"Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the facet is turned on." -Louis L'Amour

Writing is one of the best ways to express yourselves and deal with complex emotions that you have built up inside of you. While not beloved by everyone, writing is both a form of therapy and a practical way to expand your language arts skills.

As a blog writer, who sometimes writes more than 20,000 words a week, I can attest to the fact that before I get started on an article, the task seems daunting but when I have my ideas organised, the words begin quickly pouring out of me. And, I must say that since I started working as a blog writer, my grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, etc., has all drastically improved.

So, for those who want to learn how to write things in another foreign tongue that is not their own, the best thing is practice. Whether you’re learning Italian or Hebrew, by frequently writing things done, you will master the language in no time.

Therefore, without further ado, we shall consider some of the most helpful advice to get better at writing in Italian. Ready for an adventure?

Keep a Journal Nearby

Little diaries or journals are easily found everywhere at most stores and serve a lot of practical purposes such as the following:

  • Keep appointments,
  • Organise your life,
  • Write down grocery lists,
  • Remember key concepts,
  • Learn foreign languages.

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pasta and tomatoes
Italian food is so amazing and it inspires others to learn more about the culture and language. (Source: Unsplash)

While all of the previously mentioned reasons are brilliant arguments for keeping a diary, let us focus on why keeping one for language acquisition is essential. Truly a godsend when learning how to write in your second or third language, a diary aids Italian learners in the following ways:

  • Track writing progress,
  • Provides a judgement-free zone to express thoughts in another language,
  • Practice write away the new vocabulary, grammar rules, and structure that you learnt in Italian class.

It is highly recommended to write a small paragraph of Italian writing in your diary that touches on topics such as daily activities, thoughts and feelings, goals, and plans. Try to implement newly acquired concepts into your writing as soon as possible and do not worry about grammatical errors since you will make them when writing in Italian.

So, for what are you waiting? Buy a diary and get writing in Italian today! Andiamo! 

Watch a Lot of Italian Television

Italian TV shows
Watching TV can actually greatly help Italian learners master the nuances of Italian writing. (Source: Unsplash)

It may seem entirely out of place to say that watching television helps students master the eccentricities of writing, but that is the truth! How is that? Well, to be a good writer in any language, whether it’s your mother tongue or not, a firm grasp of grammatical rules, an extensive vocabulary, and a knowledge of how to structure information is needed; being completely immersed is the key.

Therefore, to immerse yourself entirely while living in a country where Italian is not spoken, it is much suggested to listen to music, watch TV, talk with Italian natives on the regular, and revise sufficient reading material. 

By watching Italian shows with Italian subtitles, reading comprehension is heightened, which significantly contributes to knowing how phrases are written. Also, on television shows, there are so many expressions and slight nuances of a language that can be observed and greatly help users acquire proper comprehension and writing skills.

Not sure which Italian television shows to watch? No worries, the following is a list of some of the best Italian language tv programs for learners:

  • Suburra: focused on Italian organised crime and politicians who get caught up in drugs, gambling, and the mafia, Suburra is a fascinating television show to learn Italian like a native. An addictive adventure filmed around the city of Rome, Suburra helps Italian learners acquire useful vocabulary surrounding topics such as politics, crime, and murder.
  • L’allieva: when translated L’Allieva means pupil and is about how a young medical student navigates her way through life, continually thinking about the future and what it holds for her. Perfect for Italian students who love a good medical drama like Grey’s Anatomy or Saving Hope. If you watch the show with subtitles, as you should, learners will master how to write medical-specific words.
  • Zio Gianni: probably the most comedic of all the recommended shows, Zio Gianni, follows the story of a man who is undergoing his mid-life crisis. After realising that at his age he has no job, no wife, and no money, Gianni is forced to go and live with young ones to afford a place to stay. Young Italian learners laud the show for including modern Millennial language that is currently spoken in Italy.

The three previously mentioned shows cannot be recommended enough since there are fantastic resources for not only Italian comprehension but also reading and writing. Many Italian shows can be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Youtube, Apple TV, etc. if the ones mentioned in our list do not float your boat.

Also, we recommend only selecting Italian television shows that feature native speakers since it will be language in its purest form. 

And don’t forget the subtitles! How can you expect to improve your writing skills while watching TV if you don’t know how the words are written? After a few months of persistent and diligent TV binging in Italian, you will notice that your diary entries are more detailed and filled with rich language. Trust us; it will work because would we ever let you down?

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Find an Italian Penpal

Are you an Italian language learner who would instead create a handwritten letter than write an email? Well, if you weren’t born in the digital age and the nostalgia of penning a handwritten note to a friend still inspires you, we have the perfect solution for you: find an Italian penpal!

Aren't penpals solely for 12 year old schoolchildren? 

notes and letters
Did you know that finding an Italian penpal can improve your writing skills? (Source: Unsplash)

Not anymore! Many language learners have significantly improved their writing skills by keeping in touch with a native in the language they are studying. Some benefits of having a penpal when acquiring Italian include the following:

  • A non-biased influence who can carefully review your grammar,
  • Feedback about overall tone, structure, and use of expressions,
  • The possibility to practice writing with an actual pen and paper and not with a keyboard is a great advantage.

When searching for a penpal to hone your Italian writing skills, we sincerely suggest finding a partner that also wants to practise their English abilities. Why? The process of learning a new language becomes a two-way street where suggestions, editing, and helpful tricks flow freely.

Also, before concluding this section, it is essential to state that although it is easier to use online resources than ever before, the internet is a nasty place with a lot of dangerous people. So, be careful when finding a penpal and use trusted websites such as Snail Mail Penpals and Global Penfriends.

Finding a penpal is a beautiful idea to improve Italian writing, be careful because we do not want anyone to get catfished or be stuck in a compromising situation!

Use Effective Websites

While pretty much all of the suggestions to learn more about writing in Italian have come from the internet, it is essential to mention that there are specific resources on the world wide web that are designed to hone writing skills in foreign languages. Such as?

The following are some useful websites to consult when learning more about the rules of writing in Italy’s mother tongue:

  • Busuu: a highly recommended resource that helps Italian learners grasp their new language in about 10 minutes per day, Busuu has lessons that are specifically designed to improve grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and overall writing skills. We recommend taking advantage of the Busuu option to speak with Italian natives to receive feedback about how to become a better writer.
  • Linguee: exceptionally suggested for all types of learners, no matter the language in question, Linguee is more than merely an online dictionary. What’s the purpose? Linguee provides context by having your original texts translated from English to Italian to learn how to become a better writer.

And while there are plenty of online resources to become a better writer in Italian, the previously mentioned options will help learners from all levels master the nuances of writing in another tongue.

Hire a Tutor

Want to drastically improve your writing and have tailored guidance at the same time? Hire a private tutor! Tutors greatly aid Italian learners who wish to smoothly acquire more knowledge about how to write in the language of love.

But where does one find professional language tutors who are qualified and willing to host online classes? The answer is simple, Superprof! 

Superprof Italian tutors offer affordable prices, classes that are in-person or online, and fantastic qualifications that make learning concepts such as writing, reading, pronunciation, etc. a piece of cake.

In conclusion, we sincerely hope that the advice in today’s article has provided you with the necessary information to become a better writer in one of the world’s most gorgeous languages!

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