Are you sick and tired of bringing yourself down, or letting others drag you down? A positive outlook can be a total game-changer, adapting the way you think of yourself and react to situations, helping you to adopt a better mindset that encourages happiness.

Don't worry, being a positive thinker doesn't mean you have to preach to others or keep a smile on your face all day. Being positive just means having a better outlook on life and equipping yourself with the tools you need to be the happiest you can be.

Here's what it's all about.

What Are Positive Thinking Skills?

It's easy to think that being positive is something that only some people are capable of. Like it's in their genes at birth. But, believe us when we say that it is all an attitude, and you can re-program your brain to adopt this outlook if you really try.

Being a positive person, which you most probably know already, is to be someone who is ambitious, optimistic and has a positive outlook on life and expectations of good from all of those around them. But what specific traits and characteristics can we expect of a person who lives by this approach?

There are a few important traits found in a positive thinker.
What characteristics make up a positive person? Photo on VisualHunt


Of course, positive people have a desire, a willingness to make an effort and do things instead of being wary or unsure of themselves. A positive person will take a chance and bargain on being successful rather than the other way round.


Having positivity can be a bit like faith and enable you to acknowledge when things don’t turn out how you want them to, and help you to learn from situations or mistakes.


Following on from the above, being resilient when faced with adversity, sadness, loss, disappointment or failure is a trait you will find in a positive thinker. Rather than simply giving up, they will bounce right back.


One of the key characteristics of a positive person is the gratitude they feel and show for the good in their lives. Positive thinkers will always be appreciative of something, even if it looks to others like they have nothing.


It's impossible to practice positivity without having a level of awareness of how your mind is functioning. Even when times are tough, positive thinkers won't let their minds turn on them and will remain conscious and mindful, shifting their focus onto the silver lining.


Integrity is very important if you want to be a positive person. Along with seeing the good in others, you should too practice being honourable and veer away from any deceit or self-serving behaviour.

As we've mentioned, one of the great things about benefiting from positivity is that anyone can take advantage of the feel-good energy it brings. Once you've found out a bit more about why it's so important to think positively, we'll explain how you can bring more or this revitalizing energy into your life!

Why Is It Important To Develop Positive Thinking Skills?

There are so many reasons to turn to positivity and all valid, scientifically proven ones too!


Firstly, a positive attitude is the key to happiness. It's a fact! When you look on the bright side, you can't fail to be happy.


Secondly, being optimistic and positive come hand in hand with passion and motivation. Without the belief that success can come to you, how are you going to find the drive and passion to pursue your dreams?

Self Esteem

Your aura is determined by your attitude towards yourself, and if you want others to respect you then you need to be happy in your own skin. Adopt a better opinion of yourself by focusing on the things you love about yourself, and turning any negatives into positives. This will have a huge impact on your self-esteem!

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Being happy in yourself is a big step in having a positive outlook.
Keep your chin up and others will respect your self-esteem. Photo credit: Giuseppe Milo ( on / CC BY

Better health

Scientists and medics will agree that a healthier lifestyle is often linked to happiness, so being positive can be pivotal in keeping you alive. Positivity affects both mind and body though, and it is just as important to keep your brain healthy as it is your body. You can do this by cutting out stress and anxiety and focusing on the positive.

Improved relations

Finally, positive energy will draw people closer to you, because people gravitate towards this uplifting attitude. How lovely it can be to bring joy and light into other people's lives as well as your own.

How Can I Develop My Positive Thinking Skills?

It can be tough to focus on the good when you have a lot going on in your life, but by working on improving your optimism over time, you will start to recognise the benefits this new approach has on you.

People who remain positive in the face of adversity are often high-achievers (in terms of goals set, not necessarily their level of academia), active, helpful, respected by others, and able to show empathy and understanding to those less optimistic than themselves.

Want to get a taste of this yourself? Then...

Be More Aware Of Your Attitude

It may not have occurred to you that you are pessimistic - perhaps it's just in your nature. But if you sit back and start to ask yourself: "Am I a positive person?", you are already identifying with what it means to be negative or positive, and thus will think harder about the skills and traits that might make you a positive thinker.

Look out for positive information and people

Spending time with people who have a positive outlook on life could be just the pick-me-up you need.

Also, did you know that scientists say you can increase your positivity just by surrounding yourself in positive words and phrases? This is because if you force your brain to process these positive words, it eventually becomes more connected with their meaning and makes them more accessible!

Only allow yourself to think negative when you really need to

There are, of course, times when it is necessary to grieve, be sad or simply be angry and vent these negative feelings. However, balance these where possible with happier emotions and thinking of fond memories.

Make gratitude part of your life

Making gratitude a part of your life is a great way to appreciate the smaller things in life, which ultimately are what makes our time on this planet worth living. Try to wake up and remember to be grateful each day for something. There is always something to be thankful for, and you can use this to regularly encourage positive feelings into your life.

Encourage positive emotions by using the Internet or social media

Small bursts of positive emotion can have a really big impact on our overall mood and behaviour. One way to get these highs is to watch fun or inspirational videos during our spare time. You can also find motivational quotes and mindblowing pictures by following hashtags or feeds on social media.

Don't put yourself down

Don't ever minimise your successes and don't let yourself think that you aren't good enough. Instead, appreciate yourself and give yourself a round of applause or pat on the back when you have achieved something great.

Online Resources To Help You Develop Positive Thinking Skills

Steer clear of any negativity on the Internet and instead focus your attention on some of the accounts and apps below, which will fill you with that fuzzy feeling in your tummy!

Let yourself laugh and be happy if you want to remain positive.
Watching fun videos of things like cute animals and inspirational people can make us feel positive. Photo credit: kevin dooley on Visual Hunt



This account lives up to its name. It couldn't be more happy if it tried! It provides inspirational quotes and picture-perfect photography and will become your own slice of heaven. What's more, it will pop up on your feed whilst you are aimlessly looking on the Internet, giving your actions a purpose and filling you with positive energy!



Happify is available on iOS and is designed to help you set goals in different tracks of your life, like confidence or work productivity, for example. Each different 'track' has its own set of quizzes and activities which include things like listing the things you are grateful for or picking out positive words in a game and eliminating negative ones. It's downloadable on a subscription basis - either yearly or monthly.

Go in search of positive vibes. Be proactive, bold and driven and take charge of your life and happiness. Just do it!

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