"It's not about conveying a vision, but about reaching people through an image," Ansel Adams

To improve your art, nothing better than scoping out the work of other artists!

Even beginners in photography know some shots that have been anchored in history and the collective memory. But have you ever wondered what men and women were hiding behind such works of art?

Studying the history of photography and its greatest doers is an essential step to becoming a professional photographer. The creation of a work undoubtedly belongs to great artists.

It only takes a few minutes to get an overview of the illustrious photographers who have marked their time.

Superprof unveils its top 8 most famous photographers to help you with your photography!

1. Mario Testino, Fashion Photographer

Born in 1954 in Lima, Peru, Mario Testino is probably the most influential fashion photographer in the world!

The most popular models have collaborated with the great Mario Testino.

A regular at the most prestigious fashion magazines such as Vogue, V Magazine, and Vanity Fair, Mario Testino has taken snapshots of the most famous models and celebrities around the world. It is thanks to him that we owe the success of famous brands such as Burberry or Versace. His way of immortalizing the clothes through his photo lens is completely unique.

Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Princess Diana...the most popular women in the world have gone through his photo studio!

It was not until 2014 that Mario Testino received his most prestigious distinction, namely the Order of Knight in the British Empire, rewarding him for his contribution to the world of fashion. If you are studying photography, you can get inspired by his work and study studio photography.

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2. Steve McCurry, photojournalist

Born in 1950 in the state of Pennsylvania, Steve McCurry is a reference for all future journalist photographers!

This photojournalist is particularly known for his mythical portrait of "the Afghan Girl", otherwise known as "Sharbat Gula", in which McCurry reveals the beauty of the transcendent green eyes of this young refugee leaving her homeland to reach Pakistan. A shot that has become the symbol of the refugees of the 1980s, demonstrating the violence of war.

McCurry has won all the major photography prizes, from the Life Magazine Award to the various awards from the WordPress agency.

Rather than photographing war landscapes, McCurry liked to focus on the human face and its expressions, which he finds more revealing than any background. McCurry has now dedicated his life to missions that help the Asian people through his Imagine Asia Foundation.

3. David Bailey, Photographing the Greats

What if you took black-and-white photography and portrait photography with the artists that have sat behind David Bailey's lens?

David Bailey was the most fashionable photographer - literally, as he worked for the British Vogue - of the 1960s. The photographer took portraits of some of the greatest figures in the entertainment industry; his style is easily recognizable thanks to his dramatic light and his austere backgrounds.

Bailey attempted to immortalize the "Swinging London" period, during which London was THE capital of pop culture and fashion par excellence!

Although he is passionate about his native country of England, David Bailey also was fond of France.  He married French cinema icon Catherine Deneuve in 1965. You may want to get to know him through the film Blow up, whose main character is largely inspired by the English photographer.

Many photo books will tell you more about the photographers who made history.

4. David LaChapelle, Pop Photographer

Learn to develop your own style  by taking inspiration from the work of David LaChapelle!

The Last Supper, as seen by David LaChapelle, in his series "Jesus is My Homeboy" ("Jesus is one of us").

Born in 1963 in Fairfield, Connecticut, David LaChapelle practiced art photography. It was during his youth that he became passionate about it, taking a simple shot of his mother. His passion has never left him.

Andy Wharhol himself noticed his talent and gave him his first job as a photographer for Interview Magazine. His shots are both pop and kitsch while carrying strong social messages.

The work of the American photographer is particularly diverse. He directed the music video of No Doubt called It's My Life, which won him the prize for the Best Music Video of the Year!

Influenced by other talented artists, such as Salvador Dali and Jeff Koons, David LaChapelle continues to exhibit his work worldwide. Why not visit a gallery containing his work?

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5. Edward Sheriff Curtis, Photographer of Native Americans

Immerse yourself in the history of photography by studying the images taken by Edward Curtis in the early 20th century!

Born in 1868 in the state of Wisconsin, Edward Curtis is the son of an American Civil War veteran, who was badly injured in the war. It was not until 1895 that Edward Curtis began to study photography, not least because of a meeting with Princess Angelina, the daughter of a famous Indian chief near Seattle.

Soon, Curtis took many portraits of Native Americans (or American Indians) that would earn him multiple awards. The Native Americans became an inspiration for Edward Curtis, who has photographed them from Alaska to the Southwest of the United States.

Portraits, but also religious ceremonies, traditions, or everyday life...nothing has escaped the eye of this photographer!

Edward Curtis has thus largely contributed to the recognition of indigenous people among the inhabitants of the United States, being one of the few able to live among the natives.

The SLR camera is essential for this artist!

6. Annie Leibovitz, LA photographer

Annie Leibovitz is probably the most famous female photographer in the world!

Annie Leibovitz likes to put her models in rather unexpected scenery. Here, Scarlett Johansson slips on Cinderella's shoes the time of a photoshoot!

Born in 1949 in the state of Connecticut, Annie Leibovitz was interested in art, especially painting, from an early age. Moderately attracted to photography during her studies, it was during her trip to Japan that she became attracted to it, and she decided to follow her photography dreams upon her return to the United States.

Working initially in black and white and gradually making her way to color, Annie Leibovitz took a shot in 1980 that will remain iconic forever.

She succeeded in convincing John Lennon to pose nude, she photographs him kissing his wife; A few hours after this shooting, Lennon is murdered in Manhattan.

For many years, Annie Leibovitz was in charge of taking the portraits of the biggest celebrities for Vanity Fair. We owe her many iconic covers, like the pregnant Demi Moore or Whoopi Goldberg bathing in milk.

7. Anne Geddes, Photographing Youth

Born in 1956 in Australia, Anne Geddes was a self-taught photographer whose favorite subject were young children and babies. Starting her photographic activity in Hong Kong, her fans would have to wait a few years for Anne Geddes to become more serious about photography, and specifically, photographing children.

Her success came with a series named "Cabbage Kids," stylized photos where children are resting in salad leaves. This quirky side is apparent throughout his work: children are often photographed as flowers, fairies, or small animals.

Having sold over 18 million books worldwide Anne Geddes an icon of pop culture.

We can also admire her work in an episode of Friends on Season 6, in which Joey's roommate hangs a baby portrait in their apartment!

Anne Geddes is the artist you should study if you are into studio photography, and to study especially if you want to photograph children.

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8. Ansel Adams, Landscape Photographer

The nature photographer remains one of the most famous players of photography. If you would like to discover the different ways to reveal the beauty of nature with photography, you should absolutely take inspiration from one of the greatest photographers in the world!

Ansel Adams immortalized the beauty of the natural landscapes of the United States.

Born in 1902 in San Francisco, Ansel Adams was an American photographer, but also an environmentalist. Determined to conserve nature in its purest state, Ansel Adams was passionate about the many landscapes of the American West, also photographing natural parks like the famous Yosemite Park.

Ansel Adams' style is easily recognizable: the photographer only took black and white photos in a large format, helping to highlight the clarity of his photographs.

The year 1980 marked the peak of Ansel Adam's career: US President Jimmy Carter awarded him the Freedom Medal, the most prestigious medal in the United States, for his work as a photographer and activist.

Encouraging the respect of nature, Ansel Adams also published books explaining how to improve his photo technique without endangering nature.

What if you read the biographies of these great photographers to learn how to develop your own photography style and develop a unique style?

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