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How do you become a private webcam tutor?
Advice for Tutors

Follow these Useful Steps to Get Started as an Online Tutor

While private webcam tutorials have existed for a number of years now, some tutors still aren’t sure how to get started with teaching what they know to students! We’re here to help you get started with tutoring! More often than not, online tutors will find themselves teaching school pupils, either studying for a GCSE or […]


Written on 3 August 2020

8 minutes to read
What are the benefits of teaching webcam tutorials?
Advice for Tutors

8 Reasons to Become an Online Tutor

What's Academic support over webcam? Teaching via webcam combines traditional aspects of teaching (exercises, lessons, revision, etc.) and being able to work from home. Thanks to digital technologies, you can reach students from all over the world as well as learn about new technologies. According to a 2015 Opinion Way survey, 6% of parents declared […]


Written on 20 March 2020

6 minutes to read
Make maths fun with the help of free and fun online resources such as games, tutorials, apps and podcasts

Learn Maths Online with a Tutor

A major international report has found that UK teenagers are falling behind their global peers when it comes to mathematical achievement. The UK mathematics curriculum, which has been criticised for being "a mile wide and an inch deep", may be to blame for this. But it is not only today's youngsters who aren't quite making the […]


Written on 20 March 2020

19 minutes to read
What equipment should I use for online classes?
Advice for Tutors

How to Find Online Tutoring Jobs

You've read our tips for becoming a tutor and offering in-home tutorials. Your diary’s full, you’ve got different regular tutorials across various levels (primary through secondary), for different exams (GCSEs, A Levels), or to prepare those being tutored for university or college level study. But there’s a problem. What if something comes up and you have to […]


Written on 19 March 2020

14 minutes to read
World finance leaders finally take FinTech seriously

FinTech: What You Need to Know

Bitcoin initially operated under a cloud of suspicion and distrust it never meant to create and never anticipated earning. When Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first Bitcoin in 2009, thus establishing the world's first blockchain, the system was meant to be as open, secure and democratic as possible. Conducting financial transactions away from any established financial […]

30 December 20217 minutes to read

Why Work in FinTech?

Here's a random, by-the-way admission: when my students ask me what the best career fields are; the ones that offer the most stability and security, I always tell them: "maintenance, medicine and academics." Food is also on my list of stable jobs. However, low pay, high turnover and abysmal working conditions make any work from […]

30 December 20217 minutes to read

FinTech Courses

"What do you think of Bitcoin?" This is a question students from all over campus keep asking me. The frequency and diversity of the population asking that question - from freshmen to those working on their Masters' theses, tells me two things: people are wildly interested in cryptocurrencies and they are woefully underinformed about them. […]

30 December 20217 minutes to read

It's anyone's guess what the future holds for finance and technology

When did FinTech Begin?

'Have card, will shop' is the modern consumer's motto. These days, we're actually encouraged to pay using our bank cards - debit or credit, rather than hand over cash when we make a purchase. Indeed, the pandemic has made those payment methods an essential  component of our lives. But even before COVID, consumers had begun […]

30 December 20217 minutes to read

Acting Student Stage

The Best Drama Schools: pick yours!

Studies show that more and more people wish to express their artistic talents and pursue their dream of becoming actors or theatre performers, and are thus looking to audition for drama school this year. Given the number of existing schools, it can be rather tough to decide which one to approach.  If you are looking […]

22 December 20217 minutes to read

You might need to use every financial resource possible before embarking on acting training.

What is the Cost of Acting Classes?

When you imagine your life in years to come, do you see yourself with a fast car, a big house and fancy clothes? While that could be you, it is important to note that there is a price to pay before you reach that level of success as a performer! When I say price, I […]

14 December 20216 minutes to read

Ideas for Things to Draw

For some reason, people tend to think that all artists are prolific. They believe that morning, noon and night, artists of all stripes are so immersed in the work of creation that we hardly take time to breathe or eat. I did say 'we'. Writing is also an art and we writers experience the dislocating […]

21 November 20217 minutes to read

Focus on the cute subject being kissed or doing the kissing

Kiss Drawing

Judging by the many works of art titled The Kiss, kissing must be a source of constant wonder and artistic inspiration. From the Rodin sculpture to the Munch paintings - yes, the same Edvard Munch that gave us The Scream; from film, television and stage works bearing that title to 'The Kiss' as a book […]

21 November 20217 minutes to read

How do you homeschool children?

