Yeah, we know. Learning interpersonal communication skills online seems a little, well, odd – to say the least. How can you possibly learn to communicate and interact with others – and to get along with them – online?

Well, it was a question that we asked ourselves, in all honesty. But the power of the internet these days is that there are opportunities to learn anything you might fancy. And that includes interpersonal skills, verbal communication and nonverbal, body language, assertiveness, and everything else you might need to communicate effectively.

Obviously, you might have, ultimately, to go out into the world to practise your new personal skills – unless you want to practise things like your active listening, your eye contact, and your tone of voice in front of the mirror at home. Yet, the internet has so many great places to get a grounding in all of these techniques – and the theory of why they are important.

So, here, we’re going to show you some of the best of the places that give you training in non-verbal communication, in conflict resolution, in work ethic, in empathetic management skills – and in all the other things that make up strong interpersonal skills.

We’ll be looking, primarily, at blogs and at online courses. So, strap in, and let’s check out what’s on offer.

What Exactly are Interpersonal Skills?

Firstly, though, let’s look again at what we mean by great interpersonal skills.

Coming actually with many different names – from good communication skills to people skills or soft skills – interpersonal skills are those competencies that enable people to effectively communicate and to work effectively with others.

And before you ask: yes, these are skills that we develop naturally from birth, and that are an essential part of socialisation and becoming an adult.

However, some people are much better at these than others. And, in a working environment in which communication as a skill is one that employers value most, it’s really crucial for both you and your workplace that you get ensure that you get these down.

interpersonal skills in work
You can't get by in business without some interpersonal skills.

What are Types of Interpersonal Skills?

In the online resources for developing interpersonal skills that we list here, some of the skills that appear most commonly range from communication skills through to emotional intelligence:

  • Communication skills are those that facilitate effective communication between people. Yet, these are not just the ability to speak clearly or in full sentences. Rather, they are usually divided into verbal and nonverbal communication skills – one when speaking and the other when doing literally anything else. Both are equally important.
  • Listening skills are something that are also essential to communication skills in general – because no-one wants to feel as though they are not being listened to.
  • Negotiation and public speaking skills are a specific sort of communication that require a different skill set. This revolves around notions of self-confidence and persuasion.
  • Emotional intelligence is the competency that involves your ability to be aware of and manage your emotional reactions to events. This involves your positive attitude, for example. Because everything interpersonal begins with a relation to the self.

There are loads more interpersonal skills that you might be interested in hearing about – yet we don’t have space to cover them here. Check out our article, What are Interpersonal Skills?, for more information.

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Why Develop Your Soft Skills?

Whilst you might believe that your communication skills might be sufficient, it is worth everyone paying a little bit of attention to the way that they interact with those around them. It is not something that we should take for granted.

This is precisely why we suggest that you develop your skills as a communicator. Because, given that these skills are seen as so obvious, they are often overlooked in the business skill set.

As we showed you above, communication skills are really highly valued by employers. And, you might well point out that, if every knows how to communicate effectively, this skill wouldn’t be in so high demand.

The bottom line is then, you should develop your soft skills because they have the power to turn your career into something much more successful. And to turn your application for a job into a sure-fire win.

Here's more on why you should develop your interpersonal skills.

Where to Develop Your Interpersonal Skills Online

You might think that the internet is only a good place to learn those hard skills, those quantifiable technical skills learned through the transfer of information.

This isn’t exactly true. And the things you’ll learn about your interpersonal skills online have the power to change your thinking dramatically.

Here we have online courses – lectures and videos designed to enhance your interpersonal relations – and blogs and guidance on specific subjects. Think conflict management, leadership skills, written communication.

Let’s take a look. You can look at how to develop your interpersonal skills generally!

handshake interpersonal skills
Grow your business along with interpersonal skills.

Online Courses and Tutorials for Developing Your Interpersonal Skills

The benefit of online courses and tutorials for interpersonal skills is that you can cash these in and use them on CV or resume.

Offered by many of the major providers of online courses around, video lessons in interpersonal skills are usually short, lecture-based programmes designed for you to take your skills into the wider world.

Check Out Udemy to Learn Emotional Intelligence and Communication Skills Online

Udemy is a market-leading provider of online courses – and it boasts a large range of training videos in communication and interpersonal skills.

From written communication in emails to using nonverbal communication to make a good first impression or settling a business deal, the courses on Udemy have been used by thousands of people.

Try Coursera to Develop Your Interpersonal Skills

Coursera is another massive online course provider, teaming up with different universities across the world to offer everything from casual training to fully fledged online degrees.

With courses in interpersonal skills aimed at all sorts of different roles – from managers to university students to engineers – Coursera provides a tailored education to suit your needs.

Head to for People Skills Training Online’s aim is to make learning accessible for everyone. A noble aim. And, to meet that aim, it provides thousands of educational videos to people all over the world.

As regards interpersonal communication skills, provide substantial courses that cover the length and breadth of this topic.

‘Developing Interpersonal Communication Skills for Work’ is one such course. Here, you’ll be watching short videos, taking quizzes to ensure that you are following, and sitting an exam at the end.

Teachers, Head to LearnHigher to Focus those Strong Communication Skills

If you are based in the UK and you work in higher education, LearnHigher have a range of resources available for you and your students.

Everyone agrees that teachers really need stellar communication skills – and with these handouts, documents, and resources, you’ll find everything you need to ensure that you have them.

Find out everything about interpersonal skills!

Blogs and Articles Aimed at Enhancing Your Social Skills

Besides the courses, there are heaps and heaps of different resources for people interested in enhancing their communication skills.

Whilst these won’t get you any qualifications or credits, they will give you a brilliant introduction to the concerns and theories surrounding interpersonal skills, their importance, and the best ways to go about developing them.

Read MindTools for Heaps of Information on Levelling Up Your Interpersonal Skills

MindTools are an organisation that provide information online that will help you develop further in your career. It’s all about professional development and, as they claim to teach nearly three thousand specific skills, it might be something that you need in your life.

From leadership strategies to communication tools, they provide a comprehensive coverage of everything you need to bring a change to your interpersonal skills.

interpersonal skills, social skills
Start flourishing with your social skills.

Find Out More about Effective Communication at MindValley

MindValley works on a similar basis, providing educational opportunities in those skills that are usually overlooked in mainstream education.

They have a huge number of videos, articles, and opportunities for mentoring that can bring out the best of your interpersonal skills. And they provide sessions for different types of organisation, so if you want something a little more hands on, get in touch.

Try Communication Beyond Words for Help with Social Skills in Your Organisation

Jolynn Chow writes the Communication Beyond Words blog, for help in developing your nonverbal communication skills specifically.

It is an exhaustive, engaging and incredibly encouraging place to find help developing your communication skills.

Jolynn works with companies across Asia to help them to develop their interpersonal skills – and it seems to have worked wonders.

Visit Mark Sanborn’s Blog to Develop Your Interpersonal Skills

Mark Sanborn is a writer and consultant specialising in leadership skills, public speaking, and communication. And his blog is crammed with insights on how to bring out your own interpersonal skills.

A hugely valuable read.

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