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Learn how to become a Superstar DJ and stand out from the rest

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I have been an International DJ for 28 years. I love to teach and see the happy reactions of my students when they mix there first mix or sample & remix there first song.

The reaction of a crowd when you mix two records together in rhythm or in key is a great feeling,.

You to can feel that reaction.

I offer Beginner, Intermmediate and advanced Mixing, Sampling & Remixing Programs.

Beginners - Learn how to beat mix by pitching different tempo's & Genres.

If you have never mixed before the beginners course is for you.

Intermediate -

Module 1 -

Once you have learnt how to beat mix, you will learn about the step process of a drum & song pattern, this will guide you to where you would bring certain records into each other whilst in the mix.

Module 2 - Learn about different effects, how to enhance your performance and stand out from the rest.


Module 1 - Bring your mixes to life by learning how to Cut, Crossfade & Transform different parts of your favorite songs whilst another is playing.

Module 2 - Learn how to mix two records in key.

Module 3 - Learn how to sample and loop

Once you have learnt the art of djing then we can put you on an artist roster with our partner dj agency.

For more info please click on our contact form link on our website and we will come back to you

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About Franco

I have been teaching djing for seven years and had great results.

I have taught about 10 students, some have gone on to do mobile djing, some have stopped and gone onto better things academically etc.

This Program is for anyone who would like to experiment.

For local students we have a recording studio and a soundproofed booth where you can record your mixes and podcasts.

For more info please click on the link below and fill out our contact form at the bottom and we will get back to you.

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  • 5h: €174
  • 10h: €336


  • €30/h


We do not travel. We do have a studio for all our one to one tutoring at the address below

Creative In Sync Studios
Unit 9, Sterling Centre
Eastern Road
Rg12 2PW

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