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Let a private Maths grinds tutor help you with Leaving Cert revision and exams

Maths lessons in Ireland: Find the Right Maths Tutor for You!

Whether you are at the top of your class or struggle to keep up with the pace set by your leaving cert maths teacher, there is always room for improvement and mathematics is no exception to the rule! When preparing for leaving cert and college exams, you may find yourself battling against time to cover material. This can leave students juggling several subjects at once which certainly doesn’t help with the stress that is all so familiar during moments like these.

You could save yourself a substantial amount of time if you could just skip all of the trial and error processes with your study. It can take students months to figure out what style of learning suits them, and if you have sat your leaving cert before you’ll know that time is never something that is in abundance during the two-year course!

Hiring a maths tutor could potentially help you to accomplish just that! Professional maths tutors often have worked alongside leaving cert students for many years helping them to achieve their potential in the subject. This means that they are familiar with best practice study techniques and exam tactics to save you the process of trying to figure it out for yourself.

Students often realise great value in studying alongside a personal tutor. Having a teaching professional to guide you through your exam preparations can provide a much-needed sense of comfort in what is a stressful period of every student's life. Knowing that your learning is on the right track with the assistance of a maths tutor may even save you some time to study other subjects.

If you are studying in Ireland there is an abundance of maths tutors available for you to take your learning to the next level. You will find experienced maths tutors that offer their services in the area through the Superprof platform. Here you will find tutors with a range of qualifications to help you with junior cert maths questions right up to college-level maths equations.

Maths is a subject that students typically want to succeed in. This is large because the subject is required as a minimum entry requirement for many popular college courses such as sciences and engineering. There is also an additional 25 CAO points for achieving an honour in the subject which is often the difference for many students on whether or not they get accepted into their preferred course. Students that avail of a maths tutor is far more likely to achieve this minimum grade and broaden their chances of being able to study at university.

Learn maths in Ireland

There is an abundance of places for students to either revise their leaving cert course material or pursue a formal education in mathematics in colleges across Ireland.

Dublin is where resources are most plentiful with regards to mathematics. Dublin is home to four of the country’s leading universities in DCU, UCD, Trinity and TUD. Luckily for leaving cert students, many of the universities extend an invitation to avail of their library facilities to students during the run-up to the leaving cert exams.

Between these universities, students will have an extensive selection of courses to choose from if they wish to pursue a career in maths after they finish their leaving cert studies. There is also no shortage of public libraries scattered across the county for students to avail of throughout the year. Each year there are countless lessons hosted for leaving cert maths students in the city in the institute of education and trinity college for students looking to gain an edge in their final exams.

Galway is always an attractive destination in Ireland for students that are pursuing a degree in maths. The college offers countless facilities and resources to students in the surrounding area while providing an attractive student life in the city nestled along the coast. If you are looking for maths lessons in Ireland then Galway should be right up there at the top of your list.

Waterford is an attractive destination for students looking to further their education in mathematics. Nestled cosily along the coast, the area offers plenty for students to immerse themselves in outside of the lecture hall. Students will be spoiled for choice when looking to take the big leap with their maths studies. The Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), offers an array of services and advice supporting the transition of its students into third-level education. The college offers students access to resources, referrals, and information surrounding their course and the college community.

Cork is also home to leading college UCC which provides countless resources for students studying maths in the area. Students will have a selection of both day and night-time lessons to sharpen their maths exam skills while learning in a manner that best suits their busy schedules.

Just a quick search on the SuperProf website will find teachers well equipped to help you with your course material. The number of tutors listing their services will be dependent on your area, though you’ll find that there is no shortage of tutors across Ireland.

Find your maths tutor with Superprof 

Superprof is an online platform that matches students with suitable tutors for their preferred subject. Here, students will find an extensive library of tutors from an array of different backgrounds. This enables students to select tutors based on their suitability to their personal needs, cost and proximity.

The service also provides students with a degree of flexibility in how they approach their maths learning. In-person, at home and online options are all available modes of learning for the majority of tutors that offer their services on the platform. If you are still not convinced, the first lesson is often free of charge and gives students that may still be on the fence a chance to try out the service before making any commitments.

Whether you are studying for a test, need help with your homework, learning the basics or tackling the more complex material, with Superprof you’ll be sure to find the right tutor to coach you along the way. This is an accessible community for students that caters for all levels of mathematics, from those just starting out to university level learners.

The perfect tutor to suit your style of learning could be waiting around the corner at Superprof. So what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards deepening your knowledge in maths today!

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