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Accounting tutor

Great knowledge of accounting subject. Lesson clear and understandable. Recommended lecturer.


Accounting tutor

I would like to offer a glowing recommendation for Manorama as a tutor. She is incredibly dedicated to her students' academic success, and her enthusiasm and support is unparalleled. Manorama is incredibly knowledgeable in the subject matter she...

Zainab, 3 weeks ago


Accounting tutor

Thank you Hadi for your patience and dedication to helping me understand finance. You have been an excellent tutor, and I really appreciate all of your hard work. I am so grateful for your patience in explaining concepts and helping me understand...

Zainab, 3 weeks ago


Accounting tutor

She has been an amazing finance tutor and has always been very patient with us. She is very knowledgeable and has helped us understand complex topics in finance. I really appreciate her dedication and would highly recommend her as a finance tutor!

Zainab, 3 weeks ago


Accounting tutor

Having the pleasure to learn from Gautum, I can confidently say he is the best tutor for finance. Firstly he has great industry knowledge and insights and he effortlessly integrates these insights into the lessons to provide great value for the...

Zainab, 3 weeks ago


Accounting tutor

La experiencia con Vanessa ha sido muy satisfactoria, me encontraba en una situación complicada por un examen en pocos días y por suerte di con ella. Es una profesora super comprometida con su trabajo y su prioridad es el aprobado. En definitiva...

Ignacio, 3 weeks ago


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Accounting is a common subject for the Leaving Cert. Many Junior Cert students who took Business end up going to do Accounting too as it builds upon many of the elements introduced in Business. If you did well in business there's a good chance that you’ll be ok in accounting too. None of this explains how a tutor can help though. Many of our tutors have experience in teaching both Business and Accounting at every level, even for our struggling university students. This means they have a wealth of knowledge and more importantly experience for Leaving Cert Students. Secondary school teachers always have advice and tips but they are restricted by class time and the fact they haven’t gone through the education system in a very long time. Our tutors are different, they are often just out of college, actively studying in college or had a few years of experience. This means they have experienced what the system is like currently and can provide more relevant and useful information. 

Teaching accounting

Tutors provide a lot more than just useful tips. Accounting is filled with a lot more than just profit and loss statements in the Leaving Cert. There are many types of accounts, niche details and necessary definitions to remember and distinguish. Accounting involves memorization, maths and applying your knowledge. While it is basically expanding on Junior Cert business, that doesn’t mean it is just as easy. Many questions can arise while studying accounting at any level of your education however due to the packed nature of the Irish curriculum and the pressure of fitting your questions in-class time it can often be difficult to get good answers to your questions. If you’re practising some accounts/ statements or anything similar it can be hard to be impartial when it comes to correcting your own work and if you get into difficulty when doing one, it can be hard to know where to get help from. Tutors provide solutions to all these problems. 

General benefits of a tutor

Tutors offer a wide range of services that can benefit any student, not just students of accounting. Many students, especially in the Junior Cert, struggle with consistency but sessions with a tutor provide that consistency. The regular sessions provide a time every week to simply sit down and get some work done, with the help of a hyper-focused teacher. Accounting involves a lot of repetition and practice so that means these classes really help to pick up accounting consistently. Now what are the other benefits of doing work with your tutor, well the environment of a tutoring class has many benefits over a regular school classroom. On average, there are fewer distractions, the tutor can tailor the course for their respective students and questions can be asked in a more comfortable environment with no need to “raise your hand”. A lot more time can be spent on tricky concepts and just generally you’ll see the rate at which you learn improve immediately. 

How to find your Superprof Tutor

Superprof has hundreds of tutors for every subject based around the country. Whichever obscure subject you’re looking for, Superprof will be able to find you a tutor for you. The website provides many tools and filters to allow you to find your tutor, it couldn’t be easier. You just have to put in the subject name and a town name if you want, if you’re just looking for tutors in the country you can leave the town field empty. Once your selection is fired up, you can sort all the tutors by reviews, prices, level of education etc. Clicking on their profiles pulls up even more information. You could set up a tutor for a student or a child potentially within hours! So if you’ve got a difficult accounting test coming up and you’re struggling, you’ll be able to get a tutor as soon as you need it! Good luck out there.

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