Homeschooling Tips

“There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.” - Gandhi Let’s start by saying that there’s no such thing as a typical day of homeschooling and that’s probably why you’re interested in it. These tips are here to help, but you don’t need to follow them […]

29 March 20217 minutes to read

Why should you use smartphone apps to learn?

Reasons to Use Apps for Revision

“The unexamined life is not worth living” - Socrates No matter what kind of smartphone you have, you should be able to enjoy a variety of useful apps. Both the App Store and the Google Play Store have plenty of apps that you can use online and offline almost anywhere. Our phones are almost part […]

29 March 20216 minutes to read

How do you homeschool childre?

How to Homeschool Kids

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela 2020 saw a lot of parents having to homeschool their children more than they’d probably planned to. With the pandemic, some parents might be just thinking of keeping their children at home and teaching them themselves. Legally, it’s […]

29 March 20216 minutes to read

Which are the best apps for learning?

The Best Revision Apps

“The challenge for a human now is to be more interesting to another than his or her smartphone.” - Alain de Botton Maths, science, and English are still all subjects that you have to study and most parents would love to have enough time to help their children with every part of their schooling. After […]

29 March 20216 minutes to read

Can you meditate without paying attention to everything around you?

Principles of Hatha Yoga

For some, yoga is an integral part of their lives. Whether they attend yoga classes in a yoga studio or practise yoga at home, many aver that they do not feel their day is complete without dedicating time to their selected asanas and meditation sessions. But yoga, in general, is so much more than postures […]

1 December 20217 minutes to read

Tantra essentially split Hatha yoga from wider yogic practice

History of Hatha Yoga

For most people, Hatha yoga defines yoga - the timeless union of mind, body and soul. Whether they practice every tenet of the discipline or just the western perceptions of them is neither here nor there. Western perceptions of them? Many yoga practitioners in the western part of the world think of yoga primarily as […]

1 December 20217 minutes to read

You must have a strong core for some of the more strenuous poses

Hatha Yoga Poses

Many people know that yoga is a 'total' discipline that conditions the mind, body and spirit. Indeed, yoga is a lifestyle, not just an exercise class you can bring your own mat to. So beneficial is the yoga lifestyle that aspects of yoga have spilt into other dimensions. Yoga pants are all the rage, for […]

1 December 20217 minutes to read

Nature's duality is reflected in the word Hatha

The Importance of Hatha Yoga

Go ahead: open your favourite web search engine and type in 'Hatha yoga important'. Did you get lots of 'Benefits of yoga' results with a few 'Importance of yoga' hits sprinkled in, as I did? Friendly challenges aside, the question of Hatha yoga's importance is relevant in more ways than one. We're living in stressful […]

1 December 20217 minutes to read

Irish jc exam

Junior Cycle Irish Exam

Dia gach duine, san alt seo beimid ag féachaint ar scrúdú Gaeilge an teastais shóisearaigh. Tá codanna éagsúla sa scrúdú. Tá an chuid léitheoireachta, an chuid scríbhneoireachta agus an chuid éisteachta. Tá dhá churaclam éagsúla ann agus mar sin tacair éagsúla scrúduithe don Ghaeilge timthriall sóisearach. Táimid chun díriú, áfach, ar an scrúdú gnáthleibhéil, do […]

1 December 20216 minutes to read

Aural practice

Irish Junior Cycle Writing

Writing (letter, note, Postcard, essay,) Dia daoibh! San alt seo, táimid chun breathnú ar a bhfuil sa chuid scríbhneoireachta den Scrúdú Teastas Sóisearach Gaeilge. Nuair a scríobhann tú focail nua i dteanga iasachta, tá tú ag foghlaim. Cabhraíonn sé le d’inchinn iad a choinneáil, rud a ligeann duit rochtain a fháil orthu níos déanaí. Hello! […]

1 December 20215 minutes to read

irish reading

JC Reading Comprehension (Léamhtuiscint)

Dia duit gach duine, san alt seo féachfaimid ar Léamhthuiscint Gaeilge na Sraithe Sóisearaí. Is tairbheach an cumas teanga a léamh go háirithe maidir le nuacht, comharthaí agus biachláir a thuiscint. Hi everyone, in this article, we will look at the Junior Cycle Irish Reading Comprehension. The ability to read a language is especially beneficial […]

1 December 20215 minutes to read

Irish listening comprehension CDs and tapes

Listening Comprehension (Cluastuiscint)

