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Why you should learn how to play football

Football is the most popular sport in the entire world. Roughly 3.5 billion people around play/follow the sport. The next popular sport is cricket, with a billion fewer supporters than football. This just goes to show the relevance football has. It would be surprising to see any town in Ireland that doesn’t have a lot of football fans or maybe a local FC. However, none of this says why you should learn how to play football. You should think about playing if you want to get out there, meet new people and socialise. Football is one of the most social sports out there and provides many opportunities to meet with friends, watch the game, go to matches or just have a round in the local park. Football is also a great workout and is a great method to increase your coordination and flexibility. Training is at least an hour of jogging, stretching, running and many other exercises. It's a great way to keep healthy and fit without even noticing all the work you’re putting in.


How to teach yourself football skills

Football is a great sport because all you need is some runners and an inflated ball and you’re ready to go. As long as you have some grass or a flat space, you can put in a lot of practice yourself. The most important thing about football is the ability to run. As long as you can run, for long periods and quickly, you’ll be a great asset to any team. You could be the greatest skill shot in the country but if you cannot keep pace with the other players and get into the right positions in time, you won’t be going anywhere quickly. Once you’ve running down, its time to actually learn how to play with the ball. This will be a bit trickier to do by yourself as some skills need to be practised and drilled with teammates. However, there are skills like dribbling, shot accuracy and mobility that can be practised by yourself. You don’t need a coach to learn how to dribble a ball between cones, simply set up the cones, or some kind of obstacle and challenge yourself to bring the ball in between those objects in increasingly challenging ways. With enough practice and similar approaches to the other skills, you’ll be club ready in no time.


How to start football as a beginner

Football can be taught to anyone, you can be a beginner at any age. There will always be someone able to teach you what you need to keep progressing. However, a beginner should simply familiarise themself with the game, watch commentary, attend local matches and get used to the feel of kicking around the ball. Getting a tutor/coach or joining a club, however, is the best start. You won’t be playing in every match from the beginning but you will be getting valuable training and experience. No club will turn you away, the football community is very open to new members and they’ll take you on and show you the ropes but if you’re not comfortable with playing around with experienced players, a personal coach is a way to go to improve your football skills till you’re ready to join a team.


The benefits of a personal coach

A personal coach has many advantages over a traditional club. They can work around your schedule and you won’t have to worry about the location as you can discuss that with your coach. You can go through exactly what you need help with, whether that be dribbling, fitness, passing or even scoring a goal it doesn’t matter. A coach will have years of experience teaching and even playing the game so they will have seen every type of student there is. They will be able to adapt and get you to the playing level you desire. Not to mention they won’t break the bank as you pay for as many lessons as you need, rather than a weekly or monthly due.


Football coaches in Ireland

With Superprof, it is now extremely easy to learn how to play football. Our services show all the coaches in the country and you can filter by many fields such as experience, prices and even location. Now there really is no excuse, login into Superprof today and start working towards your dream in football now!

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