Being masculine has nothing to do with being muscular - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bodybuilding exercises and weightlifting programs give the most physical result dramatic results of any other sport. You can play golf, play football or even just a visit a few fitness classes near me. But no one would be able to tell what sport you engage in just by looking at you.

Alternatively, bodybuilders and weightlifters can be picked out just by looking at them. Their muscles are bigger and bulkier than the average persons. They spend hours in the gym every day doing workouts which helps them to build muscle mass. They eat with the advice of a nutritionist and are very specific about what they consume on a daily basis.

Whether you are a beginner or pro bodybuilder, bodybuilding will build your muscles if you put in the work. There are lots of places for a pro bodybuilding athlete to present himself outside of the gym too. For example, bodybuilding competitions, movies, advertisements, personal training are all great place for a bodybuilder to get exposure.

Also, the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), was created to bring together 182 nations. The IFBB founded the biggest competition in bodybuilding history which is called Mr Olympia; it is world famous today. It is the standard for a professional bodybuilder to reach if he wants to have his body appreciated worldwide.

Bodybuilding is a complete sport
Bodybuilding is a practice that requires discipline, but it also helps to achieve concrete goals that have been set, such as losing weight, gaining weight, or just improving morale. Photo Source: Unsplash
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When we think of weightlifting, stretching, bicep curls, push ups and pull ups or routines using weight training equipment. I push the thought to the back of my mind as a workout in itself and get back to my yoga. But I have a very healthy respect for bodybuilders who do what most people can't or won't do. When I see a bodybuilder, I am in awe because I know from watching bodybuilder workouts on youtube that these amazing men and women are rewriting the script about what is possible for their bodies. Let's take a look at some fantastic male bodybuilders

Phillip Heath is the bodybuilding competition king

Phil Heath has a dedication to bodybuilding which is rare to find, and he has been rewarded for that by winning the Mr Olympia championship for bodybuilders for seven years in a row. Phil is aware of his body and knows how everything that he eats will affect him; He is aware of each pre and post workout protein shake and how it will add to his muscles. Phil is like an artist who sculpts a large stone into a statue of a Greek god. The only difference is that Phil is doing this to his own body with his workout routine and nutrition.

Phil's success has taken over ten years to achieve with him starting out on his bodybuilding journey in 2002. Phil is a true figurehead of the bodybuilding community and deserves the respect he gains for maintaining such a huge body. He is a true figurehead of bodybuilding, he stands out and shows the way to become a professional male bodybuilder.

Mariusz Pudzianowski,

  • Title: five times Strongest Man world more than any other person

Mariusz is a smart and multitalented bodybuilder who has achieved something great across many sports. He has launched himself in martial arts, boxing and of course bodybuilding. Mariusz Pudzianowski nicknamed 'Pudzilla' has won the 'The World's Strongest Man' title for seven years straight. Mariusz is a real pro and dedicated to trying new things and always doing his best he has no limits to what he can achieve.

Arnold Schwarzenegger,

  • Title: Mr Olympia, Seven Times between 1970–1975 and 1980, Mr Universe five times

The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.

Star of the terminator, governor of California for two terms, add to that actor, filmmaker, author, philanthropist, businessman, investor, activist, politician, and former professional bodybuilder and powerlifter. He needs no introduction Arnold Schwarzenegger is the real deal in a little over 70 years of life he has had more success than some small countries.

He is a true icon and legend who represents what is possible when you believe it and go after it. Arnold arrived in the USA with limited English and a dream to be a film star after winning the Mr Olympia title seven times. No one thought it was possible except him and before long he had achieved thing, people, only dream of. Times magazine recognized Arnold as one of the 100 most influential personalities in the world. Wow, what a legacy.

These are not the only muscular male bodybuilders known in the world, far from it! Between Joe Weider who co-founded the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB), Kenneth Wheeler, nicknamed "Flex", who won the Arnold classic four times and was described by Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the greatest bodybuilders he had ever seen, or Ronnie Coleman , who won all the titles of Mr Olympia between 1998 and 2005 (a real record), the list is long!

There are too many bodybuilding sportsmen to mention, they all have one thing in common, the discipline that it takes to achieve the results that they have achieved. Athletes are not just bodies with developed muscle gains, quite the contrary. These are people who control their bodies and shape them consciously, from biceps to quadriceps, through six-pack abs to triceps.

But what about bodybuilding women? In parallel to the male sportsmen, who are the most well known female bodybuilders? Let's take a look right now!

Weight training is available to beginners. 
Whether it's the bench press, push-ups, push-ups, or gluteal abs, weight training is available to everyone. Photo Source: Unsplash

Contrary to what you might imagine, female bodybuilding is pretty common in the fitness industry. When the IFBB was created they also created the female Ms Olympia competition and as a result, here are some of the most muscular women in the world who, like men, are breaking records and winning bodybuilding competitions.

