Why Is Spelling Important?

Spelling seems to have lost its significance in our world today. Suddenly, everyone can be a writer and put their work in the public domain for all to see. However, that does not necessarily mean it is a bad thing.

People with little skill or experience are fast becoming bloggers with thousands of followers, while budding authors are able to publish ebooks via websites like Amazon with little getting in their way. Because of this, there is far more English content within our reach, although not all of it is correct.

If you want to pursue a career in writing, good spelling is very important.
Spelling is important to people like bloggers but also many others due to the digitalisation of simple household tasks, like shopping online and leaving product reviews. Photo via Visualhunt.com

If you want to improve your spelling in order to be a blogger yourself, or for any other reason for that matter, you should remember that reading widely is very important to improving your skill and expanding your vocabulary, yet you should not rely on everything you read being accurate or written correctly. Nevertheless, the more you read, the more you will notice errors and typos in your work and that of others.

Bad spelling can change the meaning of what you are trying to say, and even if it does not it will certainly affect the power of your writing. Imagine having the following words etched onto your skin: “This world is hopless”. Others will look at your new tattoo and think that more than the world is 'hopeless'!

It does not have to be that way though. You can save yourself from such embarrassment by teaching yourself the basics in writing English. You can start improving your spelling with this complete guide to writing!

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How Important Is English Spelling To Business Communications?

Not only do typos make you want to cringe, but they also make you appear very unprofessional in business. Although errors can slip through the net, even by the most diligent of writers, ensuring that your communications (especially marketing materials which have the potential to reach millions of people) are as error-free as possible will mean that you have fewer awkward situations to face up to.

Take US President Trump’s official inauguration poster which read: “No dream is too big, no challenge is to great”… it can only be assumed that there were some red faces in his team after that was released, and possibly even some dismissals. You do not want to be the person responsible for a badly received communication.

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Be sure to have others read any communications to avoid embarrassing errors.
Poor English can make a business look unprofessional. Photo credit: byzantiumbooks via VisualHunt.com

Poor spelling can be humiliating, but it can also cost your business money and customers. For example, if you saw marketing materials containing numerous errors, would you be as keen to buy from that company or would you feel that their effort seems a little lacking?

Correct spelling shows that an organisation cares about its portrayal and it improves the overall presentation of their work.

Innocent mistakes can happen, but if your marketing leaflets are constantly displaying awkward errors, then your once loyal shoppers might begin to wonder what other parts of the business you are letting go. That is why it is always important to get somebody else to read marketing content, whether it is being printed on paper or published online.

Good spelling is important for any business, as it enables customers and employees alike to respect the professionalism of the company.

However, it is especially important to organisations whose work is related to writing. For example, if you saw an obvious typo on an advertisement for a professional training course designed to improve your spelling, you are going to be put off immediately and it is likely that most other people will have ruled it out too.

Quirky or alternative spellings can at times be used to emphasise a marketing message or slogan, or to highlight a particular product feature in a creative way, but poor spelling should never make an appearance in your campaigns! Do you know how to write a perfect essay? Find out here.

Interestingly, bad spelling is far more noticeable than a perfectly formed sentence. This goes to show that using the correct spelling facilitates reading and comes naturally to readers. If you read a phrase and have to stop and question anything in its make up, or if a glaring error jumps out at you, this distracts you from the point being made.

How Important Is Learning to Spell In Everyday Life?

Spelling may not be something you are aware of at all times, but it certainly is all around us: on household products, TV adverts, news headlines, etc… Written English appears just about everywhere. But good grammar and spelling is not only important for businesses with outward-facing communications, it can also play an important role in and around your home.

If you have children, for example, they will undoubtedly come to you for help with homework and other tasks that involve writing. If they are learning to write or struggle with spelling themselves, they will ask for your assistance and assume that you know the right answer.

You can learn how to teach your young students writing by following these simple steps!

Although you cannot be expected to know the correct spelling of every single word in the English language, it would be nice to feel confident when helping your little ones with basic English spelling, wouldn’t it?

In addition to educational activities, you might need to use spelling skills for a range of other household tasks. Feeling uneasy about your ability to write well can really get you down. Even simple things like writing a shopping list, writing a note to your doctor or writing entries in your calendar can affect your self-esteem.

Reading and writing are seen as basic skills but sadly many people lack in these areas, making them feel quite inferior to neighbours in their community. To avoid feeling like you are beneath anybody on the social scale in spite of other strengths you may have, a writing course or lessons in spelling can help you to overcome this challenge in your life.

How To Improve Your English Spelling

Do you think British people need to enhance their reading and writing abilities? According to this study they do.

The key to improving your spelling is not only to practice writing, but to read as much as you can, and as widely as possible. However, if you think that you would benefit from extra tuition or guidance, then you might be keen to look into courses held in your local area or online, or even finding resources that allow you to teach yourself the basics.

Attend an English Class

If you think that your spelling could be improved by joining a class dedicated to this area of language, then you should seek information on courses found in your village or town. Details about literacy courses can often be sourced at your local library, but you can also look on the Internet to find relevant classes.

A teacher of writing will probably introduce you to common spelling mistakes, such as recognising the difference between words like ‘to’, ‘too’ and ‘two’, as well as ‘its’ and ‘it’s’.

During classes, teachers will explain the key differences between these types of common occurrences while also getting you to use them in sentences and thus building up your confidence.

Take a moment to learn the origins of the English language! Or check out English tutors all over the UK.

You can attend a class designed to help you improve your writing skills.
Teach yourself the art of writing and avoid embarrassment. Photo credit: jmawork via VisualHunt

Use Resources Available to Learn to Spell

Not many people use dictionaries anymore, and even if they do they tend to consult online dictionaries like Dictionary.com. These resources remain a great way to search for correct spellings and uses of English words.

Not only can a dictionary or thesaurus help you while you are in the process of writing, if you are using a smartphone or tablet then you may notice that a predictive text feature kicks in. This is especially useful if you know the beginning of a word but are unsure of its spelling. Although you may not even realise at the time, any corrections that the operating system makes will be absorbed and you could find that you remember difficult words much easier in future.

What Does Spelling Say About You?

As previously mentioned, bad spelling stands out like sore thumb and can make you seem like you do not care about the words you have put down in writing. In some cases, especially if mistakes are common in your writing, you may even come across as illiterate. Even though spelling does not come naturally for everyone, the effect it has on the power of communication means that every effort should be made to find correct spellings for words you are unfamiliar with.

Did you know that poor spelling can dramatically reduce your grade on any essays you write?

When it comes to poor English in the public domain, this can have devastating effects on your business or the way you represent yourself as a professional individual. Being a good speller often means that you are equally a good reader and communicator. Your followers may not notice your great English skills as such, but the power of your words can make them look up to you with respect. If your writing exudes confidence, your audience will automatically assume that you are good at other things too, which can go a long way in influencing your target audience.

Although poor spelling is often associated with a lack of intelligence, this is often not the case. Not achieving a high level of spelling could be down to having attended a low-achieving school when you were younger or could be a result of having a learning difficulty like dyslexia. If your spelling gets in the way of your everyday life, English lessons could give you the boost you need and, in turn, change the way others perceive you.

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