"There's millions and millions of people that listen and love podcasts that didn't in 2012." -John Lee Dumas

Rising in popularity every year since its invention in February 2004, podcasts are commonplace in all parts of the globe. They have significantly shaped the way we learn about new things. Busy individuals may learn about ancient Greek mythology, French cuisine, or how to take care of houseplants in the winter by listening to a podcast while on their way to work riding the tube. The sheer convenience of podcasts has led to their triumph and appeal to people of all ages. Various apps are available for download on the Google Play or App Store, making it easier to listen to your favourite topic of interest while cooking, exercising, or chilling in the bathtub. But what about learning Italian? Is it possible to use podcasts to hone Italian skills and become more fluent in the Roman Empire's language? Absolutely! Without further delay, in today's article, we shall touch on five of the best ways an Italian language learner can use podcasts to reach overall fluency effectively.

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The Best Podcasts for Learning Italian

Learning Italian in Milan
Based in Milan, the 5 Minute Italian podcast is a great option for learners who have short attention spans. (Source: Unsplash)
If you are a diligent language learner who has decided to utilise a podcast to brush up on speaking or listening skills, we salute you for your brilliant decision. Nonetheless, it is essential to state that some podcasts are better equipped for learners than others; not all podcasts are worthy of listening. Therefore, to significantly aid Italian enthusiasts to choose a correct podcast from the beginning, the following are the best five most highly recommended podcasts for learning Italian like a pro:

  • 5 Minute Italian: based in Milan and featuring a pair of charming hosts, the 5 Minute Italian podcast is brilliant for learners who want to be aware of common Italian grammar mistakes from the get-go. Also, the simple format allows learners to grasp essential terms and work towards fluency more effectively quickly.
  • ItalianPod101.com: best known for covering the basics of Italian, the ItalianPod101.com is fantastic for beginners who do not know where to start. There are various hosts, but there are also many topics discussed in a humorous yet clear and concise manner, highly recommended for Italian beginners who want to learn on-the-go.
  • News in Slow Italian: Like the following podcast, News in Slow Italian is a great series to listen to for beginners since it helps students acquire an ear for the nuances of Italian when spoken by natives. Topics such as world news, vocabulary, grammar, and popular expressions are discussed in slowed-down audio. The audio is straightforward to comprehend, and the hosts have a way of keeping things fresh and vibrant.
  • Da Costa a Costa: when translated into English, the title means "From Coast to Coast" Da Costa a Costa is a beautiful podcast with plenty of information for intermediate and advanced students. Why's that? The subject matter of analysing international politics, especially those from the US, in the Italian language is a little bit daunting for beginners. Nonetheless, this podcast's episodes are well-produced, varied, and joy to listen to for more accomplished Italian students.
  • 30 Minute Italian: created for learners of all levels, the 30-minute Italian podcast is an excellent tool for those who don't have much time during the day yet want to continue learning essential Italian vocabulary and phrases. Cher, the podcast host, is very engaging and provides learners with everything they should know about the Italian language and culture. Some of the episodes on the "30-minute Italian" podcast include How to Write a Love Letter in Italian, Phrases to Buy Jewelry in Italy, and Tips for Navigating the Train System in Italy.

All of the previously mentioned podcasts are worthy of consideration, so you might as well download and subscribe to them ASAP to start speaking like an Italian! Did you know that you can also use YouTube channels to hone Italian skills?

The Five Most Irrefutable Manners to Use Podcasts to Improve Italian Fluency

Struggling to learn a new language is not uncommon in today's global world. There are individuals across the UK and other parts of Europe that have or are trying to acquire fluency in three or more foreign tongues. Nonetheless, to turn the wrestle of language learning into something productive and enjoyable, many have resorted to alternative studying methods and techniques. Such as? Using podcasts! We shall now highlight the five most significant ways Italian learners can use podcasts for their overall benefit.

