Stomach fat is a concern for a lot of people, especially in situations when it’s on display. Fat is usually stored around the stomach near the abdominal wall, leading to a gut and love handles.

If you want a flat stomach, it probably won’t surprise you to find out that you’ll need to regularly exercise to build muscle and burn fat. You also need to change how you eat and consume more fibre-rich foods.

In this article, Superprof has some of the best activities and exercises for getting rid of your tummy. There are plenty of enjoyable activities you can do to burn fat, increase your metabolism, and get rid of love handles.


It’s no surprise that running is one of the best activities for fat burning. This is a cheap hobby that can burn a lot of calories and get rid of belly fat. Generally, you can burn between 700 and 1,000 calories in an hour of running. Put simply, running regularly can lead to weight loss.

What are the benefits of jogging?
Jogging will help you burn fat and get a flatter stomach. (Source: Pexels)

Running is also good for your abdominal muscles, thighs, and buttocks. It’s also a good way for those who are overweight or obese to progressively get back into doing sport and make a habit of it.

If you need some motivation, keep this in mind:

“You can't run from all your problems, but it will help you lose weight.”

Running is a great way to get rid of your tummy and rolls and is also a fun way to explore nice parts of the world.

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Swimming is an activity that’s famous for being the best for your body overall. Whether it’s your abs, hips, or legs, your entire body is working to burn fat when you swim. Furthermore, it’s a cardio activity that can improve your heart and breathing.

Your abs will be working when you swim. Additionally, physical exercises in the water can tone muscles and are useful for getting a flat stomach. Here are the different types of stroke you can do to get a flat stomach:

  • Breaststroke
  • Backstroke
  • Butterfly
  • Crawl

It’s very difficult to gain weight if you swim regularly and eat well.


To work on your legs and stomach, you can also cycle. Cycling is a cardio activity that’s an effective way to burn fat and live a healthy life. Thanks to cycling, you’ll burn fat and gain muscle. You can also use an elliptical trainer if you have one or use one in a gym if you want to change things up and get rid of tummy fat.

Pilates and Yoga

To tone your abs, you can also do pilates or yoga. These two activities are also good for working on your breathing and work on your body deep down. Generally, these involve slow movements and poses that you have to hold.

What are the physical advantages of yoga?
Finding inner peace and losing weight!? (Source: lograstudio)

Through stretching and tensing, pilates and yoga can help your body and mind to unwind and you’ll steadily lose that belly. These activities are recommended for those who prefer gentle activities over intense sporting activities.

Exercising at the Gym

The best ways to get a flat stomach is to visit the gym. There’s plenty of equipment designed to tone your belly and burn calories.

In particular, you can use the rowing machine, skipping ropes, treadmill, and a load of different machines. If you go to the gym, make sure you focus on working your abs with exercises like planking and crunches and you'll soon start to flatten that stomach.


Squash, if you’re not familiar, is a bit like indoor tennis. Two people play together by hitting the ball against a wall. There are plenty of advantages to playing squash. It’s a lot of fun, it’s good for your losing belly fat, a great way to unwind, tone muscles, and burn calories.

Squash can burn plenty of calories and get you that flat stomach you’re after. Make sure you warm up first and wear goggles to avoid hurting yourself.

A lot of gyms and health clubs have squash courts that you can use.

Pole Dancing

Generally, pole dancing is an activity for women that is partway between acrobatics and dancing. You’ll hold poses while keeping your balance around a pole. As a result, this activity is also great for getting rid of a gut.

Is pole dancing good for you?
Pole dancing is an intense physical activity that works your abs. (Source: ivanovgood)

The different poses work your arms and your abs. What better way to get rid of fat than to replace it with muscle. It’s also very fun!

Power Walking

We tend to think that walking doesn't count as exercise but it's more effective when it comes to burning fat than you might think. Walking and power walking, in particular, are good at burning fat if you do them regularly.

Start by walking for around half an hour and then increase the amount of time you walk for once you get the hang of it. When coupled with a good diet, you’ll start losing weight as you burn more calories than you take in. With a few ab exercises, you’ll soon have the perfect tummy.

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“To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will.” - Sugar Ray Robinson

With this type of thinking, you can motivate yourself to box, an intense sport that’ll tone the muscles in your stomach, arms, and legs. However, you need to be fairly brave to start boxing as it’s quite a violent sport. If you’re looking for one of the best activities for getting a flat stomach, you’ve found it! Boxing is great for burning calories and toning up!

CrossFit and Circuit Training

If you’ve only recently started exercising, terms like CrossFit and Circuit Training probably won’t mean much to you. These are both training methods that are great for increasing the intensity of your workouts.

What is CrossFit?
CrossFit combines cardio and weights to help you burn fat and tone muscles. (Source: blackmachinex)

CrossFit focuses on repeated sessions whereas Circuit Training pits you against the clock in a series of exercises. Thus, you end up with short, intense, and fun training sessions. These two methods are great for burning fat if you do them regularly and focus on your abs. Exercises like squats, jumping jacks, and burpees are great for your stomach.

Fat burning exercises are one thing, but if you want to lose weight fast and healthily, you need to stop overeating (eat less if you do), avoid snacking, consume fat burning foods, and generally eat better. This isn't about dieting but rather forming habits that will reduce belly fat and help you to lose weight.

By combining your diet with exercises to lose belly fat, you'll increase your metabolism and start to see the changes in your midsection and waistline. Additionally, abdominal exercises will make your stomach flatter and more toned and aerobic exercise will improve your cardio performance.

Now that you some of the most effective training methods and fat burning exercises for getting rid of belly fat, you can say goodbye to a flabby tummy. If you do the right exercises and eat right, getting a flat stomach is easier than you might think. If you want to take your exercise even further, consider getting help from a private fitness tutor on Superprof!

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Face-to-face tutorials involve just you and your fitness tutor. In this case, you're paying for a bespoke and tailored fitness plan and sessions that take your strengths and weaknesses into account. While these cost the most per session, you'll also probably see the quickest results from these types of tutorials.

Online tutorials are similar with the main difference being that your personal trainer near me isn't there with you but rather conducting the tutorial via webcam. While these types of tutorials are better for academic subjects, there are fitness tutors offering tutorials via webcam. These also tend to be cheaper than face-to-face tutorials since the tutor has fewer overheads to worry about.

Finally, group tutorials are more like traditional fitness classes with one instructor and several attendees. These are usually the cheapest type of private fitness tutorial since the cost of the tutor's time will be shared amongst all the members of the class. However, this also means that the lessons aren't tailored to a single student and while the tutor will do their best to help you, they won't be able to dedicate every minute of the class to you.

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