When travelling to Italy, especially for the first time, it is interesting to know which Italian cities should be visited first. Should we visit Rome? Visit Milan? Visit Florence? If you are lost on the map of Italy, don't worry! Superprof will help you find your way around to make your way to the Italian Boot!

The Italian peninsula is a high-place of European cultural richness that abounds in emblematic places from northern Italy to southern Italy. Between historical heritage, many monuments classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ancient ruins and beaches of the Mediterranean Sea or the Adriatic Sea, the country is rich in tourist attractions!

If you want to go to Italy, whether for several days or several weeks, you must adapt your trip to your preferences. Every Italian city has its own characteristics and specialities, both cultural and culinary!

Superprof offers you here a top 10 of the most famous tourist cities in the Italian Boot in the hope that it will help you plan the perfect holiday in the land of Vesuvius and pizza!

Rome has a lot to offer in terms of historical interest and language facilities
Gaze in awe at Rome's artistic beauties, including the Trevi Fountain ¦ source: Pixabay - jdegheest

Rome, The Italian Capital

The Italian capital, also called the Eternal City, is the Italian city to visit first!

As the cradle of our civilization, the city is full of ancient ruins and remains of the historic centre that recall the greatness of the Roman Empire, but it is also furnished with modern architecture that gives the city a unique atmosphere. It is impossible not to fall in love with Roman life, both by day and by night!

On the program of possible visits:

  • The Colosseum,
  • The Roman Forum,
  • Saint Peter's Basilica,
  • The Trevi Fountain,
  • The Hall of Fame,
  • The Vatican Museums,
  • The Sistine Chapel,
  • Villa Medici,
  • Saint Peter's Square.

Rome is clearly the city where there is the most to visit. This emblem of Lazio contains enough historical sites to occupy a 3-day stay in Italy!

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Florence, The Italian City Of Arts

In the heart of Tuscany, Florence is the cradle of the Italian Renaissance, of the modern era and therefore has a very significant cultural and artistic heritage!

Between museums, churches, monuments and palaces, Florence is home to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo, a gigantic religious high place that can be seen from far away. A visit to Florence can only delight art and history lovers, with pieces by Michelangelo, Botticelli, Fra Angelico or Giotto.

The city is an hour's drive from another highly touristic place: San Gimignano, a medieval city that it would be a shame to miss!

In conclusion, Florence is often considered the most beautiful city in Italy and we can only advise you to go on a walk in the historical streets of the city feeling its special atmosphere while passing over the famous Ponte Vecchio!

Venice, Romance On The Canal

It is almost useless to present Venice, the famous city on the water that makes romantics all over the world dream!

The Serenissima is the tourist Mecca of Veneto built entirely on stilts and separated in two by the famous Grand Canal on which it is possible to take a gondola ride. Many emblematic places are to be visited such as the Doge's Palace (the Doges were the first magistrates of the former Republic of Venice) or Saint Mark's Square with the famous Bridge of Sighs.

Venice is renowned for being an ideal place for romances, a unique place in the world that nothing can match.

If you visit the city at the end of February, you can admire the Venice Carnival, famous for its typical masks and unique atmosphere!

Finally, Venice is not far from Padua, a city with remarkable scenery and where art is omnipresent.

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Discover the beauty of Venice, the Serenissima.

Verona, Romeo and Juliet Hometown

Not far from Lake Garda, the city of the tragic lovers is a very medieval town with unique charm!

If you go to Verona, you can expect to visit many places:

  • The Roman arenas,
  • The church of San Zeno Maggiore,
  • Piazza dei Signori,
  • The Scaligere Ark,
  • Piazza delle Erbe,
  • Castelvecchio (a fortified castle),
  • Juliet's House,
  • The Statue of Dante.

It is impossible to miss this picturesque, romantic and historic city, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy!

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Cinque Terre, The Cliff Hanging Villages

The Cinque Terre are a group of villages on the coast whose beauty is known throughout the world!

A true symbol of harmony between people and nature, these fishing villages, balanced on the sides of the cliffs, constitute a splendid setting that can only amaze tourists. These 5 villages are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

The Cinque Terre coast is obviously a UNESCO World Heritage Site and despite a large number of tourists who linger on its streets, the scenery remains an absolute must see.

A delicious breath of fresh air in the middle of a trip to Italy!

Naples, Between History And Pizza

Naples is famous for being popular, effervescent and passionate!

You could come here just to eat pizza, the best in the world, but Naples has other significant assets such as its direct proximity to Pompeii, Sorrento, the volcanic island of Ischia and the famous Capri. In addition, the city is on the Amalfi coast and its beautiful beaches.

A well-known Italian proverb says in a few words the presence of Naples in the country:

"See Naples and then die"

Naples is also a very religious and extremely lively city that really deserves a look!

Turin, Home of Cinema And Chocolate

Turin is a splendid city located in the Piedmont region, famous for being the Italian chocolate capital and the home of a well-known football club!

On the program of the visit to Turin, we find:

  • Piazza San Carlo,
  • Piazza Castello,
  • The Film Museum in the Mole Antonelliana,
  • The Palazzo Madama,
  • The Palazzo Reale,
  • The Egyptian Museum,
  • The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

Turin is also a city that can be visited at night: the night lighting highlights the city's architecture, which makes it a real city of light!

Genoa, The Most Famous Port In Italy

Much less touristy than cities like Venice or Florence, Genoa is still an ideal destination for a holiday in Italy!

Located in Liguria, Genoa was once famous as a powerful maritime empire and has kept traces of it that today constitute its historical heritage. Besides, it's the hometown of a certain Christopher Columbus!

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The city is a contrast between several types of landscapes such as urban and coastal. It is located near Portofino, a fishing village on the Italian Riviera that is also worth discovering.

So why not come and taste a Chianti on the Ligurian Sea if you are passing by?

Travelling in Italy
Marvel at the intricate Italian architecture in Milan ¦ Visualhunt - cococc

Milan, Tourists and Fashion

In northern Italy, in the Lombardy region, Milan stands out as the Italian fashion capital and a mecca for tourism!

Travellers who are addicted to shopping may not want to go near it, for fear of spending all their money. Those who love cultural tourism will also be delighted with the city's many heritage buildings such as the Duomo, Milan's great Gothic cathedral.

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If you visit the city in February, you can attend Milan's famous Fashion Week, an event during which the greatest designers come to exhibit their collections!

In addition, Milanese people know how to welcome tourists:

"I have never met a people that suits my soul so well. When I am with the Milanese, and I speak Milanese, I forget that men are evil, and the whole evil part of my soul falls asleep right there" - Stendhal

Finally, Milan is close to Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, as well as Bergamo, famous for its high old town!

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Pise, Italy Sideways

If the Italian city is well known for its leaning monument, the Tower of Pisa, it is also a city that welcomes many tourists every year.

A young and friendly city, Pisa has an atmosphere of dolce vita and offers many visits:

  • The Tower of Pisa,
  • Piazza di Miracoli,
  • The Duomo of Pisa (cathedral),
  • The Baptistery of Pisa,
  • The Pisa Cemetery,
  • The church of Santa Maria della Spina.

Something to keep you busy for a day by taking the time to stroll along the banks of the Arno!

We could also have told you about other tourist places such as the Calabria region, the city of Lecce in Puglia, the Dolomites massif (classified by UNESCO), the cities of Bologna, Trieste or Ravenna and of course the island of Sicily with Mount Etna and Palermo. There are so many things to see in Italy!

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