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Professional guitar player and Berklee College of Music graduate with 10+ years of teaching at all levels in both Spanish and English.

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I would describe my teaching philosophy as organic and holistic. I believe that with unlimited content at their fingertips, people today tend to be overwhelmed by the amount of information, whereas I consider it should be a mix between knowledge and perceptual approach. I understand the student needs its own time to digest knowledge and incorporate it.


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About Martin

Berklee College of Music Graduated with a 3.72 GPA. Performance Major.
College Reading & Learning Association Tutor Certificate.
Berklee College of Music Tutor (Ear Training Level1-4, Harmony Level 1-4, Arranging Level 1 & 2) .
Guitar Teacher Private Instructor for 9 years.
Music Teacher at GEBA for 6 years (piano, percussion, choir)
8 years Jazz Big Band (MT Big Band)
Guitar sesionist at Musical Theatre (The Palace Theatre - Manchester, NH; Access Theatre, NYC)

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  • 01

    When did you first develop a passion for music and your favourite instrument?

    I picked up my first guitar when I was in elementary school, and since then music has brought me so much joy into my life and has taught me about hard work and practicing to improve at something.

    My first encounters with music were at family meetings where it was an inspiration to see my grandma play the piano. At the age of 7 I got my first acoustic guitar. During my primary school I created a band at the age of 10, performing in front of the whole school. When I was 15 years old I started to perform with my band at different venues in Buenos Aires. In 2008 I began to perform at the MT Orquesta, a Jazz Big Band where I performed for almost 8 years, until 2016 when I was accepted to study at Berklee College of Music.

    I had some life-changing music teachers during my career, and as an experienced music teacher I want to share this experience with more people.

  • 02

    Is there a particular type of music or artist that you listen to on a loop without it driving you crazy?

    My main focus is in Jazz because of the freedom of improvisation and George Benson is my main inspiration, due to his virtuosity, his extensive vocabulary and the musicality of his phrasings. I don't get tired of listening to his melodies and solos.

  • 03

    Explain to us the most difficult or riveting course you could personally give to a student of music.

    The most difficult topics I would cover during my classes are improvisation, harmonic analysis, rhythmic patterns, chord replacements for comping and improvising.

  • 04

    What do you think is the most complicated instrument to master and why?

    The instrument is what the word itself means, an instrument, a tool we use to express our ideas, whether spontaneous or previously heard/played. Any instrument requires hours of practice, on which you can see results after months or years. But the technique is something objective, it is a pragmatic and accomplishable aim, that requires patience, self trust, self discipline, that needs to have strength in overcoming the frustration and observe micro-improvements.

    What I do consider is complex to acquire is the language, the vocabulary, the music nuances. All the phrasings, words, little ideas, choices that make a musical speech rich and enjoyable.

  • 05

    What are your keys to success?

    Consistency, Discipline and Serenity is my moto, with patience and self-trust

  • 06

    Name three musicians you dream of meeting in your favourite bar in the early hours of the morning. Explain why.

    I got the chance to meet George Benson and Bireli Lagrene, but i didn't have the chance to share a coffee in the early hours of the morning hah.

    I would definitely love to meet Paul Mc Cartney as I am a Beatles fan.

  • 07

    Provide a valuable anecdote related to music or your days at music school.

    As a student at Berklee College of Music, I could feel the passion that my teachers had for music; it was transmitted to me through their lessons. But my most beautiful memory was with my harmony teacher Joe Mulholland, who would show and explain different musical directions through harmony by bringing songs.

    One day he showed us "Lately" by Stevie Wonder, exposing the lyrics, the harmony and the nuances. He did not teach me only music theory, he taught me how to enjoy every chord change and the joy and beauty of music.

  • 08

    What are the little touches that make you a Superprof in music?

    I describe my teaching philosophy as organic and holistic. I believe that with unlimited content at their fingertips, people today tend to be overwhelmed by the amount of information, whereas I consider it should be a mix between knowledge and perceptual approach. I understand the student needs its own time to digest knowledge and incorporate it. Music is hearing, If you don't have the sound in your ears, you won't have it in your fingers/instrument.

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