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Would you like to get started with photography?

Photography is a very popular passion for many people around the world and it has piqued people’s interests from the very start that it was invented. Some like to take photographs so that they can remember the places that they have been to, saving all the details of the surroundings and people so that they can look back fondly and perhaps even recall things that they have forgotten.  

Others like to like capture places, people and objects to create art or just simply because they like what they see. Photography can be art based, a tool to help you remember, a tool to capture moments in time, or a medium through which you can tell a story or express yourself. Whatever your motive, learning how to take good photographs will benefit you greatly and your pictures.  

With help from some of our tutors, you can learn how to use your equipment and how to make the most of it so that you can improve the quality of your photos and make you happier with your results. 

What can you learn from getting photography lessons? 

The tutors will base their lessons around your learning goals so that whatever they teach is as specific as possible to your goals and desired learning outcomes. Here are some examples of what you could learn: 

Learning what settings to use with your equipment to get the best result of whatever you are trying to capture. Taking pictures of sunsets requires different skills and settings compared to taking pictures of sports and moving subjects.  

Learning how to effectively edit and what to edit can bring much more life into your pictures and can help turn the focus of the image to whatever you want the main piece of the photo to be.  

Learning how to compose your photos can be the difference between it turning out great or the photo feeling like its missing something. Whatever you are taking pictures of, it's important to know how to set up the space around your subject to get the best results.  

In short, there are many, many things that you can learn from our fantastic tutors and if you aren’t sure that they cover something that you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to them and send a message.  

Who are our Photography tutors? 

All of our tutors are either artists or professionals who all share a huge passion for the art of photography and all that it entails. We have various tutors who focus in different forms of photography which means there is more variation and opportunity for you to learn something new and different. 

Some of our tutors have also studied different forms of art and they could help teach you the theory of photography and its history and its current place in the world. So if you’re in university and looking for some help in your course or looking how to develop a project then you’ll be able to find help for that too! 

The average rate for a lesson in Ireland with one of our tutors is 20 euro. There is the possibility to do online classes if that interests you, normally these classes would be for learning theory such as editing software. Most classes would be in person, so that you can get a hands-on approach which is important for such a visually focused interest. 

Do I need special equipment to get started? 

Not at all! As long as you have something that you can bring around and it takes photos that’s a great start. No matter if its basic or not, you’ll be able to practice the basics of photography and build upon your knowledge. It's also important to familiarise yourself with whatever equipment you have and our tutors will happily help you with that.  

There’s no need to spend serious money at first on your equipment, only upgrade if you know exactly how it will benefit you and if that benefit is worth it. 

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