"Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage." -Amy Jo Martin

Breaking into the fashion industry and making a name for yourself is no easy task.

Models spend hours, weeks, and months auditioning at different agencies, designers present their fashion design portfolios to countless employers, and photographs spend years building a reputation for themselves. 

Nevertheless, it is important to state that social media has given more people a voice than ever before.

By creating social media pages to highlight their modelling chops, designer abilities, or unique photography, many of those who are aspiring to work in the fashion industry have shown that through diligent effort and hard work, success is possible.

Once their Instagram pages have garnered enough followers, many passionate fashion illustrators quit their day job or stop interviewing for employment positions and use social media as their platform. Also, it is important to state that many successful fashion illustrators are recognised by major fashion magazines such as Vogue or Harper's Bazaar.

Therefore, to intrigue rookie fashion sketchers about how a career can be started on Instagram or Facebook, we will consider in today's article the best fashion illustrators to follow on social media.

Why Follow Fashion Illustrators on Social Media?

best fashion items
Before clothing items are seen on the catwalk, they are the inspiration of fashion illustrators sketches. (Source: pixabay)

Social media has only become a major aspect of modern society in the last 15 years. The 20th century was not affected by the positive and negative characteristics of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Nevertheless, since the start of Facebook's domination in February 2004 and Instagram's reign in October 2010, communication has changed forever.

Millennials spend more time connected to their profiles on social media than creating connections with family and friends.

Long gone are the days when children would go out and play with others in their neighbourhood.

Nevertheless, there are certain advantages of social media that have helped many people. For example, via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter people can stay in touch even though they live thousands of miles apart. Also, many passionate individuals have built a lucrative brand by promoting themselves and their business on social networking.

Artists, hairstylists, project managers, photographers, small business owners, and you guessed it, fashion illustrators have created a named for themselves and garnered a following by using social media networks. 

Should I, a budding fashion illustrator, follow other fashion sketchers on social media?

Without further ado, the following are some of the primary reasons why amateur fashionistas should follow fashion illustrators on social media:

  • Observe to Gain Experience: by scrolling or swiping through the social media pages of more experienced ones in your specific domain, you acquire valuable information about how to market yourself and get more followers. For example in the case of fashion illustrators, the most experienced ones feature their best work on their Instagram pages by posting aesthetically pleasing photos of their sketches. Also, a common trend that should be imitated by popular Instagram pages is not over-posting; the best fashion sketchers don't post every day. Why? To keep their followers wanting more! Therefore, follow other fashion sketchers to observe their professional tactics and implement them onto your Instagram page.
  • Positive Publicity: as a beginner to fashion illustration, you need to work hard and persevere to get noticed by the big fish in the fashion pond. However, by following many experienced fashion illustrators you might get noticed by some and receive a shoutout on their page. What does that mean? If they visit your page, like your sketches, and start following you, you could ask them to mention you in one of their posts or stories. This creates major positive publicity and makes having an Instagram account for your fashion illustrations worth all the effort!

By heeding the advice of creating a fashion illustration page on social media for yourself and following other professionals in your field, your career can really start to pick up speed; it's like having a virtual portfolio open to all who want to see! Social media can be a wonderful thing actually!

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The Best Fashion Sketchers to Follow on Instagram

the best designs
Some of the best fashion illustrators started sketching designs as a hobby. (Source: pixabay)

It comes as no surprise that to become the best, you need to follow the best fashion illustrators on Instagram. Therefore, effective research needs to be conducted to ensure that amateur fashion sketchers are observing the tips of masters on social media.

Let's be honest, no one likes to follow an overabundance of people who post too frequently about the same old thing. 

Consequently, without further ado, the following names are the industry's best fashion illustrators to follow on Instagram to garner experience and effective tips.

Jenny Walton

Recognised by Vogue for her pure talent and impressive vision, Jenny Walton is a graduate of Parsons who has earned a reputable name in the world of fashion due to her daily illustrations shared on her personal Instagram account.

Although her current Instagram, @jennymwalton, is mostly filled with pictures of stylish outfits and fashion advice, she acquired a large following of over 220,000 followers on Insta due to her illustrations of Marni, Gucci, and J. Crew outfits.

According to Jenny, many of her illustrations were completed on her daily commute to work and were met with an immediate response from followers.

Many of Jenny's breathtaking and inspiring illustrations can be observed on her personal website. Also, it is important to mention that Jenny skyrocketed to attending Milan Fashion Week shows, designing her own looks, and becoming a force to be reckoned with all due to her stunning sketches; that could be you!

Carly Kuhn

Not particularly looking to create a career as a fashion illustrator, Carly Kuhn posted fashion illustrations on her Instagram as a passion and an outlet from the mundane activities of life.

Therefore, how did @thecartorialist establish a career for herself on Instagram and become one of the most followed fashion illustrators? Sarah Jessica Parker.

We're not messing around, SJP actually helped dear Carly become an overnight Instagram sensation when she reposted a sketchy portrait of herself on her personal Instagram. Currently, Carly Kuhn boasts over 170,000 followers on Instagram and frequently finds inspiration in life's most simple things.

After the SJP sketch, Prada started to follow her since they were looking for a fresh perspective to design their new eyewear campaign.

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using new patterns
By using vibrant colours and different patterns, fashion illustrators create stunning designs. (Source: pixabay)

Jeanette Getrost

Boasting impressive past clients such as Estée Lauder and Coach, Jeanette Getrost is proud to use Instagram as a platform to display her beautiful sketches. A strong believer of fashion illustration, Getrost does not believe that her art form was ever lost rather reinvented with social media.

With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, Jeanette Getrost is one of the most popular fashion sketchers on Instagram and for good reason. Her illustrations of models and clothing items are simple yet elegant. Follow @jeanettegetrost today to continually be inspired.

Megan Hess

One of the best in the business, Megan Hess is a brilliant artist who has worked for fashion houses and magazines such as Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Tiffany, and Vogue.

Megan Hess' Instagram, @meganhess_official, should definitely be followed by those who are searching for inspiration and are in desperate need of new ideas in fashion illustration.

Hess is known for her ink drawings that feature bold patterns. It is important to state that although Megan Hess can primarily be considered a fashion illustrator, she has years of experience drawing other illustrations such as decorations and window design.

Bil Donovan

The only man in today's list, Bil Donovan is an artist, educator, and illustrator in the fashion world. With over 40,000 followers on Instagram, Bil Donovan is one of the most followed fashion illustrators in the industry.

His illustrations of models wearing spectacular clothing are full of colour and life. Recognised by major industry figures, Bil Donovan continues to sketch and post illustrations every couple of days which is good news for those who do not want to be bombarded with images several times a day.

Donovan's Instagram, @bildonovan, states that limited edition prints of selective work are available on his official site.

Dallas Shaw

Credited as being one of the best fashion illustrators on Instagram by various reputable media outlets, Dallas Shaw is the creative director of Faerie. Her Instagram posts are varied featuring illustrations, recent designs, relevant fashion events, and aesthetic photos.

With over 77,000 followers, Dallas Shaw knows what appeals to her followers and has established a full-time job designing thanks to Instagram.

Some of her sketches of famous fashion pieces are striking and beautifully drawn; amateurs can learn a lot from her experience; follow @dallasshaw on Instagram today!

The outstanding work of the six previously mentioned fashion illustrators significantly make Instagram a more creative place and helps remedy the overabundant amount of airbrushed selfies; we're talking about you Kardashians!

It is also worth mentioning that other resources such as books, software systems, and intriguing websites help fashion illustrators become the best they can be!

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