If you want to improve your health and fitness, there are plenty of benefits to doing workouts with a personal trainer. The fitness industry is booming and there are now so many ways to get the results you want with the help of a fitness professional either in your house or in a gym.

It’s hardly surprising that every top athlete has a fitness trainer or coach with a personal trainer certification and spends a lot of time in gyms, health clubs, or working out at home.

Over the course of this article, we’re going to look at how you can improve your personal fitness with help from a fitness instructor.

We’ll have a look at how you can fall in love with sports, either for fun or competitively, and how you can get results from the programme you’ve chosen.

Whatever your fitness goals, whether you want to focus on strength training, get in shape, or lose weight, there are lots of benefits to exercising with a certified personal trainer as opposed to working alone.

Personal trainers can help you get more involved in your exercise and become healthier. Thanks to your personal fitness trainer, you’ll enjoy it more and feel more involved in every one of your personal training sessions.

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In It for the Long Haul

Where can I find a personal trainer in the UK?
It's better to exercise with another person. (Source: Tim Gouw)

How often, when cruising the adverts on Gumtree or Freeads, have you run across fitness equipment for sale?

Don’t you ever wonder why people sell their treadmills and elliptical trainers, weight sets and rowers? Wouldn’t the better question be: why do they buy them in the first place?

It is true that, generally, we have the best intentions when it comes to just about anything, but especially with regard to our health; to getting and staying fit. The trouble comes in when we get distracted from our fitness goals, doesn’t it?

  • A bad day at work is more likely to drive us to our favourite comfort food or beverage than to put an extra mile on the treadmill.
  • An invitation to a night out sounds so much better than an hour on the elliptical or stationary bike.
  • No time for cooking with all that is perking in your life; it's fish and chips for dinner again tonight!
  • Other events – kids’ recitals and family obligations most certainly take precedence over any workout regimen!

And, so it goes: that piece of equipment, bought with the best of intentions and probably eagerly used for the first few weeks after purchase, becomes a coat rack, a dust collector... a thing simply in the way.

Soon, it’s ‘off we go to Freeads’ to list it, among all of the other abandoned equipment already listed for sale.

This wicked cycle represents waste all around: the money spent on the equipment (which you surely won’t wholly recoup!) and the lost potential in becoming the best, healthiest you.

The point of a personal trainer is to curtail that waste. Such a professional would understand your goals and see your obstacles, help you overcome them and encourage you; even challenge you to work harder and want more for yourself.

More health and better quality of life; not a bigger house and more job stress, naturally!

As for those inevitable fish’n’chip nights – those times you feel like you’re stuck in a high-speed revolving door with no exit in sight and no time to prepare healthy meals?

A personal trainer will not target just one aspect of your development; s/he will be invested in your overall health and welfare.

That means that s/he will either provide you with nutritional information if s/he is so qualified or enlist the expertise of a dietitian and/or nutritionist to educate you on how to prepare balanced meals even on your most hectic days.

And, far from suggesting you work out your frustrations on the weight bench – an activity that could be as damaging to your health as a comfort food binge, s/he will be happy to teach you stress management techniques.

The bottom line is: your personal trainer is in it with you for the long haul.

S/he doesn’t care (as much) about collecting fees or how much weight you’ve lost; s/he is there to guide you to your optimal self – physically, mentally and nutritionally.

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Pleasure and Passion

Passion is one of the key aspects that an online personal trainer with the right fitness certification can bring to working out. It’s also very important that you enjoy your fitness training sessions if you want to get fit.

An accredited personal trainer will help you get the most out of each session and reach your goals. They’ll make sure you’re working to your full potential and that you’re able to go further and work harder. You’ll end up loving pushing yourself to do more.

Your personal trainer will also help you to appreciate the work you’ve put in and enjoy the benefits. It’s hugely important, after all, that you stay motivated if you want to train well.

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Learn to Be Passionate about Working Out

Once you begin your journey, you need to keep in mind all the benefits that exercising can bring. You’ll soon be invested in your programme and see your body start to change for the better.

Your one on one personal trainer will do everything they can to ensure you enjoy every step of this process as much as you can. Personal training can have a positive effect and make you want to exercise more frequently.

A lot of people don’t realise this but if you aren’t passionate and you don’t enjoy it, you’ll find it very difficult to reach your goals. When you feel like giving up, your personal coach will be there to motivate and encourage you.

Everyone knows how difficult it can sometimes be. However, there’s a spark inside everyone that can make us achieve incredible things. This also applies to sports and exercise. While you can exercise without being passionate about it, your progress will be limited.

