If you want to go on holiday to Italy, you have made the right choice!

Indeed, the Italian peninsula is one of the best countries to visit in Southern Europe, whether you go to Northern Italy or Southern Italy. With its many monuments and sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Italian cities are full of historic localities and fine sandy beaches!

The Italian boot heel is, therefore, the ideal place to go on a trip as part of a cheap stay that will give you the chance to discover Italian gastronomy, the cultural bounty of the Italian civilisation amongst which feature archaeological sites and volcanoes!

Superprof offers to help to guide you throughout this magical country and discover the most beautiful Italian cities and their most famous monuments.

In addition, you will find all the information you need to prepare your budget for a trip to Italy and to find accommodation from the Sicilian island to the Italian Riviera and the Amalfi coast!

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Sightseeing In Italy's Most Famous Cities

Urban tourism in Italy is the best way to be immersed in Italian culture and discover the wonders of this country. Here is a sample of the most famous tourist cities on the Italian peninsula!

Rome, the Italian capital

Visiting Rome, where all roads lead, is a mandatory part of a trip to the Italian peninsula!

The city of Rome is called the eternal city because of its very rich history dating back to the centuries during which the Roman Empire exercised political hegemony throughout Europe and North Africa. As a result, it is dotted with archaeological remains of inestimable value.

Rome's historical heritage is varied, but the most famous monuments that you must absolutely see there are undoubtedly the Colosseum and the Roman Forum!

In addition, Rome harbours the papal city in its heart, with the famous Basilica of St. Peter, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. Citing everything there is to see in the capital would be too long, so come and discover the joys of a Roman stay for yourself, from the Trevi Fountain to the Villa Medici!

Siena, an architectural gem in Tuscany

Siena is a must if you travel in Tuscany. With its many Gothic architecture buildings such as its Duomo (cathedral), it offers an extraordinary medieval Italian atmosphere, especially if you are in the middle of Piazza del Campo!

In addition, the former administrative headquarters of the Sienese Republic now houses the Museo Civico, which contains many frescoes such as the famous Allegory and Effects of Good and Bad Government of Lorenzetti!

Conclusion: Siena has a unique charm that needs to be discovered, so hurry up! Destination Italy!

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Bergamo, the city on two floors

Located near Italian Lakes such as Lake Como, Bergamo is a splendid city, divided between its upper city, Città Alta (the historic heart of Bergamo) and a more modern part, Città Bassa.

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Lombardy. Also, lovers will be able to discover local gastronomy while enjoying the beautiful architecture!

Castelmazzano, the lost village in Italy

Located in the south of Italy, Castelmazzano has the particularity of being a city totally surrounded by rocks!

Whether during the day or at night, visiting this hidden gem it is wholly exotic. The night lights enhance the amazement of tourists.

Special mention to the Volo dell Angelo (The Angel Flight), a cable that lets you reach the village of Pietrapertosa at more than 110 kph above the void, an experience rich in sensations!

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Venice, the city of lovers

The city on the water is one of the most famous cities in Italy and not for nothing!

Here is all that it is possible to see and visit in the serene Venice:

  • Take a gondola ride on the Grand Canal,
  • Visit the Doge's Palace,
  • Discover Saint Mark's Square,
  • Pass over the Bridge of Sighs,
  • Participate in the Venice Carnival.

An obligatory stop for tourists eager to discover Italian History as much as for romantics in Italy for their honeymoon!

Visit The Most Famous Italian Museums

There are many monuments to visit in the Italian peninsula during your travel there!

The Duomo of Milan, a holy and sacred place

In the capital of the Italian fashion industry, is one of the most beautiful architectural pieces in the whole peninsula: the Milanese cathedral, also known as the Duomo of Milan!

Very spectacular, the religious building refers directly to Gothic architecture and testifies of the rich historical and artistic heritage of the Milanese people.

Climbing up there offers an exceptional panoramic view of the city. Not to be missed!

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Venice, Pompeii, or Rome? If your child wants to become multilingual, you should take them on a trip to Italy. (Source: pixabay.com)

The ruins of Pompeii, vestiges of an ancient history.

In 79 A.D., the city of Pompeii was buried under the lava of Mount Vesuvius, the neighbouring volcano. Since then, the ruins of the city remain, witnesses of the ancient past of this place near the Bay of Naples!

A true historical wonder, it would be a pity to miss the visit of these world-famous remains, whose history still fascinates us so much!

The Roman forum, past glory of the Empire

In the middle of the Italian capital, between buses and narrow streets, stand the remains of the Roman forum, the former Roman public square on which the most important temples and administrative buildings stood.

Located between the hills of the Capitol and Mount Palatine, the forum has left its mark on Rome and it is now possible to visit the ruins that contain (among others):

  • The temple of Vespasian,
  • The Temple of Concord,
  • The temple of Saturn,
  • The Severe Septimius Bow,
  • Julia's Basilica,
  • The temple of the Dioscuri,
  • The temple of Antonine and Faustina,
  • The Arch of Titus,
  • The Arches of Augustus.

In other words, it will take a whole afternoon to visit everything and immerse yourself in the ancient history of Rome!

The Tower of Pisa, a leaning wonder

There is no need to present the very famous leaning tower that has made the city of Pisa famous!

Built from the 12th century, it was used as a bell tower to the adjoined cathedral, Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta. It is, of course, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the view from the top is incredible!

Surprisingly, since 2013, the tower seems to have straightened itself out (4 cm in 2018) after centuries of subsidence!

The Colosseum, symbol of the greatness of Rome

An emblematic monument of the Eternal City, the Roman Colosseum is the most famous amphitheatre in Italy!

Built under the Emperors Vespasian and Titus, the Colosseum is the largest building of Roman antiquity and is now the most visited monument in the capital.

Inside, it is possible to discover the old bleachers and basements of the arena, which are now in a very dilapidated state due to time. A few parts are missing, but a slight effort of imagination makes it possible to appreciate the grandeur of this battlefield and entertainment space for the Romans!

What To Budget To Travel In Italy

You may be wondering if it will take a lot of money to travel to Italy. Superprof gives you all the tips to know how to budget and prepare for a trip to Italian!

Accommodation in the Italian peninsula
As in the UK, in Italy, there are many types of accommodation available to suit all budgets!

The part of the budget dedicated to accommodation is often the biggest expense you may incur when travelling abroad, so spending time comparing and researching for the best hostel or hotel will be worth it. The ideal choice would be to combine practical, inexpensive and comfortable accommodation.

For tight budgets, youth hostels seem to be a good option, just as much as couch surfing, going to live with the locals for free. If you have a little more money, hotels or Airbnb allow you to visit Italy in a more comfortable way. The average price of hotel rooms is £60 per night, a cost that should guarantee a more pleasant experience during your stay!

Visiting Italy and its thousands of restaurants

One of the pleasures of a holiday abroad is of course to taste the local cuisine. In this aspect, Italian cuisine is not the last: Italian dishes are among the most famous in the world!

In restaurants, prices are essentially slightly cheaper as in the UK: about £22 for a 3-course meal. Be careful, however, with the water and bread that cost an extra fee!

If you buy food in supermarkets, you will find that Italian prices are lower than those found in France.

Obviously, prices will be higher in large cities such as Rome, Naples, Florence or Bologna than in more remote regions, such as Sicily, Calabria or Puglia. However, your wallet should not be too bulky and you will be able to enjoy a nice glass of Chianti without ruining yourself.

Tips to manage your budget for an Italian stay

If you have a limited budget, you will have to calculate each expense so as not to get into trouble with your bank!

In terms of accommodation, opting for couch surfing will save you money. Similarly, to travel, public transports are the ideal solution to avoid bankruptcy: a metro ticket costs less than £1.5, much cheaper than a taxi.

Coffee lovers should not have hard time-saving money as espressos and cappuccinos will often be half the price found in the UK. Same goes for wine lovers, as part of the Italian tradition, a glass of wine will often come with a complimentary snack.

Finally, our advice is to set a sum to spend each day: so you won't have any unpleasant surprises! So, no pressure, even if you have to know that Italy is not at all a dangerous place for your wallet if you are reasonable!

Buste of Hadrian.
Emperor Hadrian, was responsible amongst other things, for the erection of the wall that was name after him. The wall marked the frontier of the Roman Empire even though it has been proven that the influence of Rome spread even further.

Find Accommodation In the Italian Peninsula

You don't need to be a Jeff Bezos to be able to afford accommodation in Italy!

There are several types of housing available for small budgets. The first of these is camping, the most economical way, even in the UK. Obviously, this is particularly true in rural Italy, more so than in large cities. The prices are very reasonable: between £8 to £ 16 per day in high season, and between £5 and £20 for a pitch.

Another more original and completely free solution is couch-surfing, where you can stay with the locals in exchange for small services, gifts or even nothing at all. You still have to trust the person you're going to!

Finally, there are Italian youth hostels, the Ostelli per la Gioventù, which offer rooms at unbeatable prices: between £15 and £30 per night!

Accommodation for a mid-range budget

If you have a little extra money to spend, use it on better accommodations and make your stay a little bit more comfortable.

First, Airbnb allows you to rent an apartment for a short period of time. This is a relatively inexpensive solution, although it depends on the location and size of the dwelling.

Hotels, the old fashioned way of doing things, still represent the type of accommodation most used by travellers. There are two types: pensions (from 1 to 3 stars) and albergo (4 and 5 stars). The first ones offer honest rates between £30  (single room) and £50 (double room) on average.

To find your way around all these hotels, you can go on easy-to-use applications such as Alberghi in Italia or Hotels web.it.

For those wanting to splash out
With a large budget or comfortable finances, no need to look at the expense. Stay in the most prestigious hotels on the Italian peninsula and make the most of your trip!

Absolute comfort can be purchased for £250 to £500 per night in the most beautiful hotels with sublime decorations and rich history.

Similarly, the largest Airbnb open their doors to you for only 50 € per night on average for one person and up to 120 € for 4 people.

Did it make you want to go to Italy? Rely serenely on Superprof to prepare your discovery trip of the peninsula! In order to be well prepared, you can also learn Italian online through Superprof!


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