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Prashant - Prof web development - Dublin
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  • Web development
  • Website creation
  • Wordpress
  • Dreamweaver

I'm a Full stack developer having 5 years of experience as a Web developer. Completely full fledged and updated syllabus with latest platforms and frameworks.

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About Prashant

I am 5 years experienced Full-Stack Web developer and teach Web development in my part-time for the last 3 years.

I have been teaching Web Development, JavaScript, and its related libraries/frameworks like Bootstrap, React-JS, NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB and other latest development based technology to the students of the IIT Madras, University of London, Cambridge, and California since 2019.

My specialty is to change the toughest topic into the easiest one.
It's my passion to teach Web development concepts with the methods of monetizing your Development skills.

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Fully updated classes that starts from completely basic. These Web development classes are specially structured for those who have the objective to get a job or freelance projects. Appropriate for collage student as well as job person too.

My specialty is to turn the toughest topic to easiest one, so learning becomes absolutely fun and engaging.

Completely full fledged and updated course.

If you're a beginner and wanna explore and learn with fun then I'm here for you. I teach the programming or computer science concepts with the real time example.

- Classes with flexible timings.

- I'll provide the recording's of all the sessions to you.

- Every concept will be explained using a graphics tablet and

- Easy. I've compiled a list of programming projects for your
resume that’ll help you stand out like bug free code.

- I'll provide my personalized notes that'll help you a lot.

- I'll provide totally FREE doubt clearing sessions on chat anytime.

Entity as a full stack software developer and a part-time freelancer, I will also teach steps to follow to get your first freelancing project.

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  • €30

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