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Computer Science is one of the newest subjects to be embraced by the Leaving Certificate in Ireland. It is quite an a-traditional subject for secondary schools, usually, computer science (or CS) is taken from University and could be seen as quite advanced. However, it may be a new subject but Superprof is up to the task and is already offering tutors for this new subject. Computer Science isn’t just a secondary school subject though, if you’re struggling with CS at a college-level Superprof is also here to help you. 

What is the study of Computer Science?

Computer Science is everything computer-related; digital logic, software and a bit of engineering. This may sound daunting but this subject is one of the most versatile courses, it provides many opportunities and knowledge gained from CS can be applied to essentially any professional field. The main tools used with CS are computers, calculators and of course your brain. By learning computer science you are learning a new way to problem solve, a new way to look at the way everything works. Despite what many think, not a lot of maths is involved unless you are doing specific things with CS. Game development for example can take a lot of maths. Logic is what comes first and foremost in CS and can often be the hardest thing to pick up in this subject. Yes, you can learn the definitions, you can memorize blocks of code but if you can’t strategize, bring all the elements together and truly understand what you’re doing, Computer Science is going to be a difficult subject/course for you.  However, all is not lost, logic, the tools you’ll need and the difficult concepts can all be taught by a Supeprof tutor!

How does a tutor help with Computer Science

Computer Science is not a normal subject, approaching it like a normal subject may not be the best way to do things. The best way to learn how to code is to, counter-intuitively, code. In a way, it is similar to the art practical assessment, you may know theoretically how to use everything but when it comes to the actual application of your knowledge, you may falter, this is how a tutor can help, assigning fun, engaging but also complex coding challenges that enforce the concepts of computer science. This is the best advantage of a tutor for any subject, personalised tasks, learning exercises and personal help with all of that, with this new subject teachers will have to be retrained, they will be new, and there will be bumps along the way and there may be things they will not be able to explain adequately(on a secondary school level), a tutor who has learnt/ is learning Computer Science will be able to help with all of it. They will have the experience and the knowledge of all the resources that exist on the internet for new programmers. One of the biggest principles of coding, especially python is to not re-invent the wheel, tutors have learnt from those who made the wheel and they can pass down that information, there is no need for every generation to make the same mistakes and errors as the original generation. This is how a tutor can help you learn Computer Science!

Finding your Computer Science tutor

Luckily, Computer Science is prevalent throughout Ireland already, most colleges and ITs offer courses in it and there are hundreds of students/ former students who are ready to help any student at any level with any issue. Superprof is the platform to use to find all of these experienced coders no matter where you live in Ireland. If you manage to find the perfect tutor for you but they live far from you, well don’t worry, many of our tutors offer online classes so you can really immerse yourself in the CS environment and you’ll get the exact service you want. Superprof is filled to the brim with filters, sorts and reviews so that looking through all the tutors you want is not a chore. Good luck out there and happy coding!

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