Dutch for beginners is about studying

How Much Do Dutch Lessons Cost?

How expensive it is to learn Dutch? Learning a new language is an investment that can be very gratifying once you are able to employ it. It also should be something affordable for everyone. Regardless of your budget, they are enough options out there to find one that adapts to your budget, your schedule, and […]

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visit the Netherlands

Did You Know These Facts About Holland?

Fascinating Facts About Holland "In Europe I always have fun bike riding in Amsterdam." -Ezra Koenig Europe is the world's third most populous continent with over 741 million inhabitants. The European continent is one filled with history, culture and diversity. There are many different languages spoken and various cultural distinctions that can be observed while […]

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How to Revise Between Dutch Lessons

Top Dutch Revision Tips So you've decided to learn Dutch and have invested in some Dutch lessons: great! Learning a second language in general and your determination to study Dutch in particular can do nothing but benefit you. Whether you practise your Dutch language skills with a native speaker or prefer to learn the language on […]

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Common Dutch Grammar Mistakes

Common Mistakes People Make when Learning Dutch

Avoiding Common Dutch Errors When learning Dutch, you're likely to bump into some interesting words and sentences. Making sense of the grammar constructions is one of the key elements towards mastering a language. Therefore, it's worth the effort to understand the most common Dutch grammar mistakes. That way you can quickly improve and adapt yourself […]

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Do you want to learn Dutch?

Learn Dutch the easy way with our great tips and tricks to mastering this language. Whether you’re a total beginner, looking to brush up on your existing skills, or preparing for an exam, get the help and experience you need from our Dutch tutors.

Go on to conquer the semantics and dialects of the Dutch language with Dutch lessons from our dedicated and professional Dutch teachers all over the country.

We will help you learn Dutch

10 major struggles when learning the Dutch language

Difficulties when learning the Dutch language In general, the Dutch language is viewed as one that is exceptionally difficult to learn. Here, however, we attempt to make it as simple as possible for you. Fortunately, the alphabet is similar to the English one. That’s a good start. The Dutch language has also borrowed many words […]

10 December 20187 minutes to read

How to grasp Dutch Grammar

Dutch grammar explained Dutch grammar is complicated in some aspects, but often more simple than that in neighbouring countries (think, for example, about the Nahmfallen in German which do not exist in Dutch). In this blog, we are going to discuss four subjects with you involving the correct use of grammar in the Dutch language. […]

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We will teach you verb conjugation

Dutch Verb Conjugation explained

How to Conjugate Dutch Verbs In this blog, we will discuss verb conjugation in Dutch with you.  Roughly, Dutch verbs can be grouped into the regular and irregular verbs. The irregular verbs are the ones that make the Dutch language so complicated. We will discuss both categories here. Conjugating verbs form the absolute basis of […]

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Structuring Dutch sentences

How to Structure Dutch Sentences

Dutch Syntax for Beginners Dutch is a complicated language. That's not so much an opinion, but probably a fact. One of the reasons that the language is so complicated is that the word sequence in a sentence is difficult to understand and to learn. In this blog we will try to discuss the basic structure […]

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Learning materials will inform and strenthen you word usage

Learn Dutch With Dutch Books And Newspapers

Reading Dutch Newspapers And Books To Maintain Your Fluency So you have decided to learn Dutch, taken some lessons and can even confidently communicate. Now what? Well, aside from learning the language one of the other common issues is making sure that you retain the language once you have learnt it. Now if you live […]

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Longing for Dutch countryside is a good reason to learn Dutch

Where Can You Take Dutch Lessons?

Everything You Need to Know About Learning Dutch in the UK If you long to walk the streets of Amsterdam or Utrecht or any other of the Netherlands’ major cities, or you would like to see for yourself the vast fields of tulips in bloom, you may have already concluded that you should learn to […]

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The Best Dutch Revision Guides

Improve your Dutch with These Resources Sacrificing learning for economic reasons is really never a good idea – not on the part of individual students nor on the part of the entities whose mission is to provide access to study materials and teachers to guide the learning. There are a few problems with that philosophy, […]

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Why Learn Dutch? Here Are 10 Great Reasons

10 Great Reasons to Learn Dutch When avid minds contemplate language learning, overwhelmingly, Romance languages leap to to the forefront. They seek out French courses or they want to learn Spanish, giving little thought to any Germanic language including the German language itself - which is really odd, seeing as English is considered Germanic in […]

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Climb every step on your way to proving your Dutch language skills

Taking Lessons Dutch at School

Everything You Need to Know About the Dutch Language Exams Learning a second language is often a very personal affair, for all that it is usually done in a classroom, among other students, and coursework is assigned by a teacher. Why choose one language over another? Does one have a particular affinity for the language […]

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How Can You Certify Your Dutch Language Skills?

