What's Academic support over webcam?

Teaching via webcam combines traditional aspects of teaching (exercises, lessons, revision, etc.) and being able to work from home.

Thanks to digital technologies, you can reach students from all over the world as well as learn about new technologies.

According to a 2015 Opinion Way survey, 6% of parents declared that being familiar with digital technologies was the most important quality for a teacher.

Parents are aware of how important modern technologies are nowadays: if tutors want to keep up with the times and add some skills to their CVs, they’ll have to offer academic support and tutorials over webcam.

Here are our top 8 advantages of becoming an online tutor.

1. Online Lessons are Less Scholastic

There’s a good reason that online tutoring is becoming so popular. A lot of students struggle with traditional education.

According to an Opinion Way study in 2012, 33% of students said the reason they were failing certain subjects was because they didn’t get along with their teacher.

They either feel targeted, picked on, or left behind by their teacher and don’t want to be part of the school. On the other hand, online tutoring services are much more personalised to the student and working on your computer is far less formal than doing work in class.

There are also benefits to having your tutor’s email or Skype address.

How do you find students for private tutorials?
Children and adults alike can benefit from private tutorials. (Source: Free-Photos)

Instead of having a purely formal relationship, those being tutored can get in touch with their tutor more easily, which is far less stressful for the student. This is especially when they're struggling with their homework or didn't grasp something they were told in the classroom.

The ages of tutors also help: tutors offering webcam tutorials are usually quite young (between 20 and 30) which also reduces the age gap between the students and tutors. Webcam tutorials allow fun-yet-serious exchanges and one on one lessons.

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2. Schedule Your Lessons

Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of webcam tutorials. Things are less complicated as you’ll have more free slots in your schedule.

Imagine you finish work at 4 and have a class at 6. With private tutorials, you wouldn’t be able to fit an hour-long lesson in beforehand. With webcam tutorials, you just have to turn on your computer and start teaching.

If you have a free hour, you could always use an instant messaging service to quickly schedule an impromptu lesson with your student.

The most popular slots are:

  • Afternoons
  • Weekends
  • School holidays
  • Bank holidays
  • Evenings

With remote academic support, even if you’re on holiday in another country, you can still stay in contact with your students and can plan around your schedule.

3. Online Tutoring is Cheaper

If you have a quick glance at Superprof, you’ll see that online lessons are generally cheaper than traditional private tutorials.


When teachers don’t have to pay for transport, they can charge less. Which is great for the student.

How much do webcam tutorials cost?
People like webcam tutorials because they're cheaper than regular tutorials. (Source: PublicDomainPictures)

Parents will be happy to pay less, especially when it comes to being able to choose tutors from all over the world.

Webcam tutorials are also a good opportunity to teach several students at once. Through programmes like Skype, you can organise video conferences and give academic support classes to groups of students.

While these types of classes can help parents to save money because the tutor can charge less, it also allows tutors to reach more students. As students from all over the country struggle with their lessons at school, you’ll end up with more and more students.

Furthermore, you won’t need to invest in traditional teaching materials like stationery since you’ll be working digitally. Thanks to online exercises and MOOCs, you can plan your classes without having to get out your wallet.

Online academic support is a great solution for students from all over the country looking to get ahead or catch up.

4. You Can Give Online Lessons Anywhere

You’ll need to have a good teacher’s profile if you want parents to consider you.

According to a 2015 Opinion Way survey, 43% of parents said that “subject expertise” it the main reason they choose a tutor, followed by “being a good listener”.

You need to be more than just a good teacher, though. Some of your potential students will judge you solely on your qualifications. If you have qualifications from good universities or professional teaching qualifications, you could do very well as a webcam tutor.

In fact, parents from smaller towns and villages around the country often struggle to find academic support tutors with good qualifications. This is where online classes really come into their own: with just a computer, parents can get in touch with qualified tutors from all over the country.

You can teach almost any subject via webcam, including:

  • French, Spanish, German (grammar, reading, writing, speaking, listening, etc.)
  • English (essay writing, exam preparation, etc.)
  • Maths (including calculus, algebra, statistics, geometry, etc.)
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Philosophy
  • Geography
  • Music
  • Economics
How much are private tutors paid?
If you're not sure how to earn money during your degree, tutoring could be the answer! (Source: JESHOOTScom)

You can help primary school and secondary school students get ready for their exams (SATs, GCSEs, A Levels, etc.) or help struggling students to catch up.

5. Online Communication can make Learning more Efficient

The internet is a fantastic invention. With the advent of new technologies, we’ve been able to revolutionise the way we learn. Long gone are the days of endlessly scouring through textbooks and making photocopied notes for students. With just your computer, you can send documents to your students in just a few clicks.

To communicate with your student over the internet, you can use several of the following methods:

  • Instant messaging services with file-sharing (Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.)
  • Email clients (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)
  • File-sharing and cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)

You can share online maths resources, foreign language websites, or video libraries effortlessly with your student.

As part of your educational role, your goal is to create an academic support programme that encourages your students to learn.

6. Enhance Your Classes with Educational Apps

What’s an educational app?

Just like other apps, you can download educational apps onto your smartphone or your computer via the online stores:

  • Play Store
  • Apple Store
  • Windows Store

You can find traditional teaching methods, language activities, tests, quizzes, revision guides, etc. As a private tutor, you can use whichever resources you deem fit.

Which are the best tutoring apps?
You can download free apps in just a few seconds. (Source: Pexels)

Apps can be useful for your student to practise between tutorials or to study certain aspects of your subject. Revision is much better if it’s fun!

Apps can also help you plan your lessons. You can use serious apps for their monitoring and exams since many of them are designed by education professionals. The exercises included may even inspire you for your next tutorial.

7. Online Tutorials are Easier to Organise

All webcam tutors will tell you that organising academic support over the web is much easier. You don’t need to think about planning your route, for one, you can just focus on the actual tutorials themselves!

In addition to saving money, you can teach from wherever suits you. A lot of university students are choosing to teach private tutorials. Thanks to webcam classes, you can teach a private tutorial in the gap between two lessons and earn some money.

Whether you’re in a café, at home, or elsewhere, you don’t have to stop being a private tutor. In just a few clicks you can get in touch with your students.

8. Teaching Time is More Focused

Webcam tutorials allow the students to communicate with their tutor in real-time. There’s no time wasted getting sat down and getting all your materials out and you can answer your student directly.

If your student is struggling with a certain concept, send them links to useful exercises that’ll help them to learn. They’ll be ready for your next class and this will help them make more progress. Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with the parents as much. The student can take charge of their own learning.

Webcam tutorials involve less chitchat, too. You can remain focused on the task at hand, teach your student more effectively, and boost their morale.

According to a 2015 Opinion Way survey, 59% of adults liked a certain subject at school because of the teacher who taught it.

So if you’d like to inspire students from all over the country without having to leave the house, why not become an online tutor?

Sign up to Superprof and create your own profile. Make sure to mention your qualifications, the equipment and tools you use, and your experience as a tutor or a teacher!

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