Iris Kyle

  • Titles: Ms Olympia 10 times, seven times Ms international and numerous other heavyweight titles

Iris Kyle has defied the odds winning the title of Ms Olympia ten times, seven Ms International wins and including numerous wins in the heavyweight category. Iris is an accomplished and globally recognised sportswoman and is even known to be the most successful bodybuilder across all genders, males bodybuilders and females bodybuilders categories. She is a true champion and role model for bodybuilders worldwide.

Nataliya Kuznetsova

Female bodybuilders love to see Nataliya who is from Russia but well known in the bodybuilding community. Entering the industry in 2014 she started to win world titles and quickly rose to be very popular. She did suffer a scandal because she was taking steroids, but she hasn’t let that stop her or slow down. She is dedicated to her fitness goals and works hard to achieve them.

Bev Francis

Bev Francis hit records with a raised 140 kg bench press, and she had also won Mrs Olympia 1991. Is a bodybuilding veteran, and has shaped the bodybuilding industry for women as she was one of the first women who won literally every award. Bev is a real legend and has achieved amazing results with victories which have secured her place in the world records. Bev is an icon and committed herself to her fitness goals which inspired millions of male and female bodybuilders alike.

Heini Koivumieni

Heini Koivumieni has won multiple competitions from Ms Galaxy Europe in 1999 to 'strongest woman in the world', she also took part in the strong woman competition for over five years straight, always winning one of the top spots. She was featured in a 2002 documentary about bodybuilding called strong women which shows her full body workout and her hardcore powerlifting routine.  

These women are symbols of fitness, motivation, bench pressing, and even muscle development. Between Becca Swanson, Aneta Florczyk, Oksana Grishina and many more amazing female athletes. All of these women bring something new to the world of bodybuilding, distinguishing themselves from men by their femininity, and style but also by the values that they demonstrate.

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The Best Movies On Bodybuilding!

In recent years I have admired the hard work and attractive appearance of bodybuilders in movies like the Avengers, fast and furious and any film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson among other actors. I loved the way that they looked, but I had no idea at the time, about the hard work that they had to put in to get the results that they got for the movie. Changing their nutrition to maximize protein intake and thus muscle growth, working out each muscle group in the gym, the daily workouts that include repetitions, sets of pull ups, bench presses, and chest exercises.

These actors have to train their bodies to maintain lean muscle so that they can look better on screen. Cinema has seized the bodybuilding craze and made it adaptable, and presentable to a new audience.

Monuments within the cinema about bodybuilding are films like Pumping Iron which are true references for the fans and practitioners of the sport. The film Bodybuilder inspires a new type of character, and the filmmaker introduces us to a very particular world, where documentary and fiction mix brilliantly.

There are also many dramas and documentaries like Generation Iron, Teddy Bear, Bigger Stronger Faster; all these films show a new aspect of bodybuilding. They give you a new cinematographic perspective into the world of bodybuilding and bodybuilders. They also allow us to take inspiration from these muscular titans that although they look so big that they do without a doubt represent what can be achieved with determination and motivation.

You can get health and fitness inspiration here.

Schwarzenegger is a bodybuilding icon.
Arnold Schwarzenegger perfectly embodied the culture of bodybuilding. Photo Source: Unsplash

What Are The Best Bodybuilding Exercises For Beginners?

There are many benefits to practising bodybuilding and incorporating weight lifting into your workout routine. Here are some reasons that you should consider giving bodybuilding a try.

    1. When you gain muscle, it makes it easier for your body to burn fat
    2. It is easy to set fitness goals and create a workout routine to fit your target outcomes
    3. When lifting weights, you need to be mentally strong; this mental agility will also empower other parts of your life too
    4. You will learn to have discipline on the path to achieving your goals
    5. There is a lot of variety of exercises

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How To Build BodyBuilder's Arms

If you want to build the muscles on your arms, remember to make sure that you warm up your muscles and keep your back straight for all lifts. You should always start and end with the same energy no matter how tired you are and you should use sequencing and reps to ensure that you are working all of the muscle groups equally.

Check out this video on how to work your arms like a body builder - Click Here

How To Build Six Pack Abs

A huge side of success with bodybuilding is making sure that you are consistent. You have to commit to getting the results if you want to see the results. If you want to achieve a six pack you will need to make sure that you lose any fat that sits or floats on top of them. In fact, we all have a six-pack including people who are overweight. Because fat sits on top of the abs, which hides them and makes it hard for you to see the definition. So getting great abs is a 2 part exercise. First, you must look at your nutrition and make a change to what you are eating that is keeping the fat over your abs. Next, you must burn fat and build muscle.

Check out this video on how to work your abs as a bodybuilder - Click here

There are hundreds of exercises to get you started on your bodybuilding journey. But you must remember when you are getting started that bodybuilding is not just about building muscle in the gym. If you are not eating right and doing the right things outside of your workout, you may not see success. While there are exceptions to every rule, it would be best to follow the successful path most trodden until you learn about what works best for you.

No matter which sport we choose to keep fit, we have to remember that we all have potential in sport. Which we must know how to take advantage of, as Arnold Schwarzenegger points out:  The resistance you face in the gym and the resistance you face in life can only you make stronger.

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