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Singing has some part of everyone's life, whether you do it in the shower, for the Leaving Cert or even professionally. So why shouldn't you want to work on it a bit more, singing is a very cathartic experience and like any other skill can be improved with hard work and the right teacher. Superprof offers a wide range of tutors so people from every walk of life can learn how to sing a bit better. A singing coach is a great idea if you have examinations in singing or you’d like to start doing it professionally but they can also be fun to get if you simply want to try your hand at a new exciting hobby!

All the types of signing you could want

Music may be one of the most varied forms of expression. There are countless genres and slight variations in each of those genres. This also means there is a myriad of ways to sing. Many people see singing as a simple thing but once you get started with learning how to sing you get to see how technical it can be. It involves taking care of your body just as much as it involves learning how to read music. If you want to learn contemporary singing, R & B even rock, there is a tutor for you. Simply put in singing, your area and you’re bound to find a voice coach for the exact type of training you want! Lessons can be done online for your convenience or if you prefer in-person that is also up to you, it will vary from tutor to tutor but with the amount of availability in Ireland you should be fine! There are also tutors offering lessons on breath work, a critical part of singing.

Striving for excellence

Here at Superprof, our tutors understand the importance of atmosphere and environment for learning. This is why you’re guaranteed to get a great singing teacher who is also compassionate, learning or improving a skill can be a challenge but a patient teacher who has gone through the same trials can really help. From the reviews left on Superprof, you’ll be able to easily pick out which tutors will suit you for personality and teaching methods. There is no need to settle when it comes down to something as important as your future!

Practice makes perfect

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, singing takes practice along with any other musical skill. When something requires practice, having discipline or a regular session of practice will really help you to move along in your singing. This session with your tutor has more benefits than that though, as an artist you’ll have to get used to performing in front of others, a factor that many people have to grow used to. There is also the fact it can be quite hard to be accurate when you’re criticizing your own voice. You certainly can’t do it at the moment, you don’t have as much experience as a tutor and if you tried to do it yourself, a recording won’t be up to the task. A tutor helps with all of these problems! What you can’t do yourself, a tutor will handle!

Singing isn’t your thing? Don’t worry there are options!

Singing is great, exploring your passions wherever they lead you is also great. Maybe you want to do singing and something else! Well, Superprof won’t get in your way in fact we’ll help you with your unique journey. Everything from guitar lessons to Mongolian throat singing can be found somewhere in Ireland. Good luck out there and remember to sing your heart out!

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