Chinese, Korean, or Japanese...These living languages are not often taught in schools favoring French or Spanish.

However, contrary to what you might think, Japanese culture has had a real impact on learning the Japanese language!

Young students are turning more and more towards this language to better understand the springs of this civilization.

You think it's impossible to find students to learn the Japanese language through your tutoring classes?

Think again!

Here's how to easily find students so you can finally teach Japanese...

Giving Classes to Those Closest to You (Friends and Family)

No need to go to Japan to learn how to teach Japanese writing techniques, vocabulary, or Japanese grammar ...

A good introduction to any modern language teaching begins with some regular training for your family!

Through an oral presentation or a beginner's lesson, you can totally practice becoming a Japanese teacher in a familiar environment!

The beautiful language of the rising sun is still a mystery to many American people today, which could be a problem for your in-home classes.

The Japanese are innovators, and this has attracted people to the language.

Considering that Japan is geographically isolated island nation that is densely populated and poor in natural resources makes the strength of the Japanese economy seem even more impressive. The Japanese have relied on their creativity and scientific know-how to succeed not only economically but also in ecology- and effiency-oriented ways.

The Japanese are known as high tech leaders in fields such as optical media, semiconductor manufacturing, industrial robotics, and fermentation processes. Their drive for innovation has made the Japanese the world leaders in patent filings at 420,000 applications annually.

Thus, more and more of our compatriots are interested in this language thanks to its culture:

  • manga,
  • animation,
  • technological prowess,
  • or even J-pop music...

Japan is hot right now!

Nothing like family to help you progress in your Japanese teaching!

You will need to leave your apprehensions behind by explaining to your loved ones that Japanese is now a particularly popular language.

Tutoring your loved ones in Japanese means a lot of advantages:

  • Giving Japanese classes in a familiar environment, which will greatly reduce your stress.
  • You already know your students: it will be easier for you to adapt your pedagogy to their skills.
  • No need to introduce yourself since your students already know your background.
  • If you give classes at home, you will save on your transportation costs.
  • Your students will be able to give you a better idea of ​​your teaching style.
  • You can quickly expand your circle of students.

So don't neglect private education to your loved ones: they will always be your biggest fans and certainly the most inclined to give you good publicity with their loved ones!

Do not hesitate to conduct a little survey with them to find out their opinion on the language and Japanese culture: this will allow you to enrich your course so that your pupils feel more of "an immersion" during your private lesson!

Discover more quick tips on how to build successful lessons in Japanese!

Sharing Your Tutoring Classes with your Neighbors

Hiragana, kanji or kana...Japanese writing is very little known in America, especially since Japanese characters are opposite to those used in America.

No problem--just explain to your entourage that Japanese calligraphy can be learned if one has enough motivation!

To give private Japanese tutoring lessons nothing is better than starting in one's own neighborhood.

While strolling through your neighborhood, don't be afraid to approach your neighbors and explain what you are up must of course be sure to respect Japanese politeness rules! Try to convince your neighbors that it is possible to learn Japanese at any age!

You could be surprised by their response!

Indeed, many Japanese language students take private tutoring language lessons to learn more about their country!

Find out what level your Japanese should be at to give private lessons!

According to a survey conducted by VisaJapan in 2015, here are the main goals of Japanese students:

  • Work in Japan (54.3%),
  • Visit Japan (25.3%),
  • Study in Japan (15.2%),
  • Other reasons (5.3%).

Of course, it will be easier for you to reach a younger audience since teenagers' infatuation for the Japanese culture is not a secret.


It's no secret how excited Americans are about sushi! It has been all the craze all over the United States since the 1980s!

However, explain to your older neighbors that teaching an adapted version of the Japanese language at a less intensive pace is quite possible.

The Minna no Nihongo books are also a good introduction to the language. Thanks to these learning manuals, your entourage will be able to discover the Japanese language with ease before calling on your services!

The techniques to promote tutoring classes in your neighborhood are many:

  • Learning packages,
  • Letters slipped into people's mailbox,
  • Oral presentation when meeting someone in your neighborhood,
  • Word of mouth.

To start learning Japanese, there is nothing like trusting a teacher you already know and hang out with!

Discover more effective ways of teaching Japanese to beginners!

Proposing Japanese Classes to Students

If you would like to learn Japanese in college, you are in luck, because it is possible--in some very good schools.

You can also decide to work for national education and help American students to improve their pronunciation and understanding of Japanese words.