Nobody would say that the physical suffering inherent in working out is enjoyable. If you’ve decided to enlist the help of a personal trainer, they’ll be there to help you really appreciate the benefits of your training and why you’re aching after a good workout. A personal trainer is so much more than that lazy secondary school PE teacher that watched you do cross-country in the rain from the comfort of the dugout!

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How do you get involved in sports?
Develop your passion for sports. (Source: pixabay.com)

The Challenge of Physical Exertion

In the long term, this becomes easier since your body releases endorphins. You’ll reach a stage where your body will want you to exercise as if it needs you to work out. You’ll start enjoying it and exercising will become a huge source of enjoyment for you.

Even if you need a bit of motivation from a personal trainer, in the beginning, you’ll soon get into the habit. Thanks to the advice of your personal trainer, you’ll soon be able to exercise on your own just for the fun of it.

One of the personal trainer’s main goals is to get you into a routine of exercising that you can apply to every single one of your training sessions.

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The Amazing Paradox of Working Out

It’s long been established that physical exercise lowers cortisol (a stress hormone) and releases feel-good endorphins that boost your mood. If that were the absolute truth of working out, we would all be fitness fanatics, wouldn’t we?

Unused gym memberships tell a different story, though...

Here’s what actually happens:

Initially, our workout provides a mood boost and a lowering of stress hormones. Eager for that flush feeling once again, we work out the next day, and the next.

But then, something changes:

Working out becomes more of a chore; less of a pleasure. Soon, we’re finding reasons to not lace up our trainers, even finding justifications for not exercising.

  • Well, I’ve been faithful to my workout for the last few weeks, I can afford to take a day off.
  • The gym is always too crowded!
  • It’s too cold/too hot outside.
  • That hour could be better spent doing... whatever you have at the top of your priority list that isn’t your getting fit.

Does any of this sound familiar? What brings that change of attitude on?

For one, after enjoying the endorphin kick from our workout for about three weeks, we reach a plateau: a place where the feel-good effect is less evident and the work involved in getting fit becomes more apparent.

The second of the 1-2 punches that knock out our workout intentions is a compulsion toward self-defeat.

Few people consciously wish to fail.

Nevertheless, at one time or another, most everyone has procrastinated or avoided a seemingly difficult task – having a serious conversation or hunting for a new job, perhaps.

Experts advise that, if you see the signs of self-defeating behaviours, the first thing you should do is not beat yourself up over it.

The second and third things they advise is to find someone who can mentor you through this barrier and determine what you can do to change things.

A personal trainer is the answer to all of the above.

Granted, their primary role is not that of a therapist; they are more of a guide leading you into healthy habits for a lifetime.

When you wonder what the point of working out is, they are there to tell you all of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle – benefits that you too could enjoy.

When you don’t think you have it in you to get one more leg lift or one more bicep curl, they will convince you that you could do hundreds more, if necessary.

When your terrible day compels you to cram a whole package of TimTams in your face, your personal trainer will remind you how damaging that is to your overall goal of becoming fit.

All of this creates the image that your physical fitness professional might take up residence in your home and smack junk food out of your hand – a scary thought! You can rest assured that, outside of sensationalised reality shows, that is not the nature of personal training.

What we’re describing is fitness trainers’ secret weapon; perhaps their greatest asset in helping you get fit.

Through their dedication and professionalism, they are able to impart such a personal desire for your success that you can’t help but follow their advice whether they are present or not.

How much does a fitness instructor in the UK cost?
A personal trainer can help you reach new heights. (Source: pixabay.com)

What Does a Personal Trainer Do that a Gym Can’t Do?

George, a lifelong fitness enthusiast and practitioner, heads to the gym five days a week. He avails himself to the various machines, walks on the indoor track and finally, plays a few games of racquetball with his cronies.

His is actually an impressive regimen for a bloke in his 70s... but what would happen if, one day, George did not go to the gym?

His mates would wonder why he didn’t come, surely. Beyond that? Nothing.

The gym doesn’t care who comes or doesn’t, who is fit or unfit and who is intent on pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

For that matter, neither does any of the fitness equipment you might purchase.

On the other hand, your personal trainer would not only miss guiding you through your workout, s/he would also wonder why you called the session off, if all was well with you and what, if anything, s/he could do to help prevent such instances in the future.

Unlike any building or machine, your personal fitness trainer has a stake in your continued well-being.

If you don’t succeed, neither does s/he. For such an individual as a personal trainer, failure is not an option. S/he has built her career around the ethos that not only should s/he be fit, s/he should help others realise the benefits of being fit as well.

For a personal trainer, your workouts are not (just) money in the bank; they are the fulfilment of a pledge s/he made, both to you and to him/herself.