How to Prove You Can Speak Dutch Obviously, if you opened your mouth and started spouting about bitterballen and Hollanse Nieuwe Haring – or other traditional Dutch foods in the language of Amsterdam, most people would be convinced that you have a good grasp of Dutch. University administrators might not be so keen to permit […]

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Your Guide To Starting Dutch Lessons

Dutch Lessons: What You Need To Know Dutch is a relatively easy language for English speakers to learn because it’s one of the closest relatives to English. They’re like old friends: both are West Germanic languages, meaning that from a structural point of view even a complete beginner will find Dutch much easier than master than […]

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How to improve your Dutch skills

Where Can You Find the Best Dutch Tutor For You?

Finding a Dutch Tutor Learning a language with a personal tutor is one of the best ways to learn. Learning with a tutor means you get all the attention! Your tutor will adapt Dutch lessons to your goals and learning style, so you don't have to go at any else's pace like you would in […]

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Dutch is a beautiful language spoken by over 23 million people.

25+ Must Know Basic Dutch Phrases

Dutch Language Basics To Impress Any Native Learning to speak any new foreign language is hard work, even saying basic Dutch Phrases takes focus, dedication, and determination. Of all of the stages while studying a new language, being a beginner is probably the hardest part. Everything that you hear sounds foreign, you get easily confused, […]

26 November 20187 minutes to read

Learn dutch with Online Language learning apps

Fun Apps And Games To Help You To Learn Dutch

Best Ways To Learn Dutch With Mobile Apps Today we are looking at how to learn Dutch, but every language in the world should be available for anyone interested in learning it, and I am glad to say that almost every language is. With the popularity of the internet, learning has become much more accessible to […]

26 November 20187 minutes to read

Best ways to learn dutch

The Best Dutch Films for Learning How To Speak Dutch

How To Learn Dutch With Films And Movies I grew up watching prestigious movie awards. In fact, this may be where my true love of film started as I would always go off and research the nominated movies and try to find a way to watch them. All I knew was that any film with […]

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Dutch for beginners is about studying

The Best Ways To Learn Dutch

Is There A Best Way For Beginners To Learn Dutch? In regards to languages, the only thing that I can agree on is that it is essential for everyone across the board to learn a second language. The benefits of learning a second language are only in part down to the communicative aspects. For example, […]

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A picture of my beloved Amsterdam, the Dutch capital.

What Are Common Spelling Errors People Make while Learning Dutch?

11 of The Most Often Made Spelling Mistakes Students Make when they Write in Dutch So, you want to improve your reading and writing in Dutch? Lucky for you, it’s not incredibly difficult to learn the Dutch language, especially when you have a good English vocabulary. Like English, Dutch belongs to the Indo European family […]

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learn to speak Dutch step by step

Tips And Tricks For Fun Learning Dutch

How To Learn To Speak Dutch Having the right attitude is a huge part of learning a language.  Because learning to speak a new language takes our full engagement and focus, learning Dutch as a non-native speaker is no different. On the road to our goal to speak Dutch fluently, we need to foster an […]

26 November 20188 minutes to read

A Dutch windmill

What Are the Main Differences between English and Dutch Grammar?

Get to know these 5 Key Grammatical Differences between the Dutch and the English Language Did you know that Dutch and English are actually very close relatives? Since Dutch and English are both West Germanic languages, the two have many (grammatical) similarities. It is even said that Dutch is the easiest foreign language to learn […]

7 November 20186 minutes to read

beautiful city

The Most Famous Dutch People Throughout History

Important People in Dutch History "I never read the life of any important person without discovering that he knew more and could do more than I could ever hope to know or do in half a dozen lifetimes." -J.B. Priestley Writers, philosophers, actors, activists, politicians, socialites and sports personalities shape the way people think. They become […]

2 November 20188 minutes to read

amazing details in art

Learning More About the Dutch Golden Age

The Dutch Golden Age “Opinions differ on the question of whether a golden age is something you can experience while it's happening or whether it only comes into focus on reflection...no matter how grand and prosperous and momentous the time in which you are living may be, its grandeur is inevitably stained by the incessant […]

2 November 20188 minutes to read

learning about history

A Guide to the Basics of Dutch History

Dutch History: A Guide to the History of Holland "History is not everything, but it is a starting point. History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day. It is a compass they use to find themselves on the map of human geography. It tells them where they […]

2 November 20189 minutes to read

gorgeous tulips

Discovering the Elements of Dutch Culture

Dutch Culture 101 "Culture makes people understand each other better. And if they understand each other better in their soul, it is easier to overcome the economic and political barriers. But first they have to understand that their neighbour is, in the end, just like them, with the same problems, the same questions." -Paulo Coehlo […]

2 November 20189 minutes to read

becoming a good writer

The Most Renowned Dutch Writers You Should Know About

10 Famous Dutch Writers You Ought to Know “Read, read, read. Read everything -- trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You'll absorb it. Then write. If it's good, you'll find out. If it's not, throw it out […]

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windmills everywhere

The Different Things That Make Holland World Famous

What is Holland Famous for? Windmills, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Heineken, Clogs, Gouda and Bicycles are all a few of my favourite things!  Every country in the world is famous and renowned for something that makes it special that sets it apart from the rest. For example, Canada is known for moose, mountains, cold winters and […]

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thinking new things

Discovering the Most Distinguished Dutch Philosophers

The Top 10 Dutch Philosophers You Ought to Know About "Philosophy is written in this grand book, the universe, which stands continually open to our gaze. But the book cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and read the letters in which it is composed." -Galileo Galilei Philosophy is a very […]

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moving to the Netherlands

Becoming a Legal Citizen of the Netherlands

How to Acquire Dutch Citizenship "My first experience in the Netherlands was very pleasant, extremely pleasant. I mean, I got my residence permit, refugee status, within four weeks of arrival." -Ayaan Hirsi Ali Due to the Netherlands being a very liberal and tolerant country, immigrants from all over the world feel welcomed and at home […]

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Dutch grammar

Dutch Grammar Rule Exceptions: Do You Know Them?

