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Mathematics teacher gives KS3, GCSE and A-Level Mathematics (Pure Mathematics and Mechanics) tutoring online


I currently teach KS3, IGCSE and A-Level Maths at an international school, where I specialise in Cambridge International Examinations. My lessons consist of doing a starter based on a previous topic or background knowledge needed for the new topic. Then I teach the concept, do a couple of examples and I let pupils try exercises on their own, with scaffolding if needed.


I have been teaching Mathematics for over 5 years, having taught and tutored many students over that period of time. My students tend to pass their IGCSE exams with at least a grade C, therefore I believe I have the ability to get the best out of students from varying backgrounds and ability levels.


Rate for online lessons : €29/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : €115
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : €207
Lessons offered by Hamilton
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Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Arithmetic
  • Geometry
  • Junior Cycle
  • Transition Year
  • Fifth Year
  • Sixth Year

Hamilton's CV

I am a full-time teacher currently teaching IGCSE and A-level Mathematics. I graduated with a master’s degree in Digital Signal Processing and a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering. I am a self-motivated, reliable and hard working person able to work well independently or as part of a team. I have good technical skills & analytical skills and I am passionate about teaching. I am a curious and flexible person always wanting to learn and to take on new challenges.

- Technical skills
- Calm
- Understanding
- Flexible
- Self-Motivated
- Strong work ethic
- Leadership


2015-2016 : PGCE Secondary Maths, School Direct Route
- Currently doing a PGCE in Maths(teacher training course)
- During the past few months I have gained experience teaching a class, including lesson planning, behaviour management and employing school policies.
- Have taught at two secondary schools: Cardinal Pole Catholic School, located in Hackney and RoyalLiberty School, located in Romford.

2013-2014: MSc Digital Signal Processing, Queen Mary University of London
- Achieved a postgraduate master’s degree in Digital Signal Processing. Studied modules include Communication Theory, Mobile and WLAN Technologies and Sensors and the Internet of Things.
- End of the year project involved developing an algorithm used to estimate dominant frequency of a sound. Algorithm was developed using MATLAB.

2010-2013: BEng Electronic Engineering, Queen Mary University of London
- Achieved a 2:1 degree. Modules studied include Programming Fundamentals, Digital Signal Processing, Signal and Systems, Introduction to Electronic Systems, Internet Protocols, Integrated Circuit Design, Microwave Electronics, Electronic Devices & applications, and Design and Build Project in Electronic Engineering.
- Design and Build Project involved simulation and building of electronic circuits. During simulation stage, analogue circuit and PCB layout were designed using Proteus and Fritzing.


July 2015: CCP (Certificate of pedagogical skills), obtained in Lisbon
- Training course aimed to develop teaching competences and qualifications relating to educational practices.

Mathematics teacher at CLIP:
August 2016 – :
- Teaching: Currently teaching KS3, IGCSE and AS Maths
- Team work: Worked well as part of the Maths Department, including developing curriculum for KS5 Mathematics.

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Deadly! Very helpful.

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Student seems to be very capable and full of potential. I am sure I will be able to help fulfil said student's potential

6 recommendations


Great professional, has a lot of knowledge. Has a masters degree and knows how to break things down so it is easier to understand the equation at hand. Very smart as an individual and person.


Based on the long association with him and of the knowledge of the growth of his personality and integrity, I can state without fears that, Mr Hamilton handles responsibility well and he is a self-motivated individual. I firmly believe in his exceptional teaching capabilities and strongly recommend him without reservation.


I have known Hamilton for the past two years. During this period, Hamilton has proved to be a valuable member of the Mathematics Department. Students enjoy his lessons as his explanations are clear and accurate. His mathematical knowledge is vast and he is quite experienced in solving exercises from different examination boards. He will definitely be a great acquisition!


I first met Hamilton at university where we were in a similar course together. Throughout my time in knowing him I find that he is a person who is patient, understanding and very motivated. I have found him to be deeply knowledgeable and very pro-active in his approach to tasks that are put before him. He has the ability to adapt to different personalities and bring a group of individuals together. In conclusion I believe his passion is his greatest asset as he has proved many times in group and individual projects that he is capable of exceeding expectations on many occasions through desire and hard work. I recommend him because I believe he is very intelligent and very passionate about teaching and I have no doubt that he will be a great asset to any student at any level.


I met Hamilton during my PGCE.
We worked together for some time and I can garantee that Hamilton is a very passionate teacher and a great mathematician.


I’ve known Hamilton for many years. He is a knowledgeable and reliable person. He is consistent and positive minded.

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