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1st lesson free!

1st lesson free!

Former H1 student and IrEUSO finalist 2019 (Physics) teaches Maths, Physics and DCG in Cork.

About the lesson

I will hold weekly one on one sessions via zoom to help you reach your potential in your LC.
I'll share what I learned during my LC to make your learning process easier.
We can focus on what you find most difficult so you can truly improve!
For Maths and Physics, we can work on all or some of the course.
NB. The optional section we will study for Physics will be Atomic Physics.
For DCG, I will help you with your project to ensure you get the most out of your marks. As a student that also had a H1 level of sketching in Art, I can really help you with the freehand sketching, a really prominent part of the Student Assignment.


  • Maths
  • Physics


  • French
  • English


  • Primary
  • Adult education
  • Bachelor's degree
  • +4

    Master's degree


    Doctorate degree


About Ellie

Hi everyone! My name is Ellie. I want to help teach you Maths / Physics / DCG not only so you can make them count for points in your LC, but so that you can even come to enjoy them! These can be really enjoyable subjects when you can get to understand them.
I look forward to working with you... and remember- during our classes there are no silly questions! Let's help make your LC that little bit easier and bring a little fun to the process too.



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  • 10h: €140


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  • €15/h

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    I base my teaching on forming logic behind why you need to know the things that are being taught, before going into methods...

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  • Working at A-level in Maths and chemistry, can teach up to this level. Lessons will all be online. I have been teaching online for about a year.


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