So you’ve signed up for Hindi language courses, you’ve learned the Devanagari alphabet, practised your vocabulary, done all your grammar exercises, but your conversation is limited to the basic words and phrases covered in your beginners’ textbook?

Learning a language is a long a gruelling task for even the most academic of students. If you want to progress your competencies in speaking and writing the language then these tips may be a suitable avenue and next step for you.

Despite all the time you have put aside to study Hindi verb declensions, you still aren’t able to communicate fluently?

Here are some Superprof tips and tricks to improve your conversational Hindi.

These tips may also prove helpful for students who aren’t as confident in their ability to speak the language.

If you are looking to kickstart your journey in speaking Hindi, you could practice at home or even with a friend, you would be surprised what being in a familiar or comfortable environment can do for your confidence.

After all, confidence is key when learning a foreign language such as Hindi as it’s equally important not to be afraid of making mistakes!

Speaking Hindi can help improve relationships!
Understanding each other and having a conversation in Hindi is essential for good international relations! Photo credit: UK in India on Visual hunt
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Practise Speaking the language regularly

My first tip for improving your command of the Hindi language is to practise speaking it every day. The easiest and most enjoyable way to learn Hindi is to totally immerse yourself in everything Hindi, from its music, movies and children’s books, these are all useful learning resources for when you first start out learning the language.

After allocating sufficient time to practising, you will eventually be able to progress your learning and the resources that you use in your efforts. This means that one day those children's books will turn into more advanced books until you are able to understand more complex topics such as politics or philosophy.

This type of immersion, while not as intensive and beneficial for your language learning as booking flights and moving out to stay in a Hindi-speaking region for a considerable amount of time, is still essential for maintaining and improving your fluency. It could also help you to develop some of the important building blocks before you make tracks.

Staying in a native area and immersing yourself in the language and culture will help to mould your brain so it becomes familiar with the sounds of the language and its particular turns of phrase.

This may come easily when faced with words on paper, but in front of a live person who is waiting for an answer, perhaps impatiently, whom you feel might be judging you, you often freeze up. Maybe you’re also afraid of getting it wrong and being misunderstood, of your pronunciation not being up to par.

All this comes together to make having a conversation in the Hindi language more difficult than reading or writing. It’s also why it’s often easier to speak a language while drunk - while you still need to call forth the words from your passive vocabulary, you stop overthinking things and simply get the words out.

Practise Your Listening Skills in the Hindi Language

One way to get used to the tones and rhythms of the Hindi language is to listen to an audio recording.  It frees you from visual stimuli and lets you focus on the rise and fall of the language.

This is a good solution for learning Hindi on the go. You can listen to audio files almost anywhere - on your daily commute, while out jogging, while doing grunt work or just before going to sleep. Just remember: safety first! You need to be able to hear your surroundings if you are outside or working.

So what kind of audio files are good for practising your Hindi?

  • listening to Hindi music.
  • Tuning in to a Hindi online radio station or podcast.
  • Downloading your favourite Hindi books as audiobooks.

Watch Bollywood movies. Not only will you have fun and learn about the Indian culture, you will also practice your Hindi by listening to dialogue.

A classroom can't teach you Hindi conversation skills.
Learning Hindi in a classroom is the first step - immersing yourself in Hindi language and culture is the next! Photo credit: WorldLitToday on Visualhunt
 Tips for Learning Hindi
No.1Speak the language as often as you can
No.2Practise using online resources
No.3Listen to Hindi music
No.4Get a conversation partner
No.5Avail of a Tutor
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Learn to Speak Hindi With Conversation Partners

This might seem like a straightforward point but it is certainly the most essential step in mastering any language. Make sure that you are making an effort to practise speaking the language with others every day!

This suggestion is very important. In learning a language, especially as an adult, consistency is key if you do not practice for several days or even weeks, you will notice a steep drop off in your retention of particularly new and/or difficult material.

But though improving your listening skills is a good start, it’s not quite enough for your conversation skills. For that, you need the give-and-take of an actual conversation. This is the best way to learn Hindi expressions

But how can you speak to a native speaker without going to India?

The best way is to hook up with a language partner.

Often, this takes the form of a language exchange. You find someone who speaks Hindi and who wants to learn to speak English, and you each spend some time talking exclusively in each language.

There are various ways you can get in touch with a potential language partner.

It’s even better if you can take a language course at the same time to improve your knowledge of grammar rules and pronunciation.

Practise your Hindi online

The next tip that I could give you if you are thinking of learning Hindi is to check for online learning options.

Particularly if you plan on studying in Ireland, online learning alternatives are something that you should consider if you are after the best education learning Hindi.

If you decide to explore online learning options for Hindi in Ireland, you will be spoiled for choice. You have instant access to teachers from across the country and perhaps even some who are living in India.

You are no longer confined to those who list their services within your area. Online lessons provide an unparalleled degree of choice to students looking to improve their command of Hindi.

Learning Hindi in Ireland is made a lot easier with the recent advancements in technology that we have seen over the last decade. Access to education has certainly been accelerated with the emergence of the internet.

Not so long ago you would have needed to book a flight ticket if you had any ambition of improving your Hindi. Fast forward to today where you can avail of an experienced Hindi tutor from just about anywhere in the world!

Online lessons are often mutually beneficial for both students and teachers. The majority of Hindi teachers practice as professional teaching professionals as their full-time occupation.

Online lessons present an enhanced degree of flexibility for teachers operating busy schedules. This online teaching environment enables Hindi tutors to provide their services around their schedules, meaning that you have access to a greater volume of teachers than you otherwise would through traditional private classes.

Find a good Hindi conversation partner.
Finding the right Hindi language exchange partner is the first step to improving your Hindi conversation! Photo on Visualhunt.

How to learn Hindi by using learning applications

Now that almost everyone owns a smartphone or some other type of handheld device like a tablet, it is easier and more convenient than ever to download language-learning apps or flashcard apps that help motivate you to practice daily.

There are a number of apps and websites that let you chat with people from various countries - whether you want to learn Portuguese, learn Korean, learn Arabic or learn Chinese.

Mostly, it’s written so they are not necessarily ideal for practising speaking. However, this is a good intermediate solution for learning the give-and-take of conversation while still leaving you time to order your thoughts.

I would recommend going to the app store and searching for dictionaries, flashcard apps or just general language-learning apps, especially if there are some that pertain to the specific language you are learning.

A few apps and websites where people can post their interest in language chats are:

Some of them, though, offer written or face chats on-site (or in-app) such as:

Another option is to get a private tutor in Hindi, either live or via Skype.

Learn Hindu rituals by practising Hindi.
Immerse yourself in Indian culture by learning Hindi in India - during an immersion holiday. Photo credit: Claudio Nichele (@jihan65 on Twitter) on

Practise your Hindi with a tutor from Superprof!

Superprof is a community which has thousands of Hindi tutors around the world and has established a strong presence within Ireland. With countless qualified Hindi tutors available online with just a few simple clicks of a mouse, you’ll waste no time finding the right fit for you!

For students who are unsure about how to study the language or have difficulty pronouncing particular words in the language. The platform offers a degree of choice and flexibility to students that extends beyond that offered by other online tutoring services.

Build fluency and confidence through interactive Hindi classes that are both effective and fun. Talking with a native speaker is the key to success and what learning to speak a language is all about.

Your Hindi teachers will have worked with countless students in the past, coaching them to reach their respective goals and targets in the language. With the option to study online with a Hindi teacher, guidance has never been so accessible!

You will have the option to learn from the comfort of your own home, in the home of the tutor or on a remote basis via webcam. These Hindi lessons have a rate that typically ranges from €8 right up to €30 per hour.

Furthermore, the majority of Hindi tutors that offer their service on the platform offer a free trial session. This allows students to get a feel for the lessons before committing to any payment.

Having a tutor can certainly help put your mind at ease during the build-up to a language exam or conversation. These are just some of the benefits which surface with the assistance of an online tutor. You will also be able to practice speaking the language and build your communication skills incrementally as you progress through your Hindi lessons.


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