Foreign languages are an undeniable gateway to the world, where language and culture often meet, and where progress is made significantly as the courses progress. Each language has its own identity, particularities and subtleties, which must be mastered. The accent is clearly part of it, and languages like Italian have almost made it a cliché.

This cliché entered the collective mind, so much so that the Italian accent was voted the sexiest of all European accent. So of course, the Italian accent is also and above all intended to be understood, to adapt to a local behaviour, and is a good tool to communicate correctly.

But working on pronunciation is sometimes more complicated than it seems, to make significant progress and speak like a real Italian! Here are some tips and materials that will help you improve your focus.

Although Italian may not seem like a major language, it has many things that English, French and Spanish do not
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Work On Your Accent With Movies and Series

As with English or any other language, Italian culture also requires popular content. Most Italians watch movies and series, they are part of their daily lives, and often reflect it. Indeed, there are idioms used every day by the locals. This is why this type of support can be very useful in developing a perfect Italian accent!

In addition to teaching us the Italian language and practising pronunciation, films and series in their original version are a source of pleasure. Generally speaking, a film in Italian version can have English subtitles without much problem. We are therefore here on a combination of pleasure and work as complete as possible!

Here are some examples of films and series that can help us work on our Italian accent, and, why not, become totally Italian-speaking:

The films

  • Once upon a time in America, from Sergio Leone: A western around two thugs linked by a pact of eternal friendship,
  • Life is beautiful, by Roberto Benigni: A classic film that never tires of, that perfectly illustrates Italian culture orally,
  • Call me by your name, by Luca Guadagnino: A recent film, which has made a lot of headlines, between languorous summer and family stories,
  • Italian divorce, by Pietro Germi: A classic of Italian cinema, which revolves around adultery. Something to cultivate and work on your accent at the same time.
  • The nights of Cabiria, by Federico Fellini: A cult film, for a cult director, and a pronunciation of Italian as if you were there!

The series

  • Gomorra, a struggle between two rival clans for power,
  • Corleone, a somewhat dark dramatic biopic, which transcribes very well the scope of the Italian accent,
  • Suburra, a story of corruption and gambling, in a setting not far from Rome,
  • The Young Pope, a series based on Pius XIII, the first Italian-American Pope in history,
  • My Brilliant Friend, an adaptation of Elena Ferrante's best-selling papers

So we will have understood it, films and series in Italian, there are many, really many! Everyone will be able to find their way around, according to their tastes and desires. But don't forget that beyond the pleasure of watching a good movie, the objective is to immerse yourself in the language to transform your accent!

Feel free to watch different types of films or series, made at different times, so that you can assimilate the different accents as well as possible, so as to select some of the most relevant intonations.

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Italian cuisine is the reason why so many people are passionate about Italy and its culture
Loved by many, Italian cuisine is one of the first things that comes to mind at the mention of Italy ¦ source: Pixabay - RitaE

Work On Your Accent With A Private Tutor

When it comes to working on your Italian accent, and improving your oral expression itself, the teacher's solution seems to be the right one. A true preacher of foreign languages, they are the person best able to give us all the advice we need for perfect pronunciation. Whether Italian or not, their language diplomas and training will be your most valuable tools by proxy.

Supporting figure, they will then be able to tell you the procedure to follow, on which vowel to use the intonation, etc. There is no real Italian course since the accent work is most often aimed at experienced people who wish to refine their Italian language. To become familiar with an accent, it is necessary to speak, and online Italian courses can become the ideal solution.

Indeed, due to lack of time or lack of desire, one does not necessarily want to travel to a teacher to discuss and practice. Platforms such as Superprof are then emerging as the miracle solution. You choose your teacher, you schedule a time and date with them, a plan for recurring lessons, according to their rates and the availability of both of you and after a few classes, here you are able to pronounce every Italian word correctly!

Join a language school and take some Italian courses London and learn all the Italian phrases, Italian verbs and words you will need to get by during your trip to Italy.

Work On Your Accent Online

Like a travelling companion, smartphone apps have become an indispensable tool for everything and anything. Sometimes, while they are considered superficial, they are very useful. And this is precisely the case to work on his Italian accent! Indeed, many small applications will save our lives when you are on the bus or when you have a break from work, or simply when you are in bed on a Sunday morning.

You can admit it: you are all stuck to your phones all day long. It seems natural to link the latter to linguistic use, when needed. Between memorization, Italian alphabet, tonic accent, or Italian verbs, this is where the applications come in!

For example, do you know the Babbel application and site? This is a language course site, which, over the course of the exercises, makes us repeat most of the terms and sentences studied. Presented as a subscription, this platform is intended for a beginner level, but it is possible to start a program by being an experienced speaker. Think about it, if you also want to refresh your memory in Italian grammar!

Duolingo is a useful and fun application. Indeed, offered in the form of games, short videos and other animations, it is possible to improve in Italian, while having fun. By defining a more or less long time objective each day, you can then practice, repeat, and ultimately improve your accent.

The little something extra about this application is the ability to interact with friends, so you can chat and progress together!

Always in a playful spirit, LingQ is a program that allows us to practice pronouncing in the most correct way possible in Italian. The principle is simple: you read a text while listening to it at the same time, and as the sentences go by, blue words appear. These are simply the ones you don't know yet, and you can colour them white as soon as they are assimilated. Talking and learning at the same time, what more could you ask for?

One World Italiano
Learning Italian and working on your accent from anywhere on earth is the principle of One World Italiano. Entirely dedicated to Italian, this small site offers situations of everyday life, rooted in our time. Thanks to interactive writing, videos, audio content, it will then be possible to develop a real Italian accent, and all this for free!

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Work On Your Accent While Travelling

Yes, if there is one way to adopt a perfect accent in Italian, it is good to go there. This technique, which is unfortunately not accessible to everyone, guarantees that we can speak like a real Neapolitan. A real linguistic stay which, if it will give us the opportunity to develop his Italian vocabulary, will also offer us the pleasures of local gastronomy!

Even beginners can make great progress and learn to speak Italian quickly with language lessons. Everyone can study Italian and learn some conversational basic Italian words and phrases. Learning a new language should not be a drag, on the contrary learning how to speak Italian should be a great way to discover Italian culture.

What could be more stimulating than to talk with the locals, to immerse yourself in their accent, depending on the cities, regions, and to reproduce it in the same way? Like a mime, the teacher/student scheme is transposed here to real life, and gives you an open-air Italian course. Who would have thought that a trip to Italy would be formative?

A simple restaurant menu will be the opportunity to develop your most beautiful accent, by ordering from the waiter. As well as being as involved as possible when booking a hotel room, so that the receptionist thinks you are from the neighbourhood. Come on, it's your turn!

Learning Italian is one thing, but learning to pronounce Italian is another! Indeed, these are two ways of engaging in languages that, while they overlap, are quite distinct in the way they are approached. Working on your accent involves many more scenarios, and getting to know the local culture. Following our advice, in two months, you will be perfectly bilingual!


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