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Many people use yoga as simply another exercise, another way to keep fit. However, Yoga has a rich history, it was considered by its inventors as a means of transforming yourself. It was a physical philosophy that emphasized living day by day and working to improve yourself. There are eight areas of yoga or eight yolks but usually, we focus on just one of them, the most physically explicit of the eight, asana. If you’re interested in exploring the other areas of yoga, then a teacher is needed. These other limbs of yoga offer a wide range of experiences and can be a real benefit to you, if you want to focus more on these holistic aspects of yoga or if you simply want a fulfilling way to exercise, then find the right instructor on Superprof which is easy to do due to the large amounts of yoga instructors based all over Ireland!

Yoga is a great form of exercise

Yoga is an increasingly popular form of exercise, even in Ireland, it’s one of the big things on Instagram at the moment and you can’t go to a gym or a public park without seeing someone practising it. There must be a strong reason why so many people love yoga at the moment. Well, there’s a strong reason why it's seen as a good way to exercise. There are so many styles, variations and ways of doing yoga it's a dream for a lot of people. You can change routines to perfectly fit your preferences and there are many benefits to picking up yoga. Its cardio, and strength training, increase your flexibility, forces you to work on your yoga and instil a sense of discipline. Yoga demands your attention but it rewards you when you give it your all. However, if you’re new to all of this, all of these choices can be overwhelming and that's where a teacher comes in. They will be able to lead you down certain styles of yoga and help you discover what you enjoy most. All our tutors offer great ways of practising yoga and there's a lot of variety so it wouldn’t hurt to try a few different tutors and see what you enjoy most!



What is the role of the instructor?

A yoga teacher has many responsibilities when it comes to leading a session. They have to be capable enough of teaching every level of practitioner from beginner to advanced. For every level of yoga student, they should also be able to demonstrate poses, including advanced and varied positions. Most importantly they should be able to recognise errors in their students and guide them on how to improve while maintaining a comfortable environment. After all, yoga is all about serenity. They should also be able to provide the basic spiritual properties of yoga and if you as a student are interested, the more complex teachings that yoga can offer. Leading quiet meditation before and after a session can also be expected from a teacher and that is a skill in itself. The step by step process of relaxing every part of your body till your mind and body are ready for whatever comes next. 

Breathing is very important

Being aware of your breathing is integral to yoga and most forms of fitness, by picking up yoga you will be mastering your own breathing techniques and learning how it can improve everything you do. Exercise and proper breathing are mutually inclusive. With every lesson your tutor will guide you on how to properly breathe, the manner and the timing are very important. 

Finding your yoga teacher

We’ve discovered the value of yoga, we’ve talked a little about what you can expect from lessons but how do you actually find your yoga tutor? Well, Supeprof makes it easy, there is a search bar with a location filter and once your results come up there are a number of sorts you can use to narrow down your selection. You’ll be able to find your yoga teacher in no time anywhere in Ireland!

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