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Your Guide to Learning Irish

Irish is a language of many uses. You can use it to connect with the Irish culture and heritage. As a verb-subject-object language, it is very unique and mastering the Irish sentence structures gives a sense of accomplishment. Irish started as a language that was widely spoken around Ireland. However, as the plantations happened, the […]

28 June 20217 minutes to read

Leaving Cert Preparation

A Guide to Leaving Cert Irish

Irish, also known as Gaeilge, is a language that many secondary school students would have taken. Therefore, this article serves as a guide. When I was in secondary school, a lot of students like myself, planned not to count Irish as part of the six CAO subjects that are calculated towards CAO points. However, Irish […]

23 June 20217 minutes to read

irish notes online

How to go from Beginner to Intermediate Irish

Starting a language learning journey can be tough, but extremely rewarding. It takes time and dedication, but it is far easier now than it was before. The internet has become more and more of a player when it comes to language learning and it has led to more and more people deciding to learn a […]

22 June 20217 minutes to read

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Find an Irish Tutor Near Me

The Irish language is truly a beautiful, poetic language, unique to Ireland. It is officially our first language, and although many more speak English, there are now growing numbers of people who are choosing to speak and learn it. There are even musicians and business that conduct their work through Irish, and Irish speaking schools […]

15 June 20217 minutes to read

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