Student article

Take an online lesson

Access to the online lesson platform is possible as soon as a lesson is booked on Superprof, even if your lesson has been booked as face to face.

For this you must book and pay for your lesson via Superprof. As soon as your teacher accepts your proposal, it will be displayed in the "lessons" tab with the camera icon.

You will be able to access the video call 10 minutes before the start of the lesson from your message section on your mobile or computer.

Start your online lesson

  • 1. Go to your message section

  • 2. Go to “Lessons” and click on “Join”

  • 3. Fill in your first name for the session. You can test your sound, mute your sound, turn off your video and add a background image to your video if necessary.

  • Allow access to your microphone and camera.

  • In order for your lesson to take place in the best conditions, we advise you:
    To join the online lesson before the start of the lesson in order to test your sound as well as the quality of the image and your connection.
    In case of technical problems (cameras, browsers…), do not hesitate to consult the following article: Online lesson technical issues

    During the class

  • You can put your lesson in full screen, so that you can see everything clearly

  • You can interact with your teacher via chat by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the central toolbar

  • You can share your screen with your teacher, mute your sound or your camera if necessary during your lesson.

  • If your connection is interrupted, you can re-join your lesson by clicking on “join” again from your message section.

    At the end of the lesson

  • You will be notified about the end of the session 10 minutes before the end of the reserved lesson time.

  • You have the possibility of leaving your online lesson and returning to your message section by clicking on hang up

  • As your lesson is already booked and paid for, you can hang up with peace of mind.

  • Any delays? Don't panic, you still have an additional hour at the end of the session to finish things up. After this additional time, the lesson window will automatically close. We then suggest scheduling a new session.