Like so many people nowadays, are you tired of spending the whole day sat down facing the computer? Do you have back pain at the end of the day? Do you suffer from stress? Do you have trouble falling asleep at night?

It's time to take a yoga class because this exercise is the answer to all your problems!

However, you don't have to take your hatha yoga classes at a yoga studio with an instructor.

You can actually organise your own sessions in the comfort of your own home. Superprof has selected the best smartphone apps for you to take control of your Yoga classes!

We promise, at the end of this article, you will already feel better and want to know more about dynamic yoga, vinyasa yoga and all the apps on the market!

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The Best Yoga Mobile Apps

Have you shown off your favourite yoga outfit yet? It's time to go to class!

Like pilates classes, yoga poses offer powerful relaxation for the body and mind, giving you an instant connection with your inner self. You will become in tune with yourself once again.

Take the time to do an ashtanga or vinyasa yoga class, or even hot yoga in your bathroom if you can take the heat!

The developers of these apps noticed a large proportion of people don't have the time or the budget to go to yoga classes, so they created, free or paid for, yoga apps to do at home. It's how I find yoga near me!

Download yoga apps to your smartphone for free.
Google Play is particularly well stocked with yoga apps, do your research, analyse and compare... Source: Visual hunt

Let's start with Google Play, the official Google store for Android!

You will find lots of free apps to carry out your yoga class all by yourself, like a pro! Just remember to use a well-padded yoga mat to properly support you during stretches, a towel to wipe/mop your sweat and so you don't slip, and a bottle of water to rehydrate you.

The latter is imperative if you do a hot yoga or bikram yoga class!

A free app, this virtual yoga studio is one of the most popular apps in the world with more than 7,000,000 people having downloaded it!

On it you'll find more than 289 yoga poses and breathing exercises, all presented in HD videos.

Highlight: 3D muscle images so you can properly perform each pose while learning more about anatomy. Careful: beyond 4 programs, you will have to pay a small fee to unlock the rest.

Yoga - Track Yoga

Also free, in this app poses are explained through photos, not videos.

This app is suitable for many forms of yoga: hatha, pranayama, vinisyasa, ashtanga, power, iyengar and other variants.

Need help picking between all these apps? No worries, the healthline website gives a comprehensive analysis of these apps in their article about the best yoga apps of 2017.

Asana Rebel

This app features workouts designed by athletes and other yoga experts, with custom programs tailored to your fitness level.

The yoga sessions last between 10 and 30 minutes and there are more than 400 adapted exercises offered with detailed tutorials.

Find out everything you need to put in your yoga bag too!

Daily Yoga

This app offers over 30 exercises and yoga classes in HD as well as a large database of more than 200 yoga poses.

Highlight: real-time voice guidance, soothing yoga music and a social community to share your progress!

Down Dog

With nearly 9,000 users, Down Dog (named after the "Downward dog" asana) gives you a new vinyasa yoga session every time you workout!

"Every time you start a new class, the routine is a little different so you never get bored. This is the first time I have taken the time to write a comment, but I think this app deserves some praise, "reads a comment left by someone who downloaded the app!

Choose your ideal location to do a yoga class.
Obviously, nothing replaces a real yoga class, in the middle of nature, even at the top of the mountain! Source: Visual hunt

And to turn your smartphone a real yoga instructor, Superprof has also selected the following paid for apps, so you can deepen your yoga knowledge:

  • Yoga Studio: Over 80 ready-made yoga and meditation classes with HD video. A library of over 280+ poses with practical tips on how to achieve them. For the modest sum of £2.51
  • Pocket Yoga: Choose from 200 guided yoga classes that suit beginner and advanced yogis. The app also offers 500+ asanas and explains in detail the correct pose, the ideal body alignment, as well as the health benefits of each position. You are also able to play music from your own library instead of the default one. Full access costs £17.99.
  • Simply Yoga: Over 60 yoga poses and workouts of varying lengths to choose from, level one and level two 20, 40 and 60 minute workouts. All without any annoying adverts getting in the way. (£4.99)

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Yoga Sessions on the App Store

Have you always been more of an Apple fan than Google?

Don't worry, we thought of you as well and found a great selection of well-designed apps for iPhone and iPad.

Even if it's just 5 minutes a day, regular yoga practice will improve your flexibility, muscle tone and reduce stress. If you don't have the time for longer yoga sessions, at least be consistent!

  • 5 Minutes of Yoga: Are you always on the go? This app is perfect for busy bees as it only takes up 5 minutes of your time. It offers a wide selection of simple and effective poses, with clear images and detailed commentary so that each asana is executed quickly. The latest version was updated at the end of September 2017. A full upgrade costs £11.99.
Turn your own living room into a yoga studio.
In theory, 5 minutes of yoga is enough to feel the benefits! Source: Visual hunt
  • xFit Yoga: This app promises a healthier lifestyle with 30 unique poses and 9 unique yoga classes in detailed animation to show you exactly how to perform each pose as well as helpful tips for better yoga and overall well-being.

The apps (£3.99), Asana Rebel (fitness-inspired online yoga classes, Pro costs £7.99), Daily Yoga and Down Dog, to name a few, also exist on Google Play. Check out our descriptions of these apps in the section above dedicated to Android.

The Huffington Post, in light of the recent yoga phenomenon, published an article on the 12 best yoga apps for smartphones.

The Yogi Times, lifestyle and fitness blog, has also given their app recommendations for yoga lovers.

Can You Do a Solo Yoga Session?

Absolutely, whether you are an Apple or Google fan, you will find the right app for you on your smartphone.

Practising alone requires some discipline, unlike yoga near me at a studio with an instructor where being in a group and with friends pushes me to work that little bit harder!

It is far too easy to procrastinate when you are alone at home, with the TV and sofa tempting you!

You might instead seek a Yoga Birmingham course, should you live in that area!

Find the time in your busy schedule to do yoga at home.
Hatha yoga classes alone are doable. All you need is willpower and time! Source: Visual hunt

On the financial side, keep in mind that the average hourly cost of a yoga class from the Superprof website is £37.

This is one of the more expensive classes because the benefits of yoga are taking in more and more people, in the grip of modern day stress and anxiety.

Even if you have downloaded a paid for app, you will save money doing home-based workouts compared to group classes. If you do a weekly yoga session, you can easily calculate the money you spend!

We suggest you start yoga with an app and then try a class with a yoga instructor, at a studio or via Superprof (there are more than 122 yoga instructors listed in the UK on Superprof!), to make sure that you are doing the right movements and poses.

It would be a shame not to do the asana well and not to enjoy the full benefits of yoga, or even worse seriously injure yourself!

A teacher will easily be able to correct you in person. After all, the computer hasn't replaced humans just yet!

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