The legal profession is as old as civilisation itself: the Romans established many of the premises and guidelines that lawyers and courts follow still today.

To say nothing of legalese: a substantial portion of legal terms in use today are in Latin!

For those most altruistic and those most committed to upholding and shaping the rules that govern society, law school is their next inevitable step, after sitting (and scoring satisfactorily on) their A-Levels.

The only problem is that a law education comes very dear. Were it not for financial aid, only those who could afford the expense would become lawyers, and that would undermine the very spirit of the law!

The law represents every human equally and so, must consist of a body as diverse as the society it represents.

If you are considering a career in law but are stymied by the steep tuition fees, perhaps applying for scholarships and grants would help ease your mind and your wallet of strain over finances.

In that spirit, your Superprof has set about finding the best law scholarships and grants, whether you will study law in the UK or abroad.

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University Scholarships in the UK

Our country boasts many fine schools of law and the good news is that several of them offer undergraduate scholarships!

The University of Central London is an excellent case in point.

On their website’s scholarship page, you will find all of the information you need regarding financial aid: how to apply for it, how much aid is available to you at your level of studies, and they even present you with a budget calculator so that you can manage your school funds better.

If you are considering studying law on that campus and want to find what student aid is available to you, it would be worth your while reading up on the scholarships available through them.

Conversely, whether you have recently enroled, are working on your LLM or pressing on toward your Doctorate in law, you will find plenty of resources to make the most out of the funds you have and the monies they’ve awarded you.

If you live in the Tees Valley region, you may qualify for the John Bloom Law Bursary.

There are three caveats to this programme:

  • you must live within the Tees Valley region

  • you must come from a background of modest means.

  • you must maintain a perfect A average throughout the length of your studies.

The intent behind the Bursary is to provide disadvantaged students desiring to study law the opportunity to do so.

Check out our guide to the different types of law to see what kind of lawyer you wish to become.

The award, disbursed over three years, totals £6000.

You should plan for your financial needs year on year when applying for financial aid
Planning for your financial aid year on year is a good idea Source: Pixabay Credit: Tumisu

If you’ve moved beyond any undergraduate scholarship program at Trinity College and plan to enrol in their LLM programme, you may qualify for their Henry Arthur Hollond Studentship in Law.

In fact, they offer a range of competitive funding programmes for those entering graduate studies and those at Doctorate level in law, among them the Hollond-Whittaker Research Studentship.

They also have studentships for French students and students from around the world!

No worries, English Law scholar; we’ll discover what international study programmes are in place for you in a later segment.

Another scholarship opportunity you might want to look into is the Dickson Poon Law Scholarship programme for undergraduates at King’s College.

Not only do they have a page dedicated to the financial support of their students but they offer hardship grants to qualified scholars as well as bursary programmes for postgraduates!

Whether you are in Leeds, Liverpool or Bristol – or any of the other eight cities in England that has a University of Law, you may benefit from their undergraduate scholarships and bursaries.

Scholarships awards are made based on a combination of need and of academic excellence. Any student coming from a household of £25,000 or less per year may apply for this student financial aid, and there are several scholarships to choose from.

Finally, we highlight scholarship opportunities at the University of Birmingham for both domestic and international students of law.

These are merit-based scholarships, so the harder you study and the better your grades, the greater the award you stand to earn.

Also, writing a strong, persuasive, effective personal statement will go a long way toward swaying a decision in your favour.

Naturally, we are not able to cover all of the scholarship programs available to law students in the UK; the ones we feature are standouts among the many academic scholarships available to students everywhere in our country.

If you are contemplating enroling in any law programme, be sure to ask if your school of choice offers any foundation scholarships, academic scholarships or if they offer any financial award for academic achievement.

If you manage to get hired by one of the most prestigious law firms out there, you will probably be able to reimburse your student loan quickly.

International Scholarships for Law Studies

Especially if you intend to specialise in immigration law or international law, business law or contract law, it would be beneficial to you to spend a semester or two abroad, studying law in other countries.