Gaining Confidence

People often decide to hire a personal trainer because they lack self-confidence and would like to change that. A personal trainer can help turn things around and help you to reach your goals. They can give you advice on both training and nutrition, helping you to eat right and make your workouts more effective.

Generally speaking, self-confidence is your belief in your ability to achieve certain things. This is generally due to how to perceive our own abilities and sometimes a lack of it can be hugely detrimental to us.

The Keys to Succeed

When you train with a personal trainer either at home or at the gym, they’ll employ a number of methods to help you become more confident and achieve your objectives. There are a number of ways to do this:

Work out to Improve Your Self-Confidence

When you meet one of your personal trainer’s objectives, it’s an accomplishment. Your trainer will be sure to let you know this. After you’ve achieved this objective, you’ll soon achieve a slightly more difficult one. You’ll start gaining self-confidence.

After acquiring new skills and techniques and improving your self-confidence, you’ll be able to achieve even more. Success brings with it self-confidence, as any sporting film will tell you.

What is the best way to gain confidence?
Your personal trainer can help you gain confidence, too. (Source: pixabay.com)

Work on Your Personal Trainer’s Programme with a Friend

Having a person you know training alongside you can help motivate you to achieve your goals and gain confidence. Keep telling yourself, “If they can do it, I can do it”. Sometimes it's much easier to keep going with a friend encouraging you than listening to the voice in your head that's begging you not to run another inch!

Grow Your Self-confidence by Listening to Your Personal Trainer's Advice

As I said earlier, a lack of self-confidence can be crippling. If you don't believe you can do something, you barely bother when it comes to doing it. When it comes to sport, coaches usually try to encourage athletes by making them believe they can do it. By repeating their words of encouragement, you can convince yourself that the objectives are achievable. This will help you to analyse situations more quickly and make the most of your mind.

At some point, your personal trainer will ask you to visualise something. In fact, visualising activity in your head can create the sensation that you’ve already done it. Once you start practising this, your imagination is the only thing stopping you. Your personal trainer will give you some advice on the best ways to do this.

Learn to Control Your Physical Exertion

When you exercise, your physical performance can be hindered by certain physical reactions like muscle tension, palpitations, and stitches and inevitably lower your confidence. These feelings are normal and your personal trainer will give you advice on how to manage and reduce them.

There are a number of techniques to manage them. One of the simplest is managing your breathing. In fact, managing your breathing when exercising is one of the most important things you can do. Each personal trainer will have a number of these techniques at their disposal and can help you overcome these challenges during your training sessions. The most important thing is that you feel assured. Changes to your self-confidence will be gradual.

Your personal trainer will also manage your emotional state. A lack of self-confidence can often come from being unable to control your emotions. In fact, the more you show your emotions, the more they will have an influence on your self-confidence and your performance.

Placing too much importance on your objectives can be a hindrance and make you doubt yourself. You can even stress yourself out simply by asking yourself the question “Can I do this?”. This is when your personal trainer will step in. They’ll put their experience and their expertise to work in order to keep you on task and focused on your training programme. It’s important to remain in control of your thoughts and emotions.

The End Result Depends on You

There are plenty of benefits to hiring a personal trainer rather than going to the gym.

How can I improve my physical fitness?
At the end of the day, it all depends on you! (Source: pixabay.com)

However, there’s only one person who has the final say when it comes to controlling your emotions and achieving your goals... you! If you want to succeed, you have to adopt a positive attitude and gain a better understanding of your abilities in order to improve them.

That said, you still have to make sure you choose the right personal trainer for you! Have a look at our advice on how to choose the right personal trainer...

Where can such individuals be found?

Finding the Personal Trainer that is Right for You

If you live close to a fitness facility, you might inquire if they offer personal fitness services. If they don’t, perhaps they might refer you further.

If there are no such facilities near you, you could find a personal trainer by looking online; a search for ‘personal trainers near me’ would surely yield a lot of results!

Here, we must caution you. Not every fitness trainer works the same and some have more experience than others. You will want to interview several candidates before you find the one who is absolutely in tune with your goals.

What about Freeads and Gumtree?

Indeed you may find adverts for personal training services there but again: beware! You will have no way of verifying those trainers’ credentials or experience.

The perfect way to ‘shop’ for a personal trainer would be on a platform like Superprof.

Superprof has nearly 1,500 personal fitness trainers, all of them with credentials already verified. As for experience? You only need to read past clients’ testimonials to see how good they are!

With a Superprof personal trainer, you may choose to workout via webcam or in person, if s/he lives in your area. And, perhaps best of all: most Superprof fitness experts do not charge a fee for your first workout together!

Bet your elliptical doesn’t offer you that kind of deal...


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