Today, some American schools offer Japanese language classes.

This is the case for:

  • Harvard University,
  • Brown University,
  • Columbia University,
  • University of San Francisco,
  • Berkeley,
  • UCLA,
  • And many others…

To learn to speak Japanese, students can take classes from high school and college.

As a private Japanese tutor, you can apply to a Japanese school but also to traditional schools (university, public or private high school etc.).

Be careful with your CV!

Indeed, there is much competition for a Japanese teacher position. Because the courses are much less requested than others (French, Spanish etc.), there are fewer positions and it'll be harder for you to land the job of your dreams!

Check Superprof website for available online tutoring jobs!

You will have to put your best hand forward in order to land the job of your dreams!

Schools will favor native Japanese or perfectly bilingual teachers.

In order to practice the language--but also to enrich your resume--the best thing you can do for yourself is to live in Japan for a few years in order to distinguish yourself from the rest!

Please also note that colleges, high schools, and higher education establishments (such as universities, colleges, BTS) invite students and private teachers to submit ads on walls designed for this purpose. Why not drop off yours?

Explain all your skills, as well as your ability to draw up a Japanese course!

Having a Japanese penpal is also a good alternative to traveling to Japan since your new friend will be able to train you in Japanese conversation.

To teach the Japanese language to an American there is nothing better than working on your personal skills!

Putting Ads in Local Supermarkets and Shops

"Do you want to learn an Asian language but Chinese lessons just don't feel right? Come take a private Japanese lesson! "

"Thanks to my teaching techniques, learning to speak Japanese has never been easier! "

"Tired of learning the Japanese dictionary by heart? Want a fun and rewarding course? I offer Japanese lessons at only 20 USD/hour! "

Here are some catch phrases that can help you when you are writing your ad! Yes, classifieds in newspapers are still very popular today.

Of course, the best is to attract students that live in your neighborhood or town.

To catch the eye of your future students, make your ad attractive!

You can play with small elements reminiscent of Japanese civilization (a writing in kanji, a katana, etc.).

Set your eyes on an ad that glimmers as bright as all these Japanese lights!

Do you think the personal ad is obsolete?

What nenni!

Claudia, a Japanese teacher in Washington DC, explains:

"When I put my ad in the mall, I had some doubts about the impact of my approach. Do people always read the classifieds? The answer is yes! In one week, I had already received 3 calls for Japanese classes! It's all about choosing the right store: school supplies stores, for example, will attract more people (students, parents)! "

You've understood correctly: the most important thing is knowing when and where to place your ad.

To learn a language, students prefer to start early. Placing your ad at the end of summer or the beginning of the new school year will ensure that your ad has more impact.

The same applies to the targeted store: bakeries or large chains (like Barnes and Nobles etc.) are very popular with families. Your phone will ring more!!!

To become the "sensei" of the Japanese language, you can trust in these good old methods!

Offering Online Japanese Classes

Today, even without leaving your home, you can become a private Japanese tutor!

There is nothing more simple: all you need is a computer, a good internet connection, and there you go!

Depending on your schedule, you can offer courses at any time: evening classes, intensive courses during school holidays, etc.

Whether Japanese is your mother tongue or not, you can give a cultural or linguistic course on Japan.

Passionate about Japanese cuisine or even ikebana?

With online courses, your lessons can be even more diverse since you will have the opportunity to give classes via webcam to students from all over the United States.


With Superprof, give origami classes for around 20 USD an hour!

Here are some sites where you can put your classified ads:

  • Craigslist
  • Vivastreet,
  • Superprof.

If you decide to go through Superprof, the average price for one hour of Japanese lessons is 25 USD.

Find out more on setting your private tutoring rates competitively!

Our platform does not take a commission. You get to keep all of your money!

Private lessons in modern languages ​​are also very popular with students. Indeed, the classical training of a high school student includes only French, Spanish, or German.

However, many young people want to begin to learn the languages ​​of Asia, since the culture of this continent is very popular in the USA!

To become a Japanese language tutor, it is above all important to ensure the progression of your pupils thanks to the sharing of irreproachable oral expression.

If your course appeals to your students, they will even have the opportunity to take a Japanese LV3 option during their Baccalaureate!

No need to go to Japan to practice your favorite language. Thanks to your teaching, you will be able to share your passion with motivated students.

Feel free to go through a classifieds site to reach a wider audience!

Now discover everything you need to know about becoming a Japanese tutor...


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