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The average price of French  lessons is 


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Your search for French lessons is just a few clicks away! Superprof makes it easy for potential learners to find a French teacher for grinds in a stress-free way and from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you want to learn French to get better grades in the Junior and Leaving Cert or whether you want to simply learn French as a language because of its usefulness, you will be able to find French lessons for you to try on Superprof.

How is French as a Language useful in Ireland?

French is such a handy language to learn and is used in many parts of the world. Clearly, the language is not just linked to France, but it is the official language of many other countries across several continents, 29 countries to be specific, which are known as ‘francophone’ countries. While Ireland is not a francophone country, being able to speak French fluently has its many benefits. This explains why French is the most popular foreign language to be chosen at Junior and Leaving Cert level.

Being able to speak French fluently in Ireland invites you to many job opportunities like a teacher, translator, content reviewer, publisher, interpreter, administrator, and many other jobs which are available in the counties across Ireland. Not only will a wider range of jobs be open to you, but there will be a better chance for career advancement and travel opportunities. Just to add, being able to speak la langue de l'amour in Ireland is pretty impressive. There are people who are actively seeking to learn French because of its benefits; so if you can speak French, it is a good side hustle as you can teach others.

What Kind of French Lessons are available to people seeking to learn the language?

There are many reasons why a person would want to learn French. It could be for examination purposes which in Ireland, would be the Junior and Leaving Cert. It could even be for post-secondary and university examinations too. There are also French lessons for people who are completely new to learning languages or for people who simply want to improve their current level of French.

Learners have the option of one-on-one French lessons or group French lessons. Some people prefer to learn online, and other people prefer to learn in person. Both options are available to people seeking French lessons. Superprof even provides tutors that have all these options. Therefore, you can find tutors that cater for your needs.

French Lessons for Examination Purposes

The Junior and Leaving Cert syllabus have a list of topics and categories that should be covered before students enter the exam. These are the things that students expect to be assessed in the exam. As there are generally so many topics, not every single one will appear, but they are useful to know which is why students are required to know them. These are topics such as general greetings, travel, differences between Irish and French culture, etc. If you are doing examinations outside the Junior and Leaving Certificate exam, the criteria of things to know might be a bit different.

French lessons are tailored towards helping students meet these learning outcomes to give them the chance to doing as well as possible in these examinations. The Junior and Leaving Cert exams also consist of an oral component of the exam where certain questions will likely be asked. For example, your family, area, and what you want to do after the Leaving Cert. French lessons will generally cover oral work and help you prepare for the French Junior/Leaving Cert oral.

French Lessons for Avid Learners who just want to Learn French

Some people just appreciate the beauty of French culture and language and just want to take lessons, not because it is a requirement for anything, but just for themselves. Sometimes, they might have specific reasons like it is required for a job. However, French lessons for people who want to learn French outside of examination purposes come in a range of different levels.

There are French lessons available ranging from beginner levels of French to advanced levels of French and you can find the correct lessons according to your level of French. There is always room to improve your French if you are not fluent, so even if you have an intermediate level of French, you can find lessons to teach you French proverbs and idioms, as well as other things to improve your French.

One-on-One v Group French Lessons

Depending on the type of learner you are, some people prefer to learn solo because the attention is on them and there are fewer distractions, while other people find it intimidating if they are the only one there learning. Each reason is valid which is why there is the option of having one-on-one French lessons in which the French teacher can really cater to your needs since you would be the only student in the session. However, learners also have the option of French classes in a group. These options are generally cheaper because you can split the cost of the lesson among a group of people.

Virtual v In-Person French Lessons

Acknowledging the COVID-19 pandemic, some people feel safer doing virtual lessons and many people have gotten used to doing things virtually. Luckily, many French lessons are available online for whether you want to study French for examination purposes or not. However, if you are sick of doing things virtually and desire a more hands-on approach, many French teachers are willing to meet in person to offer some French lessons.

How will Superprof provide French lessons in Ireland?

Superprof has French tutors all over the world and the French lessons available come in all the options listed above. Many of the first lessons are offered for free which enables the learners to get a feel for how the lessons will be conducted. You can carry out your French lessons online via webcam or the tutor can teach you French in the comfort of your own home. Search for French lessons on Superprof and you will likely find one in your area!

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