A Personal Development Coach, like a Life Coach, works with you in any and all areas of your life. Personal development coaches who specialise in helping people achieve specific goals and overcome obstacles to personal growth. Goals may be related to any area of personal development, including relationships, business, finance or health and wellness.

Personal Development Coaching clients are looking to improve themselves in one or multiple ways.

The purpose of Personal Development Coaching is to improve self-awareness, create an empowering identity, unleash potential, enhance quality of life, improve social status, increase earning potential, and facilitate the achievement of personal causes and aspirations. A coach will equip you with the tools you need to reach your goals.

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What Is Involved in Coaching?

Personal Development Coaching covers a wide selection of areas, from identifying ways to increase overall happiness, love, wealth, and overall enjoyment of life. Clients have these things inside of them already; it is a Personal Development Coach’s role to help the client become aware of them.  

A coach will start by helping you evaluate where you are and what your life is like now. Coaches use different techniques to do an assessment of your current state using; powerful questions, empowering listening, training and other ways to help you understand where you are now.

All of this leads to helping you figure out where you want to be and how you can get yourself there. You decide exactly what goals will best allow you to lead yourself to where you want to be and you can then develop a goal setting strategy with your coach. You set your goals and determine the best actions to take to achieve those goals.

Whatever area you need help with, a coach can help you with many personal issues like:

  • Personal Relationships.
  • Self-Love.
  • Discovering your Authentic Self.
  • Positive Mindset.
  • Goal Setting.
  • Increased Income.
  • Increased Joy and Passion.
  • Increased Self Confidence.
  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety.
  • Self-Motivation.

Why is Personal and Professional Coaching in Such High Demand?

In the midst of continual change and development, people rarely get stuck merely because they lack some key piece of information or some precise procedure from a course or a book. Rather, they often get stuck in how they think and feel about themselves or their situations in life and work. People are getting stuck a lot lately.

Let's look at some of the major reasons why:

  • An explosion in the use of global telecommunications has opened up new markets around the globe and this has dramatically increased competition among businesses.
  • Consequently, to work effectively, organisations and employees must be continually open and adapting to feedback from their markets and other environments. (This is called continuous learning.)
  • Results of this rapid change include more highly complex challenges and problems in our lives and work.
  • Traditional means to addressing these challenges and problems aren't working as well as needed.
  • For example, the traditional top-down style of leadership isn't compatible with remaining open to feedback and learning.
  • Complex problems can't be solved by experts and gurus who lead followers through highly analytic and rational approaches.
  • Consequently, businesses are demanding that training and development services be much more effective in helping people to "learn how to learn" (continuous learning) and apply that learning to the workplace.

All of these issues are occurring at the same time that many of us are seeking more meaning in our lives so people turn to personal development coaching.

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Core Benefits of Coaching

Coaching can benefit almost anyone in almost any situation. The benefits that client achieve from their coaching experiences depend very much on what they choose to work on in their coaching. However, there are some core benefits that clients can achieve no matter what goals they choose. Regardless of the goals of the clients, coaching can help clients to:

  • Learn more effectively by helping them to take ongoing actions on current, real-world goals and sharing feedback with others along the way (this is really the way that adults learn best).
  • Solve complex problems by helping clients to continually reinterpret, or reframe their problems and to continue to take actions toward resolving their problems, as well.

Find more meaning by helping them to participate more wholeheartedly and realistically in the here-and-now, thereby helping them to live more authentic lives.

Typical Methods and Coaching Tools

Coaches use a variety of methods, tools, forms and exercises in their practice. Use of these methods and tools depends very much on the values and focus of the coach and the unique needs and nature of the client. They include, for example:

  • Clear set of standards and ethics that guide the nature and scope of the coaching relationship.
  • Agreements and contracts to establish clear understanding and commitments between coach and client
  • Various forms and checklists to quickly collect information about the client regarding contact information, history, etc.
  • Inventories and exercises to help clients to clarify their values and vision for themselves.
  • Deep listening to really understand the nature and needs of the client.
  • Probing questions to help the client understand their own assumptions and perspectives about themselves and their world.
  • Tactful challenges to move the client forward.
  • Reflecting and summarizing to capture conclusions and learning for coach and client.
  • Goal setting done mutually with the client to ensure ongoing clear direction, problem solving, successes and development for clients.

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Skills Needed

Life coaches need to possess certain characteristics and skills and have the right personality for the job. Completing a training program can help you gain a basic knowledge of these skills, but you should already have some of these characteristics if you're thinking about becoming a coach. Coaches need to enjoy working with people and helping them solve problems. They need to have excellent communication skills, be good listeners, have a positive and upbeat outlook, want to make a positive difference in their clients' lives and have an interest in their own personal growth and development.

Education and Training

Although technically you can become a personal development coach without any training it is advisable to do some training if coaches want to be credible. Getting training from a reputable organisation definitely helps coaches attract clients as they are much more credible and trustworthy if they have proper training. 

Coach training should include a specific set of core competencies, including ethics, creating a rapport with the client, effective communication, facilitating learning and demonstrating results, such as through goal setting and achievement. Coach training can last several months or years, depending on your desired level of expertise and aims of the organisation.

Life Coaching isn't regulated in the UK so you need to do your research. Ask prospective coaches about their education and training before you commit to them.

Search online directories to find coaches that have memberships with a professional body and have the appropriate insurance cover and qualifications. However, qualifications and training don’t mean much if you don't get on with your coach.

Having a great relationship with your coach is really important. If you don’t feel comfortable with your coach, you’re not going to gain much from the session. It’s a good idea to get in touch with a coach before you book a session. This way you can get a feel of what the coach is like before you commit your time and money.

Coaching is a tool than can greatly enhance your life so finding the right one to help you achieve your goals is essential.

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