Fáilte cairde! Féach cad a fhoghlaimfidh sibh. San alt seo, féachfaimid ar an Cluastuiscint, le haghaidh teastas sóisearach Gaeilge. Tá sé ceart go leor focail a aithint trí fhéachaint. Ach más féidir leat focail a chloisteáil agus iad a thuiscint is é sin nuair a fhoghlaimíonn tú teanga nua i ndáiríre. Welcome friends, let's look […]

1 December 20215 minutes to read

How to Find Piano Classes in Waterford

Nowadays you can find information on just about everything on the internet. The days of running around your neighbourhood pulling down flyers for a helping hand learning a new hobby, skill or language are but a distant memory in this digital era. A simple google search will pull up an array of different opportunities of […]

24 November 20217 minutes to read

How do you find private piano tutors?

How to Find Piano Classes in Galway

Regardless of whether you consider yourself to have an advanced, intermediate or elementary level of piano, one thing is for certain, there is always room for improvement! Just like with anything else in life, there is just no escaping hard work and practice. The piano is certainly no exception to the rule. Practice is essential […]

24 November 20217 minutes to read

How to Find Piano Classes in Limerick

Mastering the piano is a long road and motivation is likely to come and go throughout your time playing. What’s important is that you stick it out, it’ll be worth it in the end! There are so many benefits to taking piano classes, particularly when you start at a young age when you are able […]

24 November 20216 minutes to read

How to Find Piano Classes in Cork

There has never been a better time to pick up a new instrument, with just a few clicks of a mouse you can find an abundance of classes to help you learn any style of piano. With so much freedom and choice when it comes to finding classes that are suited to your ability as […]

24 November 20217 minutes to read

What is the average salary for a private tutor?

What Salary Can You Expect As An Accountant?

This blog is going to focus on the general term accountant when talking about salaries, for as we know there are several types of accountants from Auditors to Finance Managers. So, how does an accountants' salary measure up? As mentioned, the term accountant is so vague and could include so many different job titles. According […]

14 December 202113 minutes to read

exam english

ACCA Accountancy Qualifications

In this article I will walk you through some of the benefits of obtaining ACCA accounting qualifications, the opportunities that arise for graduated students and how you can get started on your journey. ACCA is a globally recognised accountancy qualification. It is a badge of quality and professionalism that ensures your knowledge and skills are […]

19 November 20216 minutes to read


ATI Accounting Qualifications

Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI) are one of the most renowned and industry recognised accountancy qualifications in the country. The institute prides itself on its extensive professional network of over 10,000 students and members. These qualifications are globally recognised accountancy qualifications with a reputation for excellence, providing graduates with a strong foundation to succeed and progress […]

19 November 20217 minutes to read

Accountants must follow a set of rules and principles.

CPA Accountancy Qualifications

CPA Ireland aims to guide businesses through both in moments of uncertainty and in their general operations every step of the way. With these moments of uncertainty perhaps more prevalent than ever before in light of the ongoing covid pandemic and Brexit complications there has never been a better time to upskill with CPA. The […]

19 November 20217 minutes to read

How much do drum lessons cost

What Is the Cost of Drum Lessons?

There are copious reasons why you might want to consider giving private drum lessons in Ireland. Ireland continues to leave its mark on the international music scene with some respectable performances across some of the biggest stages over the past few years in particular. The upcoming Irish musicians today have been influenced by different styles […]

29 December 20217 minutes to read

How much do private dance tutorials cost?

How to Set the Price for Your Dance Tutorials

The number of dance instructors giving lessons and tutorials on how to dance across the island of Ireland is on the rise and has been for some time now. Therefore it is certainly worthwhile exploring all of the options and teaching methods available to you such as on a one-to-one basis and online via webcam. […]

29 December 20217 minutes to read

How much do private violin tutorials cost?

How Much Are Violin Tutor Rates?

You might want to consider giving violin lessons if you are thinking about making a bit of extra cash, or if you prefer being your own boss! Every year countless students take music as part of the leaving cert program. The leaving cert music course has a practical component that allows students to perform a […]

29 December 20216 minutes to read

A man in a suit facing a chalkboard covered with white arrows, with a red question mark above his head. The art of making decisions is studied in behavioural economics.

How to Set Your Prices for Economics Lessons

It’s no secret that the jobs market is extremely competitive at the moment. As you can probably remember from your time as a student or if you have applied for an office job in the past few years, you likely found the requirements to have risen substantially. Long gone are the days where a degree […]

29 December 20216 minutes to read