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Learning anything new is often difficult and time-consuming and requires constant dedication and work, to become proficient at it. Languages are no different and though you can learn German or any other language by yourself with the aid of the internet, books, movies and more people often hit a wall in their progress. They reach a point where they can’t really progress and this is normally the stage where they are trying to learn more advanced topics and really push their comprehension and fluency to the next level.  

With the help of grinds provided by our tutors, you can push through and attain the level in the language that you desire to reach. 

What are the best ways to study a language? 

With the help of our tutors, students will be able to get the most out of their learning and make as much progress as possible in German. 

With their help, you can practice your oral skills and improve pronunciation and become used to performing sentences and hearing German spoken out loud. Written and comprehensive skills can be improved upon through the use of reading and being asked questions on the text or even writing little pieces of text that can be corrected by your tutor. 

 Eventually, you’ll get to the level where you can express your opinion on topics that you haven’t seen before, either by writing or speaking.  

What levels of German are taught? 

Due to the high number of tutors that we have, all levels of German are catered to, beginners, primary or secondary school students and even more advanced levels. 

There’ll be a tutor for you and our tutors often assess the level of their students so that they can prepare relevant classes for you. Many will also ask you what your goals are in terms of learning German.  

Preparation for the Leaving Cert 

It's very common for students to not feel ready for the biggest exam they’ll have faced so far. If you’re worried about the exams due to your level in German or you just want to maximise the number of points you’ll get, then getting some guidance from a tutor who knows the language very well, you’ll be able to put your fears to rest and get the best result possible in the exam. 

Our language teachers can help you improve your chances of Leaving by first focusing on your areas of difficulty and then giving you tips and advice on how to improve. Our tutors will also go through the course material with you and go into detail about the exam layout and where you can gain/lose marks so that you know where to put most of your effort.  

For the speaking part of the exam, they can do practise questions with you that could easily come up and help you to prepare your oral project topic. Pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary will all be improved and corrected in the process.  

How to make the most of your grinds 

Your tutor will most likely give you information on how you can continue to learn when outside of your grinds but there are some general tips you can keep in mind so that you make the most of each lesson and continue to make progress when they’re all finished. 

You need to be determined that you want to make progress and no matter what level of German you desire and what you wish to do with the language reading books, newspapers or anything really will help you to continue improving your vocabulary (there will always be a word you won’t know) and improve your comprehension.  

Watching your favourite shows in German or with German subtitles will also do something similar but will also keep the learning process fun for you and you’ll stay more interested and motivated with the language. 


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