To Improve Comprehension Skills

Podcasts are elementary to fit into anyone's daily routine since they can be done on-the-go and do not require a lot of time and preparation. Educational podcasts make learning new languages, such as Italian, more attainable for everyone. Also, it is worth stating that since podcasts do not require students to read course material or watch their teachers, they can focus entirely on listening to what is being said. By listening to Italian podcasts in a quiet room with no distractions, your brain has to work at the audio pace, and you are forced to actively think about what you are hearing. When listening skills are practised, comprehension abilities are improved that contribute favourably to the overall learning experience. A student will be more able to recognise keywords, phrases, and essential grammar in their acquisition of the Italian language. Click to learn Italian online here.

Repeating Out Loud is Good for Memorisation

While honing listening skills are a given when using podcasts, some might not be sure how podcasts help improve other aspects necessary to language acquisition, such as memory abilities. While it has been proven that reading helps with memorisation skills when learning a foreign tongue, when it comes to using podcasts, it is quite rare to find scripts of episodes to listen along to. However, there is no need to fret since there is another solution. Such as? Repeating things out loud. Therefore, to jog the memory and remember essential words, phrases, and expressions, it is highly recommended that students repeat the content they are listening to their favourite Italian podcast. Nonetheless, we recommend finding a quiet place to repeat things out loud since we don't want anyone to think you're a crazy person babbling away in Italian! Click here to join Italian lessons on Superprof.

Learn About Italian Culture

listening to the news
By listening to the news in Italian, advanced learners become even better in their foreign language skills. (Source: Unsplash)
It may seem that the learning experience is over for learners who have established a firm foundation of speaking, reading, listening, and writing in Italian. Is that 100% truthful? Not necessarily. While it is noteworthy to have acquired an advanced Italian level, a lot of work still needs to be done in understanding the culture, its unique dialects, and specific expressions from native speakers. Therefore, Italian podcasts that mention exciting facts about the "Bel Paese" culture and history are worthy of listening to on the regular. By hearing native Italian hosts speak about the news and other vital topics directed to an Italian audience with no language learners in mind, students of Italy's Romance language may pick up essential nuances that will significantly aid them on their next trip to the motherland.

To Revise Essential Information

Reviewing for exams or quizzes on any subject can be stressful, especially if there are no helpful resources. Therefore, what can help Italian students revise information? Podcasts. Podcasts are an excellent revision tool to go over past material covered in class yet, due to distractions, you forgot all about. Italian learners can go at their own pace and pause and replay at parts they need much more time, such as grammar, vocabulary, essential phrases, introductory expressions, etc.

Also, it's worth stating that listening to a podcast featuring your favourite Italian host is much more engaging than skimming through the pages of an old textbook. 

We recommend having a few Italian podcasts that you enjoy in your virtual library. This will aid the revision process since you can quickly look at past episodes to find the information you need to review Italian like a boss! Click here to join Italian courses London by Superprof.

Make Your Own Homemade Podcast

hosting a podcast
Hosting a podcast and interviewing native speaking guests is a brilliant way to keep Italian skills going. (Source: Unsplash)
It comes as no surprise that to continue improving in a foreign language, you must practice speaking, reading, and listening in the foreign tongue regularly to not get rusty and forget what you worked so hard to learn. When it comes to maintaining fluency in Italian, practice makes perfect. Nevertheless, it is quite a challenge for citizens of many UK villages and smaller towns to find native Italian speakers to keep skills sharpened. What can be done? Make your podcast! While we have considered how individuals can utilise podcasts to improve in Italian, why not consider the creative benefits of producing your own "Italian" podcast? By talking about the things you have learnt, the struggles you faced while acquiring Italian, and interviewing native speaking guests, you will motivate others to continue on their learning path. Also, at the same time, creating your Italian podcast can help maintain your Romans' language skills! In conclusion, we highly recommend frequently using podcasts to improve your Italian abilities. Even if you're a more traditional learner, you might as well try podcasts since the proof is in the pudding!  


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