Tejas - Prof chess - Pune

He's the ultimate teacher. Quality of the profile, excellence of the diploma, guaranteed response. Tejas will carefully organize your first Chess lesson.


  • Hourly rate €17
  • Response Time 1h
  • Number of students 50+
Tejas - Prof chess - Pune
  • 4.8 (9 reviews)


1st lesson free


1st lesson free

1st lesson free

  • Chess

FIDE rated chess player gives chess lessons in Pune or online (Through Skype/Hangouts or similar)

Lesson location

    • By webcam
    • at your home or in a public place : will travel up to 20 km from Pune


One of our best tutors. Quality profile, experience in their field, verified qualifications and a great response time. Tejas will be happy to arrange your first Chess lesson.

About Tejas

I have been conducting chess classes since the last 9 years now and have taught approximately 120-130 students.
Apart from achievements in the field of chess, the teachings have helped many of my students improve their concentration and patience level. Based on the student needs, we customize the teaching style, be it to improve concentration or to become a professional chess player.
Brief summary of my teaching career :
1)Current Student Strength – 52, Online Students -27
2)7 students have active FIDE rating since 2017
3)Teaching students primarily in the UK, US, UAE,Italy,Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and India.
4)I am also working as an Instructor with Classvio online classes ( based out of Singapore) since June 2018 .

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About the lesson

  • All Levels
  • English

All languages in which the lesson is available :


My name is Tejas Kondedeshmukh and am based in Pune, India. I have an international FIDE chess rating of 2060 and been playing chess since the last 21 years now; my experience of tournament play is around 70 to 80 chess tournaments from State to National level.
I conduct chess classes from beginner to professional level students using chess software along with practical examples to enhance learning. I try to focus on interactions with students during the classes to gauge their understanding and clear their concepts.

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Hourly rate

  • €17

Pack prices

  • 5h: €79
  • 10h: €157


  • €17/h

free lessons

The first free lesson with Tejas will allow you to get to know each other and clearly specify your needs for your next lessons.

  • 30mins


I prefer webcam lessons using either Skype/Zoom. It makes the teaching more focused and easier to understand. I also teach groups/international students/corporates but the rate specifications are different for that. For international students, the cost is 20 USD/18 GBP/20 EUR per hour, can be negotiated to a certain extent.
In case there are 2 students, the fee for the 2nd student becomes 50%. For example, in case of students from the US, the fee for 1 student is 25 USD; the fee for 2 students is 25 USD + 12.5 USD = 38 USD.
The fees can be negotiated in case students will be enrolling for more than 1 class per week.

Learn more about Tejas

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Learn more about Tejas

  • What motivates you to teach and why?

    I love to teach because I feel I am influencing the students positively in some way by enhancing their knowledge. Also, being from a family of teachers, I have always loved teaching as such.
  • When did you start developing an interest in your subject area?

    I have been playing chess for as long as I can remember now. Nearly 22 years.
  • If you had to think of a role model for your work, who do you think of and why?

    My role model for teaching chess is the American GM Yasser Seirawan. The way in which he makes chess something fun to learn as well as impart knowledge is amazing and truly wonderful.
  • What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in mastering your craft?

    I won't say that I am a master of my craft but am trying to be anyway. The biggest obstacle which I have faced is probably preempting what the student might not understand a particular topic and prepare accordingly. The key for me is trying to answer the question the way in which the student understands.
  • In your opinion, what makes someone excel in your subject area?

    I think a lot of hard work, self study and practice are the only things that can help one excel in chess
  • What would you say to a student who says, "This is too difficult, I give up!"?

    I would not say anything immediately but will break that particular concept into parts and slowly teach the student about it. By way of encouragement, I will motivate the student by saying that he/she has got the topic and only needs to push a bit further to master it
  • How does someone become a Super Teacher?

    We would like to give you the opportunity to illustrate what you have shared with us by sending us a few photos! These will be published on your tutoring ad, along with your answers.

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