What Are The Main Exceptions Of Dutch Grammar Rules When Learning Dutch For Beginners? Many learners of Dutch as a second language or foreign language use to get stuck when learning Dutch as it is a very extensive language compared to many other languages. There are many rules you won’t get immediately and will cost […]

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While a movie can entertain you for a couple of hours, a book can provide hours and hours of pleasure.

Can You Name 10 Famous Dutch Actors?

Ten Actors You Did Not Know Were Dutch! The Dutch cinema industry is relatively small compared to the one of Holland's country. The Netherlands is home to four times fewer people as the UK of France, but the Dutch cinema industry only produces about 200 movies a year, whereas, France creates about 2,000 new motion pictures […]

18 October 20187 minutes to read

How do you learn English by watching films?

Can You Name The 10 Best Dutch Movies?

The 10 Best Dutch Movies Ever Made Dutch movies have little to no exposure outside of the Netherlands. Even Dutch people tend to be very critical of their film industry, especially when they compare it to the mega flashy productions imported from Hollywood. As a matter of fact, more than a third of all movies […]

18 October 20187 minutes to read

The world's first movie poster naturally featured the Lumières Brothers

A Brief History Of Dutch Cinema

The History Of Dutch Cinema The Netherlands is a relatively small country in Europe. In fact, Holland accounts for less than 1% of the European Union total territory, and the Dutch people make up only 3.3% of the EU population. Despite that, the Netherlands has been at the centre of European visual arts ever since […]

18 October 20187 minutes to read

An Introduction To Dutch Cinema

The Essential Of Dutch Cinema Explained The Netherlands can often be disregarded when it comes to contemporary art. This little European country, stuck between Belgium and Germany, is often outshined by its French and British neighbours. Yet, we shall remind you that the Netherlands has been one of the leading figures in the late Renaissance […]

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The Most Memorable Events in Dutch History

Most Important Moments in Dutch History "It is important for all of us to appreciate where we come from and how that history has really shaped us in ways that we might not understand." -Sonia Sotomayor Whether we like it or not history shapes our way of life and culture. The most important moments that have occurred […]

18 October 20188 minutes to read

Dutch Grammar Errors

Beware of These Ten Most Common Dutch Grammar Errors

Beware of These Ten Most Common Dutch Grammar Errors If you’re just starting to learn Dutch, it can be a serious challenge to get a grip on the grammar. Even Dutch natives sometimes are not able to understand the rules of their own language properly! Despite the struggle, there certainly is a method to the […]

16 October 20189 minutes to read

From left to right: An iPad, laptop, and iPhone placed on top of a sackcloth. There are lots of apps available that you can use to learn Dutch.

What Are The Best Apps To Learn Dutch?

Learn Dutch Online Through Dutch Apps Learning a language can be a difficult process. This is because it takes a lot of time and dedication to truly become fluent in a language if you are a non-native speaker and a complete beginner. One of the many reasons why learning a language can be so hard […]

10 October 20186 minutes to read

An image of a microphone in front of a computer. You can listen to Dutch language podcasts online.

Ten Best Dutch Podcasts Targeted To Dutch Learners

Want To Learn Dutch With The Help Of Podcasts? There are lots of different reasons why you might already be learning Dutch, or why you’re thinking about taking up the language. Whether you’re new to learning a foreign language or have near fluency in Dutch, one of the most reassuring things to know is that […]

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The Best Translators For Dutch To English Translation

Looking For Ways To Get A Good Quality Dutch-English Translation? Even if you’re fluent in Dutch and are a native English speaker, translating texts from Dutch into English isn’t particularly easy. This is equally true of all ability levels in Dutch – the fact is, your level of Dutch - whether you're a beginner, intermediate or […]

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An image of a laptop. You can learn Dutch online if you choose to.

Websites To Learn Dutch Online

Looking To Learn Dutch Grammar Online? There are many reasons why you might want to learn Dutch. Perhaps you have friends or family in the Netherlands that you would like to communicate in Dutch with, or maybe you would like to learn a new language that’s part of the Germanic Indo-European group of languages. Whatever […]

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Learn Dutch Online

Are You Looking For An Online Dutch Course To Improve Your Level Of Dutch? Dutch is a great language to learn, even if it does feel as though it’s sometimes overlooked in comparison to other languages such as Spanish or French. For an English native speaker, learning Dutch might actually be easier than learning Spanish […]

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