Once you finally qualify as an English tutor, your next step is to find students. There are a couple of ways to find students but the first and the most obvious one is to provide your tutoring services in a school or any other institute.

The perks of joining a school or teaching at any college are that you don't have to try in order to find students yourself. The school does that for you. You are assigned a classroom and all you have to do is plan your lectures and deliver it to the students.

The question of finding students to teach English arrives when you are no longer teaching in an institute and you decide to find a tutoring job and teach on your own i.e Private tutoring. Now there are two ways to find students. These are as follows:

  1. Online Students (the students you teach over internet)
  2. Offline Students (the students who need you to be physically present with them)

We will jump into the strategies to find students online later on. Let us discuss some practical methods which you can use to find students outside school.

Finding Students to Teach over Summer Holidays

Most of the English tutors want to keep providing their tutoring services in the school or college they work at. But they are usually free from work during summer vacations.

If you are one of those tutors who is looking to make some extra money over the holidays, then you can consider doing summer tutoring. The best way to find students to teach over summer holidays is:-

  • Advertising to your existing students at school: The best and easiest way to get students for summer is to approach the students you already teach. Before the start of summer classes, tell your students that you would be teaching English over the summer and if any student wants to take extra classes or cover the syllabus of the next grade during the summer, then you can help them. You can ask your students to spread the word too!
  • Spread the word: Let your friends, family members, acquaintances know of your summer plans. There must be students waiting to start English classes during their holidays and if they hear about you from someone, they will contact you immediately. Make sure you have your teaching portfolio ready, to show to the parents before they hire you.
  • Advertise Yourself on the Internet: You can easily reach hundreds of people in your community via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Create a descriptive post or a brochure describing your qualifications and what tutoring services you can offer in what particular time span. Share it on social media and request your friends and family to share your post so that it reaches maximum number of people. Do not forget to include your contact information and email.
  • Distribute Pamphlets: The same brochures you share on social media, get them printed and distribute them in your neighborhood or place them in nearby shops.
  • Ask your fellow tutors: Spread the word to other faculty members you know. They can let their students know about your services for the summer!
Online tutors should promote themselves everywhere online
Social Media is the best way to promote yourself . ( Image Source: Unsplash)

Follow the above-mentioned steps before the summer holidays began, so that you have a whole lot of students to teach English as soon as the summer holidays start.

Not to forget, these same tips can be put to use if you want to quit your job as an English teacher and begin your career as a private tutor. Being a home tutor has several perks if you know how to approach your clients i.e. how to find tutees for English tutoring.

If that is your case, you might want to broaden your circle. Look for ESL students. There are a lot of communities in England whose first language is not English. Such pupils are always on a look out for opportunities to better their English language skills of both reading and writing.

Join a Tutoring Center

If doing all the marketing feels too hectic for you, you can always join any tutoring center or pair up with a friend to share the duties of running a tutoring business. Remember, your English tutoring skills are always in a high demand and you can become a writing tutor or a reading tutor.

There are a lot of tutoring centers offering tutor jobs to French tutors, English tutors, Spanish tutors, Biology tutors, Computer Science tutors, Chemistry tutors, Physics tutors etc. Becoming a tutor to teach English in any tutoring center will save you time and money on advertising if you plan to go solo.

Provide Mentoring to Students taking Standardized tests

Every year a lot of students take the standardized tests such as GMAT, SAT, TEFL, PSAT etc. If you are a certified teacher, you can mentor these students and guide them for their test prep. Again, you will have to do a little bit marketing yourself at the right time.

Research when the tests take place and start planning your classes for the preparation of these tests three or four months ago. Spread the word and voila! You are good to go.

Start their academic tutoring and be the best tutor in town. Give the best possible training for these standardized tests to ensure the academic success of your students. This will develop your repute as a Top English Tutor and will help you to attract more students in future.

Academic success is ensured by the best tutors out there.
Provide effective mentoring to your students. ( Image Source: Unsplash)

Finding Students Online

The most flexible way to earn money is online, from the comfort of your home. You can reach millions of students all across the globe if you adopt the right method.

Developing your reputation online takes patience and some hard work initially, but once you have established yourself as an online tutor, you can easily make lots of money just from the internet!

Here is what you need to do to find English Students to teach online.

  • Sign up on any freelancing website such as Freelancer, Upwork or Fiverr. Create a professional profile that looks credible and trustworthy. Spend time optimizing the information you provide on your profile. Make it highly professional and also take the tests, such as English Grammar test, Vocabulary test etc. available on these sites; display their score on your profile as a proof of your tutoring skills and English Language Skills.
  • Highlight your teaching specialty. It is important and will help you attract the right students.
  • Provide a brief yet inspiring introduction of yourself and put up a nice, formal profile picture
  • Set your initial rates low because it is hard to find clients online when you are just starting out. Once you start getting clients, you can increase your rates depending on the number of hours you have worked.
  • Reach out to your potential clients via proposals and bids. Provide them your sample work (it could be the course material you designed) or the feedback from your previous students. Give them a reason to choose you over other online tutors. Introduce yourself actively and provide them with details of your teacher certifications and academic background.
  • And if your proposal or bid gets accepted, negotiate the timing and the hourly pay with your client (they could be the guardian of the students or the students themselves).
  • In order to attract more students, promote your profile on social media.

The online method mentioned above, is for those who want to do freelance tutoring. You can be a full-time freelance tutor or you can opt for other ways such as becoming a tutor at superprof with a large reputable community of students and tutors. ?

Learn to to manage teaching students with dyslexia here.

Some Tips for Online tutoring

One of the most innovative ways to earn is to set-up a system of passive income for yourself. Passive income is the income which you receive without having much work to do.

You have to put some work at the start but when it is out there, you continue receiving money for it without having to work on it again.

The number one example for it is creating English course material (in form of lecture videos usually) and uploading it on YouTube or websites like Udemy.

Online tutoring is gaining momentum
Create a repute online by working from home. ( Image Source: Unsplash)

You only have to put in work once, then you can sit back, advertise your course materials and attract students who are willing to watch your YouTube videos or buy your course material.

This is one of the best ways to not only earn online but also to create a nice reputation in the online marketplace.

Once you know you have a nice following of students/clients on either freelancing platform or on YouTube etc. you can set out to create your personal website and a personal blog to brag about the large number of online students you have.

You can use your personal website as a third-party system to attract more students on your teaching profiles across the internet.

Finding students to teach English does not end here. You can consider moving abroad too! There are many countries out there, which are looking for foreign English tutors to teach in their schools. Such countries also pay a hefty salary to foreign tutors and you will surely enjoy your life as an English tutor!

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