An education in law being an expensive proposition as it is, how could anyone conceive of spending a whole academic year in another country?

Tuition and living costs, and enough money to make the most of the experience...

Fortunately, depending on where you wish to broaden your knowledge of the law, you may qualify for any number of merit scholarships or other student scholarships that aren’t necessarily merit-based.

For example, the HM Hubbard Law Scholarship is available to students in England and Wales who wish to study abroad.

If you are a postgraduate law student wishing to study law in France, Spain or Canada, you may qualify for a disbursement of up to £28,000 for your travel and living expenses.

You have to hurry, though: the deadline for applying for the 2019/20 academic year is the 30th of November!

My law tutor London helped me secure scholarship money...

Be sure to apply for your scholarships before the deadline!
Often, the deadline for scholarship applications is up to a year before the start of school! Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

If you are drawn to the emerging field of Bioethics and Biolaw, Erasmus has a programme for you!

Considering the advances in medical and research technology, the question of ethics is constant: cloning and DNA replication in the lab, stem cell research and usage, and gene suppression – the science behind the so-called ‘designer babies’...

Maybe the Information and Communications field appeals to you more. Erasmus offers an ICT law programme to students from all over the world.

For all that these study programmes are far-reaching, the recently revamped scholarship application process is much like other scholarship candidacies required of every international student.

You will have to write a concise personal statement and demonstrate need, along with a few other criteria, for qualification.

If you are not interested in defending ethically challenging premises – perhaps you wish to practice tort law or family law, you may head to the U.S. and benefit from their many scholarship programmes.

Admittedly, the best scholarships are open only to citizens of that country; nevertheless, there are plenty of opportunities for you to partake of such financial aid.

Most importantly, the National Bar Institute offers second-year law students a Law Student Fellowship.

Your best chance at earning such an award would be to demonstrate a commitment to social issues, especially those that impact the underprivileged.

You might know that the National Bar Association and the American Bar Association are the two national representative organisations of the legal profession.

Membership at the Bar is voluntary; nevertheless, every American attorney must pass the Bar exam in order to be qualified to serve as an attorney at law.

It’s all a bit confusing but, should you attend law school in America, you may qualify for a foundation scholarship or a grant, depending on the school you attend and your need.

For further information on financial aid and eligibility requirements for international students in America, you may refer to their International Students page.

Lawyers also give back to the community by taking on some pro-bono cases now and then.

Let financial aid help balance the scales of justice in your favour
Financial aid helps balance the scales of justice for students in need Source: Pixabay Credit: Moritz320

Contrary to America's restrictive financial assistance programs, Australia’s University of New South Wales specifically outlines scholarship awards for international students undertaking their Juris Doctor programme.

Application for scholarship awards consists of an essay and an interview, and awards are based on both need and merit.

If you are not yet ready to study at Doctorate level, you may be interested in University of Newcastle’s LLM scholarship programme.

This school too reserves a portion of their scholarship monies for students of other countries in financial need.

If you have progressed beyond the graduate stage, they also offer a JD programme, complete with financial aid!

In closing, we leave you with a few tips you may find helpful when you apply for scholarships:

  • Don’t limit yourself to only grants and scholarships you think you qualify for; apply for everything – you never know what you might get.
    • As soon as you decide on your school and study programme, apply quickly: award money runs out fast
  • Don’t let lengthy, convoluted application processes scare you off! You stand a better chance at earning an award by undergoing a process that another applicant might turn away from.
  • Get personal: the point of a personal statement is for the awarding body to get a sense of the person they grant money to.
    • Don’t tell them what you think they want to hear; tell them what you want to say.

One final bit of advice: watch out for scholarship scams!

Sad to say that such traps are out there; if in doubt about any programme, please check with your law tutors, prospective school or other authority to verify the offer is legitimate.

And then, once you’ve earned your law degree thanks to generous disbursements, you can spend your career putting scammers away!


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