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Absolutely! Guitars are one of the most popular instruments to play and for good reason too. It is a great hobby which demands practice but shows immediate results. It’s something you can perform anywhere and is a great skill to show off with. You may love to listen to music and appreciate the guitar solos or their roles in the song and maybe it's something you’d like to recreate. Wonderwall is famous as the first song to learn for guitar so if you’re going to start anywhere that's a real classic. Don’t be afraid if you have bad coordination, most people do but that's one of the best benefits of learning guitar, it drastically improves your hand coordination over time! All chord instruments do, ukulele which are also offered on Superprof is just as good if not better for beginners to learn coordination/music. The thrill of playing the guitar and seeing yourself perform your favourite songs is a unique experience in itself. If all of that hasn’t convinced you, there are many other benefits to the skill but there's only one good way of finding them out!

Which way should you go, lessons or self-teaching?

Most artists/musicians would agree that when it comes to learning an instrument, lessons are the way to go. Yes, there is a certain satisfaction to teaching yourself how to play but you’re gonna be a lot more frustrated than you need to be. Learning how to play any instrument, read music, and coordinate yourself can be a difficult task and without experience, you’ll struggle to get through some inevitable roadblocks. If you have the guiding hand of an already experienced musician it makes the whole process a lot smoother and will increase your odds of actually sticking to the hobby. If you’re studying music for secondary school or some other special event then lessons are a must so you can avoid developing bad habits and progress at a decent rate. There will also be elements to the guitar you will simply miss if you don’t get lessons, it's easy to be ignorant of things if you’re doing it all by yourself!

Some benefits of learning guitar

The guitar is well known to improve your memory, many people notice an improvement in their school subjects when they take on guitar, this is likely because of the memory-intensive nature of the guitar, remembering positions for notes, keeping in rhythm and also bearing in mind the lyrics in your head makes for a great environment to improve your memory across the board. The guitar is a creative outlet that allows you to mess around a bit and explore your potential interest in music, anything that allows you to explore yourself and your creative side is a strong benefit. Learning guitar or any instrument for that matter is a great way of building discipline for yourself too. It demands consistent practice and your skill level can drop if you neglect to practise for too long. Being consistent is important and hopefully, the joy of playing the guitar will keep you going!

Finding your guitar tutor

We’ve established all the benefits of learning the guitar and why lessons are important to do so, but how do you sort out these lessons and find a good teacher to get you strumming well. Luckily Superprof is the perfect platform to do so, Ireland has hundreds of experienced music/guitar tutors across the country. Nothing beats listening to music in person rather than through a laptop and with Superprof’s location feature you’ll be able to find all the teachers near to you. You can also filter all the searches by other metrics such as their rate(pricing), their response times to queries and what level of expertise you’re looking for! This means even if you’re already fantastic at guitar, you’ll be able to easily find a tutor to push you into the next level of guitar! Have fun and good luck!

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