Do you have to be a certain age to have private tutorials? When should you consider private tutoring?

These are questions that you need to ask yourself and your personal tutors.

Should we force private tutorials on our children as early as possible in order to give them the best start in school or turn them into a musical prodigy? Are tutoring services the right option?

Furthermore, is there an age limit when it comes to taking private tutorials? Here are our answers...

What about home tutoring when it comes to musical instruments?

Let’s start with music before moving onto academic support since parents seem to prefer it. Teachers don’t like to give a minimum age when it comes to learning music. That’s because there are two types of musical beginners: those starting an instrument and those having a musical awakening.

Is there a minimum age for private tutorials?

For the first option, we recommend starting one on one tutoring at 6 years old. This is the average age most personal tutors recommend. Trying to teach students how to play an instrument before 6 years old is possible but also very risky. In fact, they usually don’t have the faculties to understand or read music.

How old should a child start learning the guitar?
Most professionals suggest starting at 6 years old when it comes to private music lessons. (Source: Evolution Enrichment)

This can result in the student being frustrated and inevitably go off music. Before 6 years old, it’s highly recommended to sign up to a musical awakening class, then move on to learning the piano, violin, guitar, or any other musical instrument. This is how they’ll learn rhythm and melody. They’ll also try different instruments and discover what they like. By doing this, they’ll know which instrument they want to learn.

This is why tutors recommend starting to learn an instrument around the age of 6 or 7. The ideal age is some time between 7 and 10 years old. The child is more mature and is capable of concentrating for longer periods of time and can learn through reading comprehension.

Learning Music as an Adult

As we get older, we often tell ourselves, “If only I’d learnt to play the guitar when I was younger”, “If only I knew how to play the piano”, etc.

We say this as if the first 20 years of our lives are the deadline when it comes to learning how to play a musical instrument. This idea is obviously just a justification for being lazy rather than a genuine age limit! An older student is often a better learner since they already have the necessary study skills.

What's the maximum age for learning a musical instrument?
You're never too old to start learning music. (Source:

In fact, learning music later in life isn’t a bad idea, at all. An adult learns more quickly than a child or an adolescent since they are much better at concentrating and are much more focused.

Don’t forget that learning music into adulthood is a personal choice and for fun. Whereas children often have to learn a musical instrument at their parents’ behest. This idea of learning for pleasure can help adults learn even faster.

Do you study music at a music academy? Find out why you should take private tutorials before an exam...

Is there a Perfect age to use a Private Tutor while at School?

Should a child have private tutorials early on in their school career? At secondary school and sixth form usually keep students busy outside of school hours. Should we leave our children alone during primary school?

What about tutoring in the summer during the school holidays? Is online tutoring worth it? Where can I find a tutor?

These are all good questions. When it comes to private tutorials, parents are very satisfied. Lessons at home, whether with an in home tutor or an online tutor, as opposed to those in school which the child sees as a chore, are always an effective solution. This satisfaction carries on through secondary school and sixth form.

In fact, many parents are taking the decision to employ private tutors during crucial times in order to guarantee academic success.

In what context exactly? Most of the time, they employ private tutors hourly to help children with their homework or an assignment.

Should my child use a private tutor?
When's the best age to start private tuition? (Source:

At this age, it’s not usually to prepare children aged between 6 and 10 for future exams or a given career path, but rather to help them. This is for one to one tutors specialising in primary school education.

At this age, children usually have reading and writing homework or basic maths activities. Young children normally get academic tutoring from a reading tutor, writing tutors, or an educator who focuses on teaching young children.

If there are three things you do in primary school, it’s reading, writing, and arithmetic! These skills are crucial when it comes to literacy.

Therefore, rather than overworking the child at school, let the tutor give them private tutorials at home. The price of private tutorials is often more affordable when it comes to younger children.

Having Private Tutorials as an Adult

There’s nothing stopping an adult from taking private tutorials except their own apprehension. Never stop learning! Whether for personal or professional reasons.

Businesses often ask their employees to study a foreign language, for example. This has resulted in an increasing demand for professional private tutorials.

Is this in order to do business abroad or relocate you? These are a few simple solutions:

  • Join an evening language class,

  • Or have private tutorials with a personal tutor.

Can I have private classes as an adult?
Sometimes adults make the best students. (Source: British Council)

More often than not, it’s the business that makes this decision. It seems obvious that intensive classes with a private tutor would be the obvious choice. One-on-one tuition will give you the opportunity to practice regularly and quickly master the language.

In these types of situations, there isn’t really an age limit when it comes to having private tutorials!

Since adults are often busy, find out whether they’d prefer to have private tutorials during the week or get home tutoring in the evenings.

Arts and Leisure Private Tutorials

While academia and music are the most popular when it comes to private tutorials, there is also another popular category that parents and adults love: arts and leisure.

As you can imagine, these are usually done during leisure time. There are plenty of tutoring companies, including Superprof, where you can find the best tutors of art and leisure activities.


For these types of private lessons it is also quite difficult to define a minimum age. Especially when it comes to one of this category’s most popular pursuits, drawing. Design is for all ages. It can be a hobby, a passion, or a career. It’s all three for the tonnes of art tutors who give private tutorials in drawing.

Drawing can help children from a very young age develop a number of skills and key concepts such as:

  • Colours,

  • Shapes,

  • Scale,

  • Space,

  • Colouring,

  • Mental association,

  • Creativity,

  • Perspective.

These concepts are key for children under 10 years old. A private tutor can be really useful when it comes to learning these skills and understanding these concepts.

A private tutor is better at training a child in these than their parents would be.

Cooking and Architecture

Tutoring programs come in all shapes and sizes. While you wouldn’t normally put these two together, they both can be classified as “Art and Leisure” subjects. In this instance, the age limit is set by the subject itself. This is why it’s best to limit your students to those already studying the subject. Don’t waste your time looking for students too young to do these subjects.

Are there adult cooking classes near me?
Why not take up cooking classes? (Source:

Given that cooking is an art, you could say that you should learn it as soon as possible. Private tutorials in cooking are a great option for those studying cooking at GCSE, for example. However, these subjects aren’t available to very young children, so we’d obviously say that students’ age limit is around the time they're going to start studying these subjects at school.

Architecture is a very technical subject. Of course cooking can also be technical, but it can also be a hobby. Architecture is first and foremost a vocation and a career. This is why it takes several years to study: It requires GCSEs, A Levels, then a degree and post-graduate study.

Is there private tuition for architecture?
Why not consider getting a private tutor to help with architecture? (Source: Northeastern University)

For those who’d like to study architecture for their career, why not get a head start with private tutorials before going to university? Between 16 and 18 years old. Of course, private tutors are available for during your architecture studies at university, too.

Find Bristol tutors and a level tutors on Superprof!

Therefore, the age limit for this subject for architecture is between 16 and 17 years old in order to prepare the student for their future vocation.

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