Do you dream of going on a trip to Tokyo? Of moving to Japan? Or simply of progressing with your Japanese?

How can you get by when you have not yet mastered Japanese writing, reading the characters, or oral language?

With the new technologies out there, language barriers are no longer as debilitating as they used to be.

If you have a smart phone, you can download one of a number of apps to learn Japanese. But what's more, you can also downloads apps to help you out in sticky situations by offering a machine translation of words and phrases.

Thanks to the new technologies, it is now possible to understand what is written on a sign, or ask for directions without knowing a word of Japanese.

If you are able to do a language exchange program in the Land of the Rising Sun, you should take advantage of being immersed in Japanese culture in order to enrich your knowledge, progress quickly, and develop your ability to conduct conversations.

You will be able to discover what this multi-faceted archipelago - somewhere between tradition and modernity - has to offer you.

Are you still not bilingual in Japanese? Discover our app selection and all the fantastic tools for you to learn Japanese!

These apps will come to your rescue in many situations. As a bonus, these tools are a real bonus to your Japanese lessons as you learn the beautiful language of Japan.

Iku ze ... (Let's go!)

Japanese Translator: Is Google Good Enough?

There are plenty of websites to learn Japanese online. But when we need to translate a word, our very first reflex is to consult with Google...(Be honest: how many of us still rush to a dictionary?)

Google Translator magically appears at the top of the page and displays the translation in whatever language you have requested. Even if you are looking to translate an entire sentence, Google has the solution. It is also useful for translating a website's contents, but how reliable is it?.

You can translate Japanese to English on the internet
Google almost always has the answer!

As for the mobile application, it works independently of your wifi connection. It is also possible to translate texts from photos or through voice recognition. This is a perfect feature in order to save time when you are lost on the street.

It seems magical! And yet...if the translation tool is good enough for languages like English and Spanish, with Japanese, it's not really the case...

It can help you to translate a word from Japanese to English, but it is better not to use it to interact with locals. You may end up in an awkward situation.

This application can however be a useful addition to your travels, or whilst you are at home when you study your Japanese lessons, provided you use it carefully and do not give it a full text to translate!

Japanese Translation: iTranslate

As you can see, if you are in need of a translation application to understand Japanese or pronounce a few sentences, it is not easy to find one that offers 100% reliable translations.

You can also test iTranslate. It's the leader in its sector, an essential dictionary/translation application. Although the translations are of a better quality, they are still not perfect.

Japanese is a language where context acts on the meaning of a sentence. Verbs are not conjugated, there is no gender or plural forms...It's difficult for a translation tool to take into account all the subtleties of the Japanese language in order to provide you with a readable and understandable text. In any case, translators will help you discover the overall meaning of a piece of writing.

In addition to iTranslate, it's interesting to test iTranslate Voice: this app translates your text and converts it into voice. A very useful detail, but it is not always possible to enjoy it because the app only works with an internet connection.

If you use it while traveling, you may find yourself stuck as soon as you no longer have access to wifi. It can be very practical if you are looking to work on your pronunciation, however.

Do you know the benefits of learning Japanese by webcam?

English to Japanese Translation Apps for Iphone: Japan Goggles

Just like Arabic, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese, the Japanese writing system often confounds English speakers due to its very different nature.

However, this doesn't need to be the case with this handy tool that you can use on a daily basis when you move to Japan and go shopping...Japan Goggles is a free application available on the app store.

It provides a reliable translation based off a photo.

Are you in front of a Japanese sign you can't understand or is there a menu you are having trouble decrypting? Take a picture of these and the application will translate it for you.

Japanese beginners who have not mastered reading kana and kanji will love this app. Especially because the translation into rômaji allows us to speak the words.

The only downside with this app (yes there is always one downside...): the photos have to be really good quality for the app to find a translation. It is therefore essential to have a smartphone with a good camera so that you can have good resolution, contrast, focus...

Imiwa: Best Translation App From English to Japanese

Are you tired of walking around with your dictionary in your pocket? One thing is certain: your smartphone never leaves you!

Don't wait any longer, then. You can download Imiwa with your eyes closed. It is the best translation app available on tablet and smartphone. It is very comprehensive and offers multiple possibilities. It will quickly become your favorite app if you want to take a Japanese language course.

Translation apps are handy for a trip to Japan
Being a Japanese tourist can be exhausting when you are constantly trying to translate your surroundings.

With Imiwa you will get precise definitions, but also examples that will allow you to use Japanese vocabulary depending on the context.

Imiwa is more than just a dictionary. You can also:

  • Conduct multicriteria searches,
  • Create vocabulary lists,
  • Take notes,
  • Revise for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test),
  • Learn to write Kanji,

Dictionaries are essential in language learning. But have you thought about learning Japanese using videos and movies?

PhrasePack Japanese: Your Standard Phrases Translated Orally into Japanese

This is the conversation guide you need to dive into the heart of life in Japan!

If you need to ask for directions or place an order at the restaurant, this application is for you. If you haven't had time to make use of one of a number of ways to learn Japanese, this is definitely part of your survival kit for a trip to Japan.

PhrasePack Japanese contains 3,500 standard phrases (including 1000 on the free version) that are adaptable depending on the situation (common or sustained language, etc...). They are displayed in English, in kana, and in kanji characters--but also in romaji. This means you can easily repeat the desired phrases to make yourself understood. This application does not require an internet connection to work.

You will find a simple index to choose from with headings such as people, eating, traveling, shopping and even emergencies.

There are many reasons to learn a language, but perhaps the greatest is to learn a new language, and Japanese is no make lifelong friends!

"The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway." - Henry Boye, author

Knowing other languages effectively increases the number of people on the globe with whom you can communicate. And people who speak other languages fully appreciate the effort and desire learners expend to get to know their culture and to communicate with them.

Whether through meeting foreign exchange students on your campus or local immigrants in your community, whether getting to know natives or international students while studying abroad, or whether establishing a connection with a pen pal in another country, your ability to speak other languages and your interest in other cultures can connect you deeply with people around the globe.

Anyone who has told you that learning another language is impractical, unrewarding, or simply a waste of your precious time is doing you a great disservice. Take advantage and enhance your life...learn a language! And why not start with Japanese?

With JA Sensei, you are taking the first steps necessary. With this app, you will have audio recordings to practice your pronunciation of the spoken language. You can save the phrases you need in your favorites. And thanks to the quizzes you will learn simple Japanese sentences in a fun way!

One thing is sure, after having tested it during a trip to Japan, you'll seriously want to take Japanese lessons London so that you can come back and visit at an intermediate level. You will discover Japan in a new light.


Japanese culture forms a big part of the language
The magic of Japan, somewhere between tradition and modernity: a great motivation to take Japanese classes!

Ja Sensei: Japanese Translation Thanks to Quizzes

It's not only a translation app, but Ja Sensei is an app that will appeal to anyone who wants to learn Japanese. Whether you take Japanese lessons or not, it is very useful and particularly cool. It has a simple index, various features, and very practical tools:

  • Japanese lessons,
  • Kana and Kanki,
  • Vocabulary, verbs, adjectives,
  • Conversation guide,
  • Grammar,
  • Lists
  • ...

The advantage of this app is that you can create personal lists (vocabulary, kana, kanji ...). The many quizzes allow you to learn the translation of ready-made phrases.

Very useful to start speaking Japanese as soon as possible!

Hello-Hello: An English App in Order to Learn How to Speak Japanese

To end this article, and since you are interested in the language of Mishima, let's talk about Hello-Hello.

Even if this app is not only a translation tool, it will absolutely help you to progress in your learning of the Japanese language.

If you go on a trip, you can download it to start memorizing the kana (Katakana Hiragana) and Kanji syllabaries...and learn how to draw them.

It will be a first step in your challenge to study and memorize the borrowed Chinese characters of kanji before starting Japanese classes.

You will also find a Japanese dictionary containing 15,000 words.

To go further, the grammar tab will allow you to address sentences in Japanese. It is an app developed to deepen your knowledge and help you to learn to speak Japanese.

With this far from exhaustive selection, you no longer have an excuse to put off learning the Japanese language on a daily basis!!

Learning becomes easier when you have all the answers to your questions at your fingertips, and you can practice the language in a fun way. So, are you ready to download the must-have apps to learn how to read, write, and talk nihongo?

And if you would prefer to learn Japanese rather than rely on language translation, know that it is also possible to learn Japanese with books!

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