to University degree levels.



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  • Having recovered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, I am an extremely empathetic and charismatic individual with a lot to offer. I want to help those with mental health struggles to find their f



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  • 25 year old professional with a BSc in Nutrition and Health Science and a MSc in Food Security Policy and Management



    My teaching method is to cover all levels of nutrition from basics to more in dept specifics. I make classes suitable for...

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  • Naturopathic Herbslist & sports nutritionist . Learn lifestyle and nutrition for daily life.



    My teaching methodologies are online one to one or Group teaching. Notes will be provided. In person or virtual classroom...

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  • Learn about what to eat and how much to eat from nutritionist


    County Kildare

    I can give lessons to degree level. I will use power point presentation for effective learning. There will be question...

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  • Eating food for health and well-being and allowing your body to be at it's peak performance. Maintaining a healthy micro biome .



    I like to do a lot of research and have an indept knowledge of my chosen subject . I want to show people how to cook gluten...

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  • Nutrition is the future's key to live life long and prosper...embrace it


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  • A Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach with a passion for changing people's lifestyle and eating habits to the better!



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    As a certified nutritionist, I will be able to analyze your current eating and lifestyle habits and improve them so that you...

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