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Spanish is a versatile language spoken by over 400 million people, so it makes sense that many people choose to learn it, even in Ireland. Living in Ireland, you might wonder if it is a language that you can easily learn. You should know that Spanish language resource centres are found all over Ireland and teach Spanish according to different purposes.

As it is a subject that can be taken for the Junior and Leaving Cert, you should choose the kind of lessons tailored to your reason for learning Spanish. In Ireland, you can choose to learn online or opt for a virtual experience of learning Spanish. A mix-up of both options is also available to you, especially if you learn through Superprof’s Spanish tutors in Ireland.

How useful is the Spanish language in Ireland?

According to the 2016 census, 32,405 people identify themselves as Spanish speakers and this figure is likely to have increased in Ireland today. Thus, Spanish is useful as there are many people to communicate with. There is certainly a job market for Spanish speakers in Ireland today.

There are advertisements for exclusive Spanish speaking roles such as an associate sales representative, business development consultant, commercial executive, customer experience specialist, and translator. These job opportunities are based all over Ireland. Even in regular jobs in Ireland, being able to speak Spanish does open that door to promotions as you never know when it will come in handy!

Being able to speak Spanish is good for outside of Ireland as the language has been declared as the official language of 21 countries. Spanish is a language of love with Latin origins, so if you aim to be multilingual, it is a good choice as it does link to many other languages. Being multilingual does have many advantages like increased multitasking skills and it has been linked to delaying the onset of dementia.

Spanish remains an option for Junior and Leaving Cert students to sit in Ireland today which further shows its usefulness. Additionally, a couple of universities in Ireland offer Spanish as a degree choice. You might even get the chance to take Spanish in conjunction with another subject.

What Kind of Spanish Lessons are available?

There are multiple methods for learning Spanish in general but there are methods that are more specific to Ireland. First, there is a question of why you want to learn Spanish in the first place. It could be to enhance your current level of Spanish, or maybe it is to have a foundation in Spanish to get around a particular location easily or to learn other languages through that foundation in Spanish.

It might even be for the Junior or Leaving Cert exams as Irish students will be familiar with the competitive nature of the state exams given the Leaving Cert’s link to obtaining your dream course in a university or a higher education institution. This reason will provide you with Spanish lesson options that are more specific to Ireland as you would be working on state examination papers in your lessons.

According to your purpose for learning Spanish and your personal preference, you have the option of one-on-one lessons in Spanish or group Spanish lessons. If you want to learn online, there are virtual lessons available to you conducted by Spanish teachers in Ireland or if you prefer the physical approach, there are many in-person lessons you can opt for all around Ireland.

In fact, Superprof tutors can arrange either option, they are ready to meet you at your house for your Spanish lessons or you can do virtual Spanish lessons with them. Therefore, you can find tutors that cater for your needs.

Spanish Lessons for Examination Purposes

Certain topics are to be covered in the Junior and Leaving Cert Spanish exams and these will be covered in your Spanish lessons in Ireland. There is a curriculum provided by Curriculum.ie that Spanish books made in Ireland for state exams aim to satisfy. These are to be assessed in the exams.

The aim of the Junior and Leaving Cert curriculum is to prepare students with a level of Spanish that will equip them for the real world so that they can use it to get around from place to place in Spanish speaking countries. These Spanish lessons in Ireland will focus on this and past examination papers.

Spanish Lessons for people learning to enhance their Linguistic Skills

If you just want to learn Spanish to pick up a new language or improve your linguistic skills, there are many lessons in Ireland. Teachers start with a basic foundation of Spanish and build up vocabulary in order to teach learners how to speak Spanish fluently.

One-on-One and Group Spanish Lessons

If you need that extra focus and attention, you can pick one-on-one Spanish lessons which is available in many locations around Ireland. Otherwise, you can also choose group lessons which do tend to be a cheaper option. You can even alternate between one-on-one and group lessons depending on what mood you are in, and whether you want to learn alone or with friends.

Online or Physical Lessons

If you want a more personal touch to your Spanish lessons, then you can choose to physically meet up with the Spanish tutor for an in-person Spanish lesson. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you want and to be able to show your tutor your work to correct. In-person learning can suit some learners, while online learning suits other learners. Online learning will enable users to learn Spanish from the convenience of whichever location they want. Also, due to the pandemic, some Spanish lessons have transitioned to a blend of online and in-person learning which allows the learners to experience the best of both worlds.

Spanish Lessons with Superprof in Ireland

There are many Spanish tutors in Ireland ready to start Spanish lessons with you. All it takes is a few clicks to find the perfect tutor for you on Superprof. Different tutors use a combination of the methods listed above, so your search for a good Spanish tutor is not very difficult. You can start your Spanish lessons as soon as you are ready!

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