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Why get help with Irish?

As with any language, when you first pick it up it is particularly challenging and often intimidating. The more you learn and grow comfortable speaking it, the faster you will progress! It’s always tough at the beginning so don’t let that set you back, once you get through the basics the growth is exponential.

There are copious reasons why you might want to consider getting help with your Irish, and what better place than on the island itself. If you are a leaving cert student that is looking to maximise their grade in the subject, then having an Irish teacher alongside you to guide you through your written and oral exam preparations can be a huge advantage. Let’s not forget that teachers will often have worked with countless leaving cert students like yourself in the past and will be tuned in to what the examiners are looking for each year.

You may find value in the learnings outside of just the technicalities of the language. Often students pick up some valuable tried and tested techniques that they can employ in an exam scenario. This is a great way to save time in your study and jump up a few grades in the process.

If you are studying Irish to reconnect with your Irish roots or simply fancy picking up the language then having somebody to converse with will dramatically speed up the process. You’ll be much faster picking up the fundamentals and structure of the language if you have the assistance of a teacher to work alongside you and to hold you accountable along the way. By reaching out for help with your Irish, be it online or in person your confidence speaking the language will begin to improve exponentially as you continue to learn new material and advance through your sessions.

Learn Irish in Ireland

When studying the language in Ireland it is important not to confine yourself to the classroom and Zoom calls. In an era where studying has become either entirely online or on a hybrid basis, it is important to spice up your learning. Changing up your learning can have a positive impact on the sustainability of your study timetable in the long run. While online and in-person Irish lessons can be extremely effective when learning the language, Ireland offers so much more to inspire students.

Ireland has a multitude of Irish speaking or Gaeltacht regions scattered around across the island. Here, inhabitants speak Irish as their first language. A great way to rekindle your drive to learn Irish is to venture down to one of these scenic regions and get lost in the language. This can be an exciting opportunity for students at any level to develop the language skills that they have picked up in the classroom in previous years. The fastest way to progress in your ability to converse in a language is to immerse yourself in it, and what better way than getting out of the classroom, conversing with the friendly locals of the region and enjoying the island’s rural serenity.

If you are looking to learn the language in Ireland, there are a number of worthwhile considerations when selecting the right teacher for you. The proximity of the Irish teacher is always a good place to start, particularly if you plan to meet multiple times a week. Even a seemingly insignificant commute can take its toll on your study if you are travelling multiple times a week to your Irish lessons. Luckily there are Irish teachers scattered around the country so finding a suitable candidate to help take your Irish to the next level shouldn’t be too difficult!

Many teachers across Ireland offer lessons at home or in an online setting so these may be viable solutions for you as well. You should also choose a teacher that you work well with, Confidence is key when learning a new language so being comfortable around your Irish teacher is also important. The Irish people also have a reputation for being very welcoming, so if you are travelling from overseas you’ll be made feel like you’re at home!

Irish Tutors: Choose yours on Superprof!

If you’re looking to brush up on your Irish then look no further than Superprof! Superprof is a community that comprises millions of tutors around the world and has established a strong presence within Ireland. With countless qualified Irish tutors available online with just a few simple clicks of a mouse, you’ll waste no time finding the right fit for you!

For students of are unsure about how to study for leaving cert Irish or have difficulty in particular areas of the course. The platform offers a degree of choice and flexibility to students that extends beyond that offered by other online tutoring services. If you plan on studying here in Ireland, then the platform is the easiest way to pair up with a suitable teacher.

Traditionally starting out learning Irish can be quite daunting. It can be particularly difficult to figure out where to find the right tutor to help you accomplish your goals in the language. Having a tutor can even help to put your mind at ease during the build-up to an exam, working through exam solutions and coaching students through best practice exam tactics are just some of the benefits which surface with the assistance of an Irish tutor. You will also be able to practice speaking the language and build on your communication skills incrementally as you progress through your lessons.

With Superprof the process couldn’t be simpler, in fact, students are even given the option to learn from the comfort of their own home, in the home of the tutor or on a remote basis via webcam. These Irish lessons have a rate that typically ranges from €8 right up to €30 per hour around the county. Furthermore, the majority of the platform’s Irish tutors that offer their services around the country provide first-time students with a free trial lesson. This allows students to get a feel for the tutor and their respective style of teaching before committing to any payment.

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