Hi I'm Anis. I'm a French and Maths tutor. I've got over 7 years of private and online tutoring experience and before that, I was a maths and physics tutor mentoring students in some of Paris’ top high schools. Studying maths and providing private maths tutoring is my real passion.

Don't limit your student numbers, teach maths via webcam.
Maths is a universal language, why teach it online and around the world? (Source: Superprof)

In 2016 I tutored 8 students one on one over Skype (online) and their private mathematics courses went really well. The students lived in different cities around Europe: London, Geneva, Paris, and Luxembourg, they all had different levels, were different ages, from starting secondary school to getting ready to be an undergrad at university.

With 6 months of supplemental instruction, homework help, and test prep, the students improved their exams' grades.

In this article we're going to show you the advantages and disadvantages of taking to your webcam and advising you on the best ways to provide online tutoring services. as well as the technology that’ll help you create a fantastic academic tutoring service and put your students on the path to academic success.

Here's how you get into online maths tutoring online and how you can use it to teach maths effectively!

The Advantages of Online Private Tuition:

  • No time lost travelling: An in home tutor often has to travel of to their students' houses. However, when scheduling hourly maths tutorials online, you won’t lose any time travelling as you do with home tutoring. This opens up plenty of slots in the online tutor’s timetable since their laptop is basically a mobile tutoring center. This also means that students living in areas where they can't find a tutor or where there are no private tutors can still get private tutorials.
  • Save money: There's a high probability that travelling to and from your student's house will double the amount of time needed for an hour-long tutorial. With online maths tutor jobs you can turn this time into money. Of course, this comes with a reduction in rates. I offer €10 (£8) discount per hour for students doing tutorials over Skype.
  • No geographical constraints: Your geographical location doesn’t matter. As long as students have a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone and an internet connection they can find the best tutors! Students and teachers can also virtually "drop in" to class almost whenever they want.
  • Videoconferencing: You can provide extra tuition to a small group of students.
  • More comfort, less stress for the student: the physical presence of a tutor watching a student during a tutorial can be a cause of stress; online tutorials gives the student more freedom and makes them feel more at ease, giving them the skills they need to succeed.
  • Improve their communication skills: Having tutorials online forces the student to better express their ideas (which also helps them better assimilate new concepts and gain study skills).
  • Easier to share information: The student and the teacher can keep all their files on their computer or another device, making the exchange of files really easy and practical.
  • Flexibility: Tutoring jobs over Skype can be easily scheduled around both the tutor’s and the student’s timetable. Furthermore, the tutorials can continue even when the tutor or the tutee are elsewhere (on holiday or a trip, etc.). For example, last week, I offered my tutoring services from the comfort of my hotel room in Brussels while my student was in their holiday home in Geneva. Online tutorials get rid of a number of the common hurdles such as time, transport, and price, etc.

The Disadvantages of Webcam Private Tuition:

  • A bad internet connection and synchronisation issues: This can sometimes happen. If your connection is bad or the sound is out of sync, the quality of your maths tutorials will suffer. In order to avoid this problem, I recommend checking the quality of their connection before the tutorials.
  • Communication Problems: Some students have difficulties when it comes communicating with a teacher over webcam. However, they normally become more and more comfortable with having their tutorials online and this stops being a problem after two or three sessions.

Here are some tools which can help any tutor successfully become a maths tutor.

In fact, there are plenty of technological tools to simplify and improve your remote tutorials (over Skype). For example:

  • Google Docs: a Google page that allows both the student and the tutor to see and edit documents in real time, which really aids communication. I can show a student the method and the solution to a problem using the advanced functionality of Microsoft Word, work through their homework as if I was really there thanks to Google Docs. In fact, you can also draw on google docs, using the platform like an interactive whiteboard or look over a student's assignment in real time.
  • Geometry Programmes: this type of programme is really useful when it comes to showing students complex geometric maths problems or trigonometry. I recommend GeoGebra for solving a geometry problem or equation.
  • Emails, WhatsApp: Messaging and email are the first things you should get when you become a tutor. The student can send the exercises and notes from their tutorials to their tutor and the tutor can quickly show a student how a problem can be solved by taking a photo of the solution directly to the student.
  • Online Programmes: there are plenty of maths programmes online which allow students to draw complex curves, do algebra, or calculus. I often use these types of mathematical tools with my students in order to show them how to analyse a problem in terms of functions.
  • Screen Sharing: In just a click, any tutor online can share their screen with the learner. This is great for one on one tutoring and can help the tutor clarify any difficulties the student is having in some of the more difficult activities. Perfect for when providing academic tutoring for difficulties in maths.
Are there any online tools for private maths tutors?
It's a lot easier to understand when you can see it, right?

Sceptics Are Quickly Convinced When It Comes To Online Maths Tutoring

The first student I ever taught over Skype was getting ready to finish their studies at an international school in Geneva. He’d tried other in tutors at his home and was very sceptical about online maths tutorials.

The good news is that after a few months of tutorials he managed to go up two grades in maths. Never underestimate the power of testimonials! In fact, he recommended my online tutoring services to all his friends.

Finding a private maths tutor was an easy, simple, flexible, and quick way to get ahead in maths.

A private tutor is great for helping students get a Maths' GCSE, for preparing students in a sixth form or a college get their A Levels, and also making students fall in love with maths.

It’s easy to work out whether an educator on Superprof offers online one to one maths tutorials. You just have to have a look at the sidebar on the right of their advert and see whether it has the “webcam” logo.

If you want to only find online tutorials, you just have to select “Via webcam” from the drop-down menu when searching for tutors.

A modern way to teach maths using modern technology.

The Digitisation Of Private Tutorials Is Already Happening

Today 23% of Superprof private tutors teach their tutorials online. The average maths tutor prices per hour for these online private tutorials is £19.

As Anne, a Superprof user, echoes:

“online tutorials are also an interesting solution for students who live in the country or abroad and are far away from most tutors. In fact, we concentrate better during virtual tutorials”.

On behalf of the tutors, David highlighted the advantage of online tutorials:

“It offers another way to be in contact with the students 24/7, 365 days a year”.

The most frequently asked questions when it comes to online tutorials are about which payment tools to use. Once your free Skype and PayPal accounts are set up, you just have to take the plunge and start teaching your online tutorials with Superprof.

This is how maths tutors see the future! Discover the History of Maths tutoring over the centuries with our guide.

Find tutoring jobs on Superprof. Whether you want to teach at home or start online tutoring jobs, we can help.

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