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Helpful and affordable drawing classes around Ireland with Superprof

Drawing classes to help with your portfolio

If you are in university or recently graduated and are hoping to pursue the wonderful world of art and drawing as a profession then as you know, you'll need to be able to showcase your work and style to your prospective employers and companies. Now it is easier said than done to have a well thought out and comprehensive portfolio of your work. It takes lots of time, energy and effort to continue drawing and making pieces, especially ones that you are happy to show.

Our drawing tutors recognise and understand the importance of a good portfolio but also understand the difficulty of making one. Due to this, many of our drawing tutors strive to help students improve their work by teaching you how to improve your technique as well as providing constructive feedback on your work. With their help you will feel more inspired and confident in your own work as you learn how to improve your drawings.


Who are these drawing classes made for?

Our tutors pride themselves in helping anyone who wishes to learn more about different forms of drawing or who wish to improve on the skills that they have already developed. Since our tutors design and base their lessons around the needs and learning goals of their students, the classes are tailored to each student and so beginners all the way up to advanced artists would be partaking in a class that is suitable for them and that they would be able to benefit from.

Students who are hoping to get some help and inspiration with their projects and assignments and who would benefit from demonstrations as well as theory-based classes could benefit greatly from the personalised lessons made by our tutors. But these classes aren’t just for readying students for art that’s only related to assignments.

If you have been struck by inspiration to get into drawing and you feel that you would benefit from some instruction to get your drawing skills to another level then having experienced artists provide you with tips, constructive feedback as well as explanations and examples of different styles that could be suited to your pieces will help you to attain that improvement that you seek. Developing a solid foundation in drawing techniques and theory will also help you to identify what styles suit you best as well as what types of tools you prefer to use for your artwork.


What drawing styles are taught?

The style and type of artwork depends on your tutor but since we have so many, all of whom have comprehensive and clear profiles, you'll be able to search and match with teachers who are providing instruction in the style that you want. This also means that you have the opportunity to learn completely different styles than you have used before.

Different drawing styles and techniques are taught, as well as practicing on different subjects and using various tools such as pens, pencils and learning the various differences between them. More specific aspects of drawing are also catered to, such as graphic design and digital media.

You can find all of this in the same convenient location. Whether you are here to improve, learn more or new things or to just simply discover your muse and pursue different styles, our drawing tutors will provide you with lessons that are informative, engaging and above all else, helpful.


Are online classes possible for drawing lessons?

Online learning can be very convenient due to no longer needing to travel somewhere to be able to do your lessons and learn something, making it easier to find the time and inclination to do some learning and improving.

Our tutors around the country all offer in-person classes but they are also happy providing online classes for students that prefer them or who find them more convenient. This also means that even if a particular tutor that caught your eye lives on the other side of the country you can still benefit from